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    oh shit, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2010
    It gets even worse. Figure next Friday is a Skip Week....
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2010
    it never rains...
    • CommentAuthorZatoichi
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2010
    This is so evil and kewl - its like a wet t-shirt fantasy film staring KK & Arkady.

    Loving it!
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2010
    This has to be one of the longest "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..." moments in comics, and we're still waiting for the T to drop. Luke and Kirk started fighting in #68, KK's wonderful flying contraption fell in #71. The only breather we've had is #73-#74, but those included we're looking at a 102 page run of a cliffhanger.

    You bastard.
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010
    Loverly stuff, all round flippin' fab, hehehehe , now the 167 hours 15 minute wait for the next 2,6 seconds!!
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    Pay the rent or buy The Authority?
    Buy food or add to my Transmetropolitan collecton?
    Power bill or Planetary?

    Thank You, Warren, for giving me Freakangels without further taxing my decision making skills.
    I'll buy the books when I've got everything else.

    For the record South Australia is hot as hell right now, so it's not as bad as it was last week.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    @fearlessnaked -- I hear that in hell the expression is, "it's hot as South Australia in here!"
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    I'm jealous of you people complaining about the heat. It finally- after three weeks- stopped snowing and hit above zero temps. Then yesterday, it snowed again. But good news is ahead- it might actually hit about 20 this weekend! (that's Fahrenheit, folks. Not that outlandish Celsius that makes more sense having freezing at zero instead of 32)
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    Noooo! I have that Friday feeling today. Maybe because we're going to see Combichrist and Rammstein tonight. So at 11:56 I come to Freakangels and re-read the last episode to get ready for this week's new one. And refresh. And refresh. until about a minute ago when I realise, "Hang on, it's Thursday today! Noooo! I wanted my slice of Freakangel pie!"
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    @UrbanAngel I can so relate. Happens to me almost every week.
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    @phorgan1 -- only when it's REALLY hot down there.

    @UrbanAngel -- Combichrist and Rammstein in the same night?! Colour me every shade of jealous!
    • CommentAuthorUrbanAngel
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2010
    Glad I'm not the only one *blush* Can't believe it took me 10 minutes to realise it wasn't Friday!
    Yup the gig ROCKED! Combichrist were support at Wembley Arena - hadn't seen them live before, very impressed! Great drummers - I thought they were electro, didn't realise they could actually play instruments.