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    I do a space opera comic with Martin Morazzo and Kuen Tang called Absolute Magnitude over at DC's Zuda imprint, and thought some of you folks 'round these parts might find it interesting; I hope too that anyone reading this will point cool space opera stuff (in whatever medium) out to me.

    When Martin and I first started talking about what became Absolute Magnitude in early 2008, space opera seemed like it might be a dead genre. Since then of course we got the new Star Trek in theatres, Stargate Universe showing the flag on TV, and the continuing revival of "cosmic heroes" at Marvel (although I'm not sure any of it is space opera per se).

    I thought AM would be the lone representative of its genre over on Zuda, but by the time we came along there was already a wicked series called Earthbuilders by Axel Medellin, Ricardo González Llarena, Abraham Martinez, and Felipe Sobreiro. The month after AM won, Adam Lucas' fantastic Goldilock took the top spot. So now, rather than a lone voice in the dark, I find myself part of a gang, which I much prefer, to be honest.

    Absolute Magnitude updates on Fridays (but I'll be back here before then, and I'll try to get the other guys to come say hello as well!).

    - Robert Burke Richardson

    Absolute Magnitude page 01

    Absolute Magnitude page 05
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    I've always been fascinated with the way the crews of starships have always been presented more-or-less as families -- like on Next Generation Picard is like the dad, and everyone kind of loves each other -- but every now and then someone refers to Picard's decades on the Stargazer -- meaning dad had this other family before the one we know, and he never ever talks to them.

    Of course the various crews are also presented as professionals doing a job -- and they become a strange sort of amalgam of work and family. I'll come clean here and tell you that my original intention with the crew of the StormBrew (who are, after all, just drawings on a page and not actors with contracts and lawyers and families and feelings) was to have them completely broken up by around the 20th screen (the contract with Zuda is for 60 screens, with the possibility of additional "seasons" if the strip proves popular). I would break down the once invioluble assumptions of the genre -- number one being that you never permanently break up the family -- while holding onto all the trappings (like spaceships, visiting alien planets, etc.), and construct something brand new from the broken pieces.

    As I've gotten into seriously writing the script, however, something has been holding this group of people together -- some emergent property found in and around the psuedo-familial ties, the professionalism, and the common sense of purpose.

    Must try harder, I suppose. I'll see if I can do the poor buggers in by screen 40.

    Absolute Magnitude @ Zuda.
    Exciting Space Violence!
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    I wish David Milch would do a space opera show.
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2010
    Whooo Hooo!

    Absolute Mag is absolute fun. I'm all about it.

    Hey Whitechapel...I make GOLDILOCK over at Zuda.

    Goldilock is my nod to old school cartoons like Voltron, Thundarr and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors just to name a few. I hope to mix 80's nostalgia with a modern day vibe.

    Click Here for Weekly Wednesday Updates!

    goldilock banner
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2010
    Meet Elliot Cutgill. Self proclaimed protege of super genius, Daniel Haze. He certainly talks the talk.

    New pages up!

    Elliot Cutgill
    GOLDILOCK is © Adam Lucas. ZUDA COMICS is TM and © DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.
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    Ah GOLDILOCK --a month younger, yet 20,000 views ahead. This is why the other comics are jealous of you! That last panel on page 12 really is nice, though...

    Looks like the deaths are finally starting to pile up over in ABSOLUTE MAGNITUDE. Rigg died in space, Lung on the island, and now Leria bit the dust in the temple. The other characters are managing to continue on, unfortunately, but I'll get them yet...

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    Absolute Magnitude updation persists.

    cool syfy
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2010
    What has our team stumbled upon? Find out in, Goldilock!
    goldilock preview
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2010

    Ok. So these are Peekers. Their nostrils are on the top of their heads allowing them to gorge themselves without taking a breath. In high grass the nostrils look like eyes. Giving the appearance of a creature "peeking" over something.

    This is a peek (HA!) at the newest screen 18 of my comic