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    Haven't heard of either of those bands until just now! Just checked youtube and they're both brilliantly mental. Thanks!

    We're quite into Hella, These Arms Are Snakes, Oxes, Kong, Shellac... lots of oddly-timed heavy stuff.
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    I'm into Hella, Oxes, & Shellac of course...and an acquaintance of mine's band (The Iditarod) has toured with Carson Mcwhirter's other band, The Advantage.
    [Sadly, my last mathy, proggy band was ten years ago =( Lo-fi video footage here and here. Me on guitar stage right.]
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    Lotus Pole Position is fucking brilliant, mate.
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2010
    Ok here's my plug for Talanas, the band I'm in with Hal Sinden and Joe Butterworth, both of whom were in Interlock.

    The EP is available on CD from our website at - you can also hear the tracks at our myspace, or download it from iTunes, Amazon mp3, and most other online music stores, but for sheer convenience, here they are:

    Pray Speed the Fever

    Some of the press we've been getting:

    "Sharp, brutal and box fresh, Talanas are one of the most exciting new UK bands I've heard in ages" - DOM LAWSON

    "EP is stunning. Talanas is born. Self defining, original monstrous slabs of songs perfectly married with technicality. A genuinely exciting listen." - JASON MENDONCA (Akerkocke)

    "I'm enjoying it immensely. It showcases great musicianship across the board and is engaging and memorable. Now, when's the album coming?"
    MARTIN CURTIS-POWELL (ex-my dying bride / anathema / cradle of filth)

    "Talanas offer brutality with brains. If you demand art to be inspired, intelligent and intense; then you need to seek out "reason & abstract" immediately."
    HAMISH GLENCROSS (my dying bride)

    "If you love progressive death metal in the vain of Akercocke and Opeth, you might well be in luck with this promising first release from the London-based five-piece."
    THE QUIETUS (jenn selby)

    "Another interesting UK metal band who are actually striking off in directions that others aren't. Thank christ for that."
    A MODEL OF CONTROL (adam williams)

    Hope you like it, cheers!
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    I'm in the middle of remodelling my website which is the reason I'm posting so many of these soundcloud thingummies.

    Summerland is one of two albums that I still regularly get asked for copies of.
    The album was made using field recordings made by Banks Bailey in the deserts and mountains around Arizona and some guitar by Darren Tate (of Ora & Monos reknown) to which I added my drones, noises and effects and then mixed them all together into the 5 tracks. I think it's the album I enjoyed making most of all the things i've done.

    Summerland (mixcloud)

    Mote was a mini-cd i gave away as a xmas gift in 2008 to supporters of my Quiet World label. it's two short synth drone pieces - i was channeling my kosmiche side.

    Mote (mixcloud)
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    i'm avoiding doing any of the big pile of work i have next to me.

    instead i've made an ambient dub track.

    Blackberry Light
    • CommentTimeAug 16th 2010

    I've released a new album as a free download from my site

    It's entitled "kage no narimono" which translates as "Instruments of the Shadows" - a term that comes from Kabuki theatre to describe the musical accompaniment (score and sound effects) that come from off stage.

    It's something of a Hauntology album - at least it's inspired by that type of music.

    Rather than working from what past cultural movements thought the future would bring I started by thinking of what an individual dreams of their future and how easily that dream changes.

    I think with the speed of modern culture we're all haunted by other people's information and messages. To cope with this some people do prop themselves up with old fashioned ideas but many others are lost in the noise, fighting the noise - fighting the dread of being overtaken.

    Here's a track -

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    Banks Bailey is a Tucson based field recordist who I've collaborated with on a couple of occasions.

    This is the solo album of his that I released through Quiet World a few years back.
    If field recordings are your bag then really do check this fella out.

    you can stream it here

    you can buy the download here
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    This week I am uploading virtually all the tracks I've released since about 1978 (and several I haven't) on Soundcloud

    Tape loop pieces, mutant spoken word, proto-electro/industrial, improvised guitar abuse, unrecognizable work... and newer sound sculptures (as heard on "The 4AM").
      CommentAuthorJef UK
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2010
    We have a gig tomorrow night in NYC, catering to all of your post punk post apocalyptic needs:

    Americans UK - Webster Hall gig
      CommentAuthorJef UK
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    So, we just had an amazing gig! We all dressed up as post apocalyptic warriors and rocked out. Nice large crowd dancing. It was awesome.

    On another note: NYC bands: don't bother using "emily booking". What parasites. They are terrible. Avoid. Book it yourself, you don't need them.
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2010
    @Jef UK
    Seems like an unfortunate percentage of bookers are functionally retarded these days.
    For instance: We had a show booked for next week but the venue switched bookers. The old booker didn't communicate with new booker. The new booker booked a completely different show on the night we were set to play. Then the new show was cancelled because some of the bands couldn't do the gig anymore. We see a post on the internet from one of the other bands saying "We need bands to play this night!" We collectively say "WTF!?" and call the venue. They say "Oops we switched bookers and didn't put your gig on the calendar." So now we're playing again. Rock and Roll!
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    I've not done any self-pimpage for ages, although then again, I've been face down in a creative ditch for around a year...

    Anyway, when I'm alive, I record dishevelled guitars as 'Singularity Jones'.

    Broken Water
    Tight Shoes
    It's Later than you Think

    There will be more soon, as Jones emerges from stasis.
    • CommentAuthortoby
    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2010 edited
    I have released my new noise/electronic album, "Bait and Switch" as a free download (high quality mp3s). Physical copies are also available for free. Contact me if you want one.

    ...and here's the cover art:
    Bait and Switch cover art
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    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2010 edited
    My band is called Diads.
    Our new album, "Early Mourning, a soundtrack to the novel by the same name" is out today. As the title implies, it's a soundtrack to a novel, which I wrote. You can find out more about it at my site,

    Here's the second video from the soundtrack video

    Hope you enjoy,
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    Me my bandmates made an art zine and then used a computer program that converts images into sound to make an accompanying audio program based on the artwork. The audio portion was cut onto a thin piece of plastic with a lathe and is playable on a record player. There are a few cell phone pictures as well as the audio portion on our bandcamp page.

    If you live in Seattle and want to manhandle the zine we are doing a free in-store at Dissonant Plane on September 11th, I will probably make some kind of digital version available soon as well...

    here is a picture of one of the pages:
    zine pages by richrd rehm
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    last night some friends of mine posted up a violin drone piece that they'd done the other year.

    it was late, i was bored and not remotely sleepy so i turned it into a Sunn0))) style noise-doom-drone metal type thing.
    it's ugly and as noisy like all metal should be.