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    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010 edited
    We have loads of DJs around here, and you wonderful people generated a huge fucking "Post Your Mixes" thread. Putting your mixes up for streaming and/or download has been brilliant.

    That thread's two years old. Time to start afresh.

    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Warren, thanks for rebooting this thread. I just got my decks set up after a year of being a transient drifter. Dubstep incoming.

    Tacopunch - bring it man. BRING IT!
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010
    A bit of post-rave archellogy here. I digitally recreated a mixtape from '99.

    Direct Link

    Further Explanation

    END X 10:
    1) Toshiro Mayuzumi- The Creation of Eve (1966)
    2) Mocean Worker – Detonator (1998) (palm pictures)
    3) DJ Spooky – Sum Ill Shit (Clinton Street Dub) (1998) (asphodel)
    4) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Nothing Without You/Tery Bina (The Dhol Foundation & Fun-Da-Mental Remix) (1997)
    5) Osmani Soundz – Spiritual Masterkey (1997) (mango)
    6) Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (1970)
    7) Ian Pooley - Vital One (1996) (mille plateaux)
    8) Jamie Myerson - Music For The Lonely (remix) (1997) (sm:)e)
    9) E-Z Rollers – Soundclash ('99 edit) (moving shadow)
    10) Known / Unknown – Rollers Edit (1999) (moving shadow)
    11) Adam F – Metropolis (1996) (metalheadz)
    12) J Majik – Face II Face (1997) (infrared)
    13) Source Direct – Black Domina (1996) (science)
    14) Elijah - Chiming Fugue (1995) (home entertainment)
    15) DJ Rolando - Shining Path (1997) (Underground Resistance)
    16) Luke Slater – Love (loved) (1998) (novamute)
    17) Neil Landstrumm – Praline Horse (I Ate The Whole Bag Remix) (1996) (tresor)
    18) Goio - Basic Needs (1995) (drop bass network)
    19) Speedy J - Pannik (1997) (plus 8)
    20) Kai Tracid - Tiefenrausch (Oliver Lieb Remix) (1999) (tracid traxxx)
    21) Binary Finary – 1999 (Matt Darey remix) (1999) (wiggle)
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    fantastic! -- that the old thread lasted 2 years!!

    here's my latest Soul Society mixtape:

    King Megatrip – A Year in the Soul Society 02 (FEB 2010)

    01 mathematics _ untitled track
    02 york wilburn & the psychedelic six _ psychedellic hot pants
    03 jackie wilson _ the who who song
    04 mad dog & the pups _ funkey monkey
    05 king hector & the soul dynamites _ broasted or fried
    06 johnny rodriguez & angel rene _ sister sue
    07 george guzman _ lazy boogaloo
    08 billy garner _ you’re wasting my time
    09 cash mcall _ mojo woman
    10 skull snaps _ i’m your pimp
    11 metty the dertmerchant _ wish you weren’t here (dirt_dog extended instrumental edit)
    12 rjd2 _ tin flower (feat. heather fortune)
    13 dj food _ brother john
    14 tomisheep _ zombies
    15 recordkingz _ scratch and chop (skit 2)
    16 nas feat. ludacris & doug e fresh _ the virgo (dj shepdog cut up)
    17 redman & methodman _ dangerous mcs (bossasaurus remix)
    18 will c. _ trainspotting
    19 toussaint mccall _ nothing takes the place of you

    soul society 2

    and if you missed the first one (of a planned 12!) -- it's here too:


    soul society 1
    • CommentAuthorbtx
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010 edited
    I'm sorry if this isn't an appropriate post for this forum... everyone else seems to have gone with a different style of mix.

    A few months ago, I staged a trivia game for a bunch of folks. To promote it, I made an audio/video mix that contained plenty of NYC / manhattan references, a bunch of my favorite hip hop and breaks (with a little scratching thrown in by me) and topped off with a some vid clips, mostly from my favorite kung fu movies. It's no 60 minute mix by a real DJ, it's like 2 minutes long in the style of Steinski & Double Dee's The Lessons (in that my mix wass produced using audio tools rather than live (I wish). I've tried to list out everything I bit for the vdieo & audio tracks below. Remember the vid's only like 2 minutes and change, so there's not much of some most of the audio and video listed below.

    Video Credits (not in order)
    Kung Fu: The Last Dragon (sho nuff), Legendary Weapons of China, Enter the Dragon, 5 deadly venoms, 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, Five Shaolin Masters, Born Invincible and The Mystery of Chessboxing
    Others: Simpsons Australia episode, GI Joe (now I know) "don't pet weird dogs" (aka: hey kids, I'm a computah), GI Joe (now i know) ice safety, Biz Markie's Vapors video, and Billy Ocean caribbean queen video

    Music Credits: (in order)
    Madvillain's allcaps intro, King Sun (freestyle), some Japanese (I think) rapper on some track off De La Soul's bullhoone mind state - maybe long island is wildin, Beastie Boys The New Style, Cool DJ Red Alert's radio show intro Boom Fi Di Red Alert, Redman's tonight's the night, RZA as Bobby Digital (NYC Everything), some Busy Bee freestyle, Eric B & Rakim Microphone Fiend, Public Enemy Terminator X to the Edge of Panic, Madlib Beat Konducta v3/4: Fifth Chant, A Tribe called quest Steve Biko (Stir It Up), Grand Puba I Like It, Wu Tang Clan: Mystery of Chessboxing, Gang Starr Who's gonna take the weight (break), Ghostface Killer Ice Cream, Boogie Down Productions - Still #1, Boogie Down Productions House Nigger (break), Bruce Lee quote, Tlahoun Gessesse Seqo Menor

