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    Thread is open for people who make music to plug their new stuff, drop links to their sites, show off and talk among themselves. We like music here, and need more.

    -- W
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    I guess I will break the seal on this thread...

    I play in a pirate polka punk bar band, Brothers Horse --our Facebook page is the most up to date way to keep track of us. Click on the My Band tab to hear two rough mixes of our upcoming debut album and see some youtube video of us. We play in the San Francisco Bay Area at least once a month. [I am not the creative force behind the group. I am actually the 4th guitarist they've had in just over a year but I seem to have outlasted and out-gigged all my predecessors.]
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    How I Became the Bomb

    If you don't like it, then to hell with you.

    Edited to make the pathway a bit easier. Videos, bandcamp streams, and links for merch and music are all easily accessible via the site. Arrive safely.
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
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    I have a couple of projects.

    Satan's Monk is what I have decided to call Grindustrial Horror Metal. All of our songs are based on horror stories (films, novels, etc.). I do all of the writing and programming myself for this one. I'm about to order our first t-shirt, and we'll be heading into the studio in the next month or two for the first official time.

    Royal Monsters is more of a collaborative effort. We've been compared to Isis and Propagandhi by the same person at the same show, so we're a little bit all over the board, but for lack of a better term, we're a "hardcore punk" band. We're about to head into the studio to record our second 7". This one is being put out by King Of The Monsters Records, with the last one being put out by New Age Records. We've done a couple of short, west coast of the US tours, and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

    Royal Monsters 7" on Green

    I really enjoy doing both. I hope someone else can get some enjoyment out of it, as well.
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    I make experimental / instrumental music as The Face of Human Error is a tumblr blog that I use as a main website where you'll find links to everything including

    Last Fm Where you can stream everything I've released

    YouTube: - Where you can see the videos I've made

    and thesixtyone music discovery game Where I finally went up a level!

    I'm always very happy to hear from Whitechapeler's who drop by.

    (Edit to stop the YouTube link leaving space for a video)
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    Hey all i have a few thing on the hob but the important ones are
    GODS my solo droneambientpostrock mess, mostly one take improvised. done entirely on bass and garageband. i don't know if i'll ever do any shows or anything but i enjoy it right now.
    Death Watch a doom trio verging on the postrock/noise side of things. we're currently doing a heap of shows in our home town of Aberdeen and are hoping to get out and about soon. everything on the myspace was recorded years ago when it was just our guitarist, so we're going to record later this year. our songs are based on the failure of humanity, the fact that 2 of us suffer from bipolar disorder and arctic explorations in the 18th century.

    thanks for the space Warren
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    I've made a bunch of experimental and sometimes almost "pop" music for about 30 years. Currently I like to do really short pieces that vary from experimental electronics to "miniature cartoon soundtracks". I prefer to think of it as sculpture rather than music.

    More details and the sounds themselves:


    And for NEEF the experimental improv noise band I was involved in back in the early 80s:

    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    My 'lil netlabel:

    Launching our Electronic imprint, Urge Mode, in the next week or so with music from Morphamish, Blackmass Plastics and Stick 430.

    My first EP, Aphasia, is still available for download. More to follow soon.
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    I've only released one mp3 into the wild so far during this past 12 months.

    Got to admit it makes me blush when I see that has me flagged as my own top listener. I mean I do enjoy my own work and in many ways my goal is firstly to entertain myself, but I'm also getting flagged for playing a number of unfinished tracks to myself over and over again that aren't yet ready to be shared :)
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    I have a band called the fishery commission we do singing along to gameboy music

    Occasionally we get emails from fishermen wanting to check the current line caught trout quotas. Its funny
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    I have two ongoing projects:

    Mysterians is my retrotronica project.

    Meganthropos is my noise/drone/ambient thing.

    Hope some of you guys like the music.
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    I'm the vocalist in an electronic punk band called TEETH!!!

    We're going on tour with Is Tropical and New Young Pony Club around the UK at the end of March! Our dates are on our Myspace page.
    Our record label Moshi Moshi is releasing our 7" in May, hopefully will get to tour some more after that.
    We hacked Lady Gaga's Twitter once- this where some exciting stuff happens:

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    Oh yeah/ We've just put out a tape!

    Buy it. If not, admire the ARTWORK
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    I'm the bassist and one of the two vocalists/songwriters in The Secretions, a three piece punk accident from Sacramento CA. I'm hyper excited because soon we will get to play with the Angry Samoans, one of my favorite legendary punk bands that people always compare us to.

    Secretions Show

    Also -- Celan, have your booker get in touch, I might have a show or two here in Sacto that Brothers Horse might do well on.
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    My various (recent) recordings and some collaborations.
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    Among many other projects, i'm currently playing with an old friend of mine and his girlfriend in a band Unreliable Narrator.. i play Moog while they play guitar and bass respectively. With occasional trombone blasts and guest players we usually only play one song for twenty minutes...
    We're playing a show this Saturday at Little Mountain Gallery on 26th Avenue and Main Street in Vancouver. five bucks for four great bands - The Lost Lovers Brigade, Greenbelt Collective, Buffaloswans (who i used to play with) and us...

    Fun times in East Vancouver.
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    I'm a producer, starting up my own little freelance production company at the moment, just putting the finishing touches on my first release, an EP by the incredibly talented Ed Lofstedt. I also recorded the demo that's on his MySpace, but that started as a college project, the EP sounds much better :).

    I also have my own site (Tumblr, because it suits my purposes just fine) which I've just started updating again, starting with a clip of my nearly-finished Doctor Who theme remix, but will be expanded upon as new material happens. I'm building a new studio at the moment, and that's starting to take shape, so expect some fun new experimental stuff appearing over the next few weeks, alongside the more accessible stuff.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2010
    Hello, my band Monsters Built Mean Robots are off to play in a few UK towns soon:

    2010.02.15 at Royal Park Cellars, LEEDS
    2010.02.17 at Bar 1:22, HUDDERSFIELD
    2010.02.18 at Cafe Sake, MANCHESTER
    2010.02.19 at CityZen, DERBY
    2010.02.20 at The Hope, CHICHESTER
    2010.02.21 at Edge of the Wedge, PORTSMOUTH
    2010.02.25 at Bullingdon Arms, OXFORD
    2010.02.26 at Start the Bus, BRISTOL

    Also we've got a single out called "Psalm 57" which you could buy on iTunes listen to free on Spotify.
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    Angry Samoans! That takes me back a good 20 years...
    We don't have an official booker at this time: we're I can just drop you a line myself. Soon.
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