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    i've been tinkering with making more instruments from bits and pieces i've found lying about...


    Cookie Tin Bendjo

    another micropone

    I'm currently working on a Mini harmonium (minimonium) and a pringle tub Er-Hu.
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2010
    And into my RSS reader you go Tom Fox! Badass! The pictures won my mind but the diagrams won my heart - love it!
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2010
    I techno! I compose! Website is, soundcloud is

    (At the moment, I'm remixing a 100 year old string quartet, writing chiptune fugues, sampling Debussy, and working on a 5 minute piece for full orchestra and three vocalists.)
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2010
    @offtandiscord - Awesome stuff, RSS snagged.

    Here are my instrument building/modification projects:
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    @taphead, i've added your blog to my roll, you actually sound like you know what you're doing, i'm just winging it at the moment!

    @TF, cheers a lot! i intend to make the next few things a lot more badass looking, so yeah, stay tuned.
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    @taphead and offtandiscord Very jealous of all the fantastic homemade instruments ! Would kill for a mini harmonium.

    Kemper Norton ( coastal slurtronica , pagan death ballads , anti-motorik , ambient pop etc. etc.)

    The most recent free e.p , To Iron John , features "man sounds" submitted by Whitechapellers.

    More collaborations always welcome.
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    i'd bloody love one too! the bellows are driving me nuts...
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    I've released a video to my latest single, "Du bist meine kleine Gummizelle"

    (Better not use the embed, since the youtube-page offers resolutions of up to 1080p)(and better audio quality, I guess)

    Lyrics in german, genre is "probably" Electronica. My website can be found @

    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2010
    I don't know about Tacoma, but I know we've got more than a few Seattlites hanging around here, which is close enough. My friends in Tacoma band Where Sails Meet Rails are releasing their first 4 song EP on Friday. I'm not officially in the band, but did contribute keyboards to all the songs, and will be playing with them at the release show.

    Where Sails Meet Rails w/Sordid Sentinels and Colonies
    Friday, February 19, 9:00 PM
    The New Frontier Lounge, Tacoma, WA
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    playing two different shows tonight.

    the first i walked into last night. i was invited over to my friend's house to jam, but they never told me they were practising for a show this evening.. so now i'm playing secondary (but essentially now lead) drum kit in what's being called Tiger Twin for a show entitled They Came From The East at The Shed. also featuring the talents of Faye Blais and Dirty Beaches.

    the second is a drone set where i'm playing Moog with my friend Jarrett Evan Samson (of Shipyards and Collapsing Opposites) for VIVO's pirate radio station that was shutdown by the CRTC shortly after they started broadcasting, so you can listen to it streaming here. the show starts at 8PM (Pacific Standard Time). the other acts on the bill are Empty Love, Spectrum Interview, Rrrkkktttsss, Spell and Rape Fantasy.
    should be drone-tastic.
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    wow. these blasted Olympics sure have kept me musically busy...
    got two shows later this week:

    Friday at 7pm, i'm playing a FREE acoustic set with The British Columbians for CBC's Canada Live at their main broadcasting building on Hamilton Street in downtown Vancouver. if you live in Van or are here for the Olympics and like free blues-inspired acoustic sets (or if you just want to be on the radio) you can request tickets by emailing:
    it should be fun. i'm getting out my big old double bass for the occasion..

    Saturday, starting at 7:30pm, there is a fundraiser show to raise money for a woman whose father has cancer, and needs some financial help. the show's at Little Mountain Gallery [195 East 26th Avenue] and the bands are Unreliable Narrator (with whom i am playing), Aunts & Uncles, Strike! and Elliot Langford. $5 - 10 sliding scale admission and no one is turned away. there will also be baked goods!
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    right, so, of course, the date has changed for the fundraiser show to a still yet undecided day... there's just too many music things happening in this town right now for this show to be effective... i'm sure i'll post it again in the coming weeks (as if it actually matters).
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    I have a new (very limited edition) album available from today. It's called 'Handle This Wino Like He Was An Angel: Baubles & Gewgaws 2002-2008' (which is (mostly) a line from a Richard Brautigan novel) and is available from here. You can also stream the album in it's entirety on Mixcloud.

    Between 2002 and 2008 I recorded and released 7 albums, 2 EP's and various compilation tracks under the alias of Psychic Space Invasion. They were, I'm happy to say, a stylistically varied bunch that ranged from sinister ambient (This Quiet World) through loop-based psychedelia (Pendulum) with excursions into minimalism (All God's Children Got Space), noise (Lullaby For Rhodri) and musique concrete (In the Mean Time) with a few other detours along the way. all of which, and more, can be dl-ed from the Quiet World website btw.

    The 15 tracks that make up this album are out-takes from the sessions that spawned those albums. They are the interesting little sideroads that sessions sometimes take that don't always lead you where you'd intended to go but make for a fun detour in and of themselves.

    I hope you dig it.
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    @ ian holloway Just off to check out the album !

    Music blog Pontone has done a Kemper Norton mix ( plus nice images ) here...and has presented our stuff in a nice primer pack way.

    The blog is always worth checking as well...shoegaze , hauntology , electronics etc. The Spectral Cassettes series of compilations are fantastic , and avaliable for free download. ( Here's the last one )
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2010
    My Band Deathwatch are playing our first out of town gig on 4th April at McSorleys in Glasgow...

    anyone there should really come it'd be hugely appreciated
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    @ kernowdrunk
    cool - hope you like it. it's a fairly obtuse set but one i'm inordinately fond of.

    btw - congrats on the new ep - it's very nice indeed. very much in the andrew chalk / mirror realm of things which is something i approve of utterly.

    wrong end of the country for me but good luck with it. first out of town is always an interesting experience.
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    Just learned that one of my pieces - Banjo Engine 1 - has been selected to be part of a 60x60/UnTwelve event at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago on April 27 (or maybe April 24). May be included in a show in NYC, too. "60x60" features compositions 60 sec long or less. UnTwelve is apparently dedicated to microtonal music. One reason I call my work "sound sculpture" is because I didn't intentionally compose anything "microtonal", I just like screwing around with pitch.

    You can hear it here
      CommentAuthorMIss K
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2010
    We're playing down Warren's neck of the woods this Wednesday.

    More info and links to our MySpace etc here: Deathline news

    Deathline @ The Railway Hotel, Southend-on-Sea. Wed 3rd March 2010
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    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2010 edited
    DMCM - a new noise track from my band, "bytegrinder".
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2010
    An experimental video for Vilnius Colony, from my EP Aphasia.