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    I've grown incredibly fond of the WC chat room. I already thought the forum was full of incredibly intelligent people, and the chat room confirmed that. When possible, every night I log in and most times the conversation is either fun or intelligent or both. I've come to known some amazing people that I regret not being able to meet face to face (although not completely, since when I go meet someone, I always forget to shave).

    But Gabbly, the chat service Whitechapel uses, likes fucking with us, and we've come up with some expressions of our own. So, for those who plan to use to chat room, a small guide:

    1 - You can't see them, but they can see you

    Gabbly has the annoying habit of making your name disappear from the name list, although people can still read what you write. Logging in and out usually solves the problem, or just typing something random on the name box and then typing your name again (that usually makes someone ELSE disappear, but hey, every motherfucker for himself). So if you've got a grudge against anyone, be sure he's not hidden in the chat room before telling everyone how much of a cunt he is.

    2 - When someone leaves, it doesn't mean shit

    Do not be fooled. Gabbly is a treacherous bastard. Sometimes, it will announce that someone has left, and meanwhile the person's still in there, but has now turned invisible (see above). So, when someone leaves, don't immediately say, "what a cunt". Also, sometimes a person leaves several times without ever logging in. That's Gabbly fucking with you.

    3 - When a person suddenly leaves without saying goodbye...

    ... his/her connection probably hiccuped and he/she'll log back in in seconds. That or he/she is an impolite bastard.

    4 - Raccoon Testicles

    It is believed those words, when written in the chat, will summon Warren. It happened once. It was very creepy. So when someone (usually me) announces randomly RACCOON TESTICLES, don't be surprised. It's normal. We're trying to come up with a summon word for Ariana. So far, all of them failed.

    5 - Turtle

    Our defense against spammers. How? Well, I'm not going to tell you everything.

    6 - Tractors

    Our sworn enemies. If you see someone write "TRACTOR TURTLE CARP", don't worry. It's just our hate for tractors being manifested.

    7 - Don't refresh your browser

    It makes you log out and then in again.

    8 - Backspace is not your friend

    Sometimes you press backspace and instead of erasing your text it goes back to the previous page. So be sure to see if that little vertical line thingie is flashing in the text box before you press backspace.

    9 - AFK

    When someone has AFK written next to their name on the name list, it means they are Away From Keyboard, in case you're unfamiliar with the term.

    10 - Your words may be logged

    Once someone complained about a piece of chat being saved and posted in the WC Chat Room Thread. Warren's response to this was:


    THE CHAT HAS AN RSS FEED YOU BLOODY IDIOTS. If you don't want to be logged, don't go in there.

    You are now ready to venture in the bizarre land we call Whitechapel Market.
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2008
    Bahaha, I'm glad my contribution to the chatroom mythos is random paranoia followed by a reaming from Warren.
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    I take a deep horrific pride in which one of these is mine.

    No I am not telling.
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    Bastard gives me crap colors. And if I come in with a good color, I'm invisible.
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    Well done.

    I would also add to the chat mythos:
    If you are given the color of eye-burning neon green, you don't have a fugly color. You have 'Gone Nuclear'.
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    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2008 edited
    It should also be noted that if you prefer/want a specific handle, you may want to register it.

    * * *

    Great guide! I think you've really condensed the important points out of that two page chat thread.

    Would that be random paranoia you inflict on every one, or just on vaguely spooky single character names? I'm curious. In the interests of *science*.

    <em>Update: I did get an answer to this question, but it was posted to my not-WCM related blog post. I won't bore you with the whole thing, but it said in part: </em>

    <blockquote>Nope, just you. </blockquote>
    Good to know.

    <blockquote>you tried to "moderate" </blockquote>
    There are no moderators, and no moderating tools available via Gabbly chat just yet. You can, however, be silenced on the forum board for misbehaving in chat (from what I understand).

    I also didn't have evidence that you were compiling a log,</blockquote>
    That's alright, I'll let you know when the Gabbly chat RSS feed isn't all fucked up, then we'll both have one.

    <blockquote>Next time [..] stick around long enough for the other person to explain themselves.</blockquote>
    I would have if I were interested in the explanation. What I was interested in was your definition of 'random', since the word didn't seem to apply here. It would be one thing if it were 'random' in your own mind, that's your business, but you shouldn't misinform people.

    - Z
      CommentAuthorWill Couper
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2008 edited
    Andre, bloody funny stuff. Turtle.

    Ben, I don't quite understand why you felt the need to hop onto another blog the answer something posted in this one. Seems a bit like stirring stuff up for the sake of it.

    There's shit happened, it's caused unnecessary consternation and bringing it up again is only going to make things worse. So, please, to Ben and anyone else who feels the need to stick their oar in (yes, I know, hypocrite) let it lie so that this place can run smoothly.

    I'm not going to be drawn into an argument about this, it's not worth it.

    Sorry, Andre.

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    Also from same post and addressed to Z:

    Ben: but it really bothered me when you (Z) tried to "moderate" or use people's first names*who don't technically go by them*

    Sorry for commenting here Z.

    Ben, I was there for nearly every instance where a new person joined and introduced themselves. In every case Z asked them what they wished to be called directly, not a as would-be-moderator but as what was clear to me was simple one-to-one courtesy. Several responded with real names, several said what ever is fine (including me), and some asked for nics. Roo, for example remained Roo, despite the fact we all know her name. Z actually double and triple checked with me if I wanted J or Josh, or something else.
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2008
    Wow Gabbly is crazy messed up for me right now. Hopefully it will work well enough for me to be on later, If not talk to ya'll soon.
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2008
    Thanks, Will, you're right, and I apologise- it was the misinformation that bothered me, not <a href="">the state of things</a>. What happened did happen, and while I can't change it, I can try to correct misinformation and rumours when I see them.

    Thanks, Josh.

    - Z
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    Not a problem. And sorry to Andre for weighing down his very funny post with more comments.
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    No problem, Z.

    I really need to check into the WCM again.

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    Not a problem. And sorry to Andre for weighing down his very funny post with more comments.

    Hey, Josh, or JTraub (now you brought it up, which you prefer?), don't worry. Comments are always welcome.
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    What ever you feel like using. J is quicker in chat, but Josh is fine.
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2008

    I attempted to move my comment because I have no way of contacting just you. I was attempting to not bring this to the forefront, because really it was just me being randomly paranoid that set it off. I wanted to apologize as privately as I could so we could just forget about it and move on. I know I was wrong, I'm sorry.


    Thanks for bringing that up about the names, I wasn't aware.

    If anyone else has anything to say to me, feel free to say so in chat or just email me. It's my full name at
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    I dubbed JTraub JT because I know several other Joshes irl and online and it gets rather confusing, especially if I'm talking to two different Joshes on the same program (or even different ones).

    I go by Roo, Raven, Rootfireember, or any other of my million nicknames instead of my RL one because my RL name is quite common, to the point where I've mostly stopped responding to it. (What's the point in calling out someone's name when you'll get 3 strangers also answering to that name?).