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    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2010
    My mp3 blog. Downloads of music that I have recorded solo or with others. I post new tracks as I record them in and encode them in 320kbps mp3 format. Sometimes art and photos are posted as well. The music is mostly noise and bastardized electronic.
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    @taphead -

    You're the first to use my dropbox. BTW, it's gorgeous stuff, beautiful and a little scary. I think it - in some way - captures the sensation of the latitude we share... I'll see how it sounds when the days are short again. I ought to do a show concentrating only on musicians who live in high latitudes.
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    @ Brent Wilcox You're of course welcome to play or reanimate any of the material uploaded at kempernorton's webhole, but may send something to your dropbox too !
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    @kernowdrunk - Thanks! I'll see what I can plunder.
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    i haven't posted many of my recent shows here lately. been too busy playing, i think... but i'm basically in two new bands that have shows this week...

    playing tonight with Half Chinese. their drummer has been a bit of a flake lately and they asked a friend of mine to be their drummer. he said he would so long as i could drum with him. so i'm half of a drummer in Half Chinese.. the show is at the old Cobalt [917 Main Street, Vancouver]. not sure what the new venue is called, but it's the same address... also on the bill are Fall Fair Car and Button Fields for only $8.
    on Friday i'm playing with Half Chinese again for a Safe Amplification Site Society fundraiser also featuring Chris-A-Riffic, old school Vancouver Punk legends The Furies, and Payday Millionaire at Artstarts [808 Richards Street] at 8pm for only $5 - 10! All ages...
    later that night i'm playing Moog in Star Tropics, a noise drone band, at The Zoo Zhop [223 Main Street] with Whip of The UFO, Monarch, and Food & Drink for an undisclosed amount of money at 9:15.

    there's, like, five indie shows on Friday in Vancouver all involving the same scene of folks. kinda silly, if you ask me. why not make one huge show?
    we put on quite possibly the greatest show East Van has ever seen on Saturday. 24 bands from noon until midnight at my friends' house. [we only made it to 23 cause a drunk fool fell down the front steps near the end of the night and smacked his skull on the concrete resulting in ambulance and fire trucks to show up, ending what was so far a near perfect day of awesomeness]
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    i have a new album out in a couple of weeks but tonight i spent an hour or so entertaining myself making a mix of some of the music that we've released on Quiet World over the last 8 years.

    It's been uploaded to mixcloud and you can listen to it here if you should so desire.

    also there is now a Quiet World (and therefore, by default, Wonderful Wooden Reasons also) facebook page which'll keep you up to date on everything that's happening in our little corner of the world. come find us and say hello.
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    I'm fortunate enough to be the opening track on the forthcoming Seed X part II compilation out soon. ( there's three parts, each very limited to 100 copies )
    it can be pre-ordered via Norman Records

    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2010
    Here's my first completed "album". I've been making single songs for literally decades, but never had the wherewithal - or maybe confidence- to put it all together as a coherent whole. So this is an album based on various instructional MP3s I found online, and consequently, it's called Here are Your Instructions. It's a throwback to the Big Beat/Breakbeat music of the mid-90s, because I put this together after having DJed that kind of music again, for the first time in 15 years.

    I'm also the lead singer for a full-on Prog band called Somewhere. Demos coming late summer.
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    A few new instruments i've made recently:

    Hobo Erhu

    More info etc. here:
      CommentAuthorVON VENIEN
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    Armageddon Festival

    ArmageddoN FestivaL
    Type: Music/Arts - Concert
    Start Time:Friday, June 4, 2010 at 5:20pm
    End Time: Sunday, June 6, 2010 at 3:00am
    Location: Relentless Garage, London

    Tickets now available via ticketweb!!! Strictly 18+, Venue policy.

    Friday 4th June 2010:


    Saturday 5th June 2010:

    VON (USA)

    Tickets are available in advance on
    Two days ticket £42
    One day ticket £25

    Both days there will be Nocturnal Lust club night after the shows with regular Djs as well as guest Djs from Europe…

    Relentless Garage
    20-22 Highbury Corner
    London N5 1RD
    United Kingdom
    Show on Map
    Tel: 0844 847 1678

    18+ (bring ID)

    Supported by Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2010
    The guy I made the Double Helix album with, Morphamish, has released his first solo EP on our label Black Lantern Music. Fans of squelchy, intelligent, tech-y dubstep should enjoy this one. Hope you guys like it as much as you liked the earlier stuff. Sans vocals Morphamish's stuff is very bouncy!

    Free download - THE URGE MODE EP

    Download 'The Urge Mode' EP
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    Hi all
    I have a new album out next Wednesday called The Earth In Play in collaboration with another musician called Darren Tate (who some of you may know under his Monos or his Ora aliases).
    It's a distinctly more ambient set than much of my recent work and is entirely constructed from acoustic sources.

    it's limited to 120 copies so if you'd like a copy then please contact me via Quiet World.

    As a special treat for you lovely people i've uploaded it to Mixcloud a couple of days early - it's here - i hope you enjoy it.

    this is the artwork.

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    @Taphead - I've been internetly distant of late so not had the chance to get your album, just purchased it and am loving it!

    also love the bandcamp site, think i might have to set something up on there for meself...
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    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2010 edited
    I'm in a band called tigers jaw and we have a new split 12" coming out tomorrow.

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    i have a copy of Belongs to the Dead around here somewhere.
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    Remember...Atlanta GA Thursday night at the Clermont Lounge (best dive bar in ATL)...American would make my freakin night if I heard from some Whitchapelers...
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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2010
    @ian holloway- that's funny. This is one of the last places I would expect anyone to say that.
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    i was sent it for review in my zine a few years back by summersteps.
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    my new album (that i mentioned a couple of posts ago) just arrived from the printers and is looking pretty foxy.
    it's available from me via Quiet World if anyone's interested but it can also be streamed here for free.
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    This just in...American Lesion is opening for Fuel this Saturday...big show for's at the Gateway Event Center in McDonough, GA...1600 tickets sold so far and we got in on the ass-end of the we don't have to sell many tix, but that means we only have four days to promote...we were assured that we would be mentioned on the radio spots, will be the biggest crowd we've been in front of so before, I'd love to see some Whitechapelers say hello...Warren, ever frequented Atlanta? You'd love the Clermont