    ARtwork credits (as best as I can)
    Mask from cover of Danger Doom's mouse & mask vid, Spider Jerusalem from friend's page he bought off DR, Ookla the Mok from some random web frame cap, sign from SVG collection off wikipedia, cat from bengal cat lineart I traced (vec) and colored (author unknown), Nimrod by Chris Samnee colored & traced in illustrator by me, Manchester Black found on web, tried to trace, failed)

    Sorry if you were unable to view this before ... it depended on your MIME or extention configuration in your browser. Should be good now.

    btx trivia video (youtube)

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    PEOPLE: please comment on these wonderful mixes so more people feel encouraged to post them here. Ta.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010

    That was truly a funk oddysey, really well put together. Love the DJ Food track, one of my favourites. It's very cool that the last thread lasted two years! Let's keep this one rolling as long as we can. I'll be back to full speed as soon as I get a table for my decks.


    21) Binary Finary – 1999 (Matt Darey remix) (1999) (wiggle)

    Havent heard that in years mate! Made me smile.

    For the record, this is one of my favourite WC threads. Thanks for all the great music from the last thread folks, keep it up.
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010 edited
    @King Megatrip, just dl'd both those mixes - will let you know my thoughts once I've had chance to listen (no sound here in the office..)

    @BTx - just tried that link and it doesn't seem to work for me in Chrome.
    • CommentAuthorbtx
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010
    Thx for the info sneak046, I just moved the link over to youtube, and I guess this forum software recognizes that for embedding.

    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010
    Jesus, i can't believe it took me 2 years to figure this(and the previous iteration) is one of the best threads on Whitechapel. As a longtime lurker, i thought i had checked out every thread on this beast but, oh no, Whitechapel found a new way to smack my taint with chronically turgid weasel tail just to keep me on my toes. Like, in a really good way.

    @Kelcey - I'm currently 5 throbbing minutes into your archeo-repro mix and have found that I don't care if my co workers are annoyed. I love it.

    Keep it up. I'm going to trawl through the old thread and see what other magical treasures i might have missed.
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2010

    I've brought my eeepc into the office today so I can listen while I work. A hearty soul-clap to you brother - I'm looking forward to March and beyond for further instalments..
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    What I love about these is, I will be listening to them. I will enjoy it immensely. I will really enjoy this one bit 10 minutes in. I'll check the set list.

    And it's a song I absolutely HATE on its own.

    That, friends, is the true skill of a good DJ mix.

    But none of you can make me enjoy Basshunter, I'm sorry, no...


    EDIT: Kelcey, how did you invade my brain for the track list for End-X?

    Also, yes, MOAR TEXTURE DUB STEP! Is that Whitechapel Haunting mix still hosted somewhere, I lost it in a crash, and now have a TB drive to keep it safe on.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2010
    @ Your Highness King Megatrip: That was some funky sounds that were coming out of my speakers last night! Got any links to previous episodes of the Soul Society?
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    ha! hey there alan -- glad you're digging it! (wasn't sure how my stuff was going to go down here)...

    so far there are only the two ep's of the Soul Society (Jan + Feb) -- with 10 more coming (if I can sustain!)


    but I've got a bunch of past mixes you might dig here:

    if you're looking for funk/soul stuff like the Soul Society stuff, feel free to check out:

    King Megatrip - A Million Miles From Reality
    King Megatrip - Poultry Workers Of America On Strike
    King Megatrip - Another Swank Evening At Wayne Manor
    King Megatrip - Solid Soul

    if you're looking for mixes with plenty of classic rock, hip hop, punk rock, tons of profanity and drug references, check out:

    King Megatrip - Cocaine Barbecue
    King Megatrip - Caveman on Campus
    King Megatrip - Van Bowlski Brothers

    let me know what you think anytime.... king.megatripATGMAILDOTCOM
    • CommentAuthorD-
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2010
    this looks good. I'm with a crappy 3g connection now. Tomorrow i will steal wifi from a pub and download some.
    thanks for the links.2
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2010 edited
    That's... that's a whole lot of mixes to sample! It seems I have some listening to do! Many thanks, your Highness.
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2010 edited
    Is that Whitechapel Haunting mix still hosted somewhere?

    *rifles through the internet*

    Ah, here we go!

    Whitechapel Haunting / Mixed by Texture

    Glad u liked it man, more on the way! Actually off to the studio tonight with Morphamish - if our mixing sesh goes well, expect a big bad clutch of new dubstep, with added bells, whistles, echoplex and synths.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2010 edited
    @Your Highness: I think my favorite mix was Caveman on Campus, and what rocketed that to the top was the genius mixing of Devil Went Down to Georgia and Winona's Big Brown Beaver, and then RIGHT AFTER THAT we get Queen vs. AC/DC. Every now and then I hear a mashup where I just think "god DAMN, why didn't I think of that?"
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    @texture Thank you. :)
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    Oops. Wasn't trying to be clever there. Likely fail if I did.

    And ALL textures mixes on postblocks... right here.