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    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2010
    @Kelcey – I love what you've done with that Gil Scott Heron track...
    • CommentAuthorstation
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2010

    Dubby Detroit vibe on this one.

    01| 2562 - Embrace - 3024
    02| Joe - Untitled - Apple Pips
    03| Untold - I Can't Stop This Feeling (Pangea Remix) - Hemlock Recordings
    04| Cosmin TRG - Since Last Night - Tempa
    05| FaltyDL - Because You - Planet Mu
    06| Breakage - Vial (ft. Burial) - Digital Soundboy
    07| FaltyDL - My Friends Will Always Say - Planet Mu
    08| Instra:Mental - Forbidden - Apple Pips
    09| Ramadanman + Midland - More Than You Know - Aus Music
    10| Sigha - Rawwww - Hotflush Records
    11| Milton Bradley - Somewhere Beyond My Illusion - Prologue
    12| Joe - Digest - Apple Pips
    13| Scuba - Latch - Hotflush Records
    14| Actress - Get Ohn (Fairlight Mix) - Honest Jon's Records
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2010
    Nice one Station, just what the doctor ordered.
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2010
    @station. Real nice mix - that there's a lot of my favourite tracks. Funny actually, I love mixing the other side of that Ramadanman / Midland 12" into Rawwww. Then again, Rawwww seems to go with almost anything...

    @Gilgamesh. Downloading now - great choons choice.

    I'll get a decent recording of a new mix soon, I promise.
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    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2010
    Cheers KidRitalin and Texture. Going to do another dnb mix now, pure No U-Turn techstep vibes.
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    I made this today while sipping on some lemonade in the sunshine. It's the Gaga I would want to hear at 5am as people drop off the dancefloor all around me.

    Tacopunch vs Gaga::Round 3::5am Sleaze Mix

    Poker Face (Mess Kid Late Nite Edit)
    Bad Romance (Hercules and The Love Affair Remix)
    Telephone (LED Remix)
    Dance In The Dark
    Eh Eh, Nothing Else I Can Say (Pet Shop Box Remix)
    Lovegame (80s Italio Disco Remix)
    Boys Boys Boys
    Disco Heaven
    Monster (Brad Walsh Remix)
    Alejandro (Rusko's Papuseria Remix)
    Future Love

    And! I'm touring up and down the east coast w/ Realicide! If you want to come out and see me play a mostly all gabber + jpop set there's details in the thread here on WC
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    Tacopunch, your mix makes me cry tears of pure rage. In a good (?) way.
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2010 edited
    All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio :: August, 2010

    R1ght Cl1ck
    Regular click to reload this post in different tab so playback does not stop when you click on other shit.

    "Long Nights at the Lakeside, Pt 1"

    01. Like Bells - A Difference in Shades :: Palma, 2010
    02. Nina Nastasia - Outlaster :: Outlaster, 2010
    03. Nancy Wilson - (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am :: Anthology, 1964/2000
    04. Richard Drueding - Spanish Harlem :: Suberranean with Jim O'Conner, 2010
    05. Julian Casablancas / Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Little Girl :: Dark Night of the Soul, 2010
    06. The Roots - Now or Never :: How I Got Over, 2010
    07. Bilal - Free :: (single), 2010
    08. Manos Hadjidakis - To Party (To Pouli) :: Odos Oneiron, 1962
    09. LCD Soundsystem - All I Want :: This Is Happening, 2010
    10. Silvia Gómez - Quietud Dominguera :: Notas de Familia, 2008
    11. Gonjasufi - Holidays :: A Sufi and A Killer, 2010
    12. Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet - Between Here and Heaven :: Way Out East, 2006*
    13. The Velvet Underground - All Tomorrow's Parties :: The Velvet Underground & Nico, 1966
    length: 60:30

    This is part uno of a double-mix!.

    *"Between Here and Heaven" contains audio from a very famous and inspiring movie about a rainbow. Other than that, the ambient sounds in there are from the regular recording, not from me.
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    All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio :: August, 2010

    R1ght Cl1ck
    Regular click to reload this post in different tab so playback does not stop when you click on other shit.

    "Long Nights at the Lakeside, Pt 2"

    01. Vic Chesnutt / Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Grim Augury :: Dark Night of the Soul, 2010
    02. Bobby Hebb - Sunny :: Sunny, 1966/2004
    03. Sparklehorse - Return to Me :: Dreamt for Light Years, 2006
    04. Carnivores - Shark Teeth :: All Night Dead U.S.A, 2009
    05. David Bowie - Art Decade :: Low, 1977
    06. Arcade Fire - Wasted Hours :: The Suburbs, 2010
    07. Ninette - Push a Little Button :: (single), 1966
    08. Forest City Lovers : Tell Me, Cancer :: Carriage, 2010
    09. Big Boi - Be Still :: Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty, 2010
    -- Interlude - "Promise Not to Tell?"* --
    10. Wolf Parade - Oh You, Old Thing :: Expo 86, 2010
    11. Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - Better Things :: I Learned the Hard Way, 2010
    -- Interlude - Like a Little Thing* --
    12. David Bowie - Moss Garden :: Heroes, 1977
    13. Pantha du Prince - Stick to My Side :: Black Noise, 2010
    14. Phantogram - When I'm Small :: Eyelid Movies, 2010*
    length: 60:09

    This is part twooooooooo

    *The intro to "Push a Little Button" and the "Promise Not to Tell" interlude contain audio from Snow White, 1937 -- and on the former also Eulogy, by LA Vampires and Zola Jesus, 2010, played backwards. "Like a Little Thing" contains European Son by Velvet Underground, 1966, played half-speed, and audio from This American Life, June 2010. The end of "When I'm Small" and "Return To Me" contain audio from Epilogos from Odos Oneiron, 1962. "Return to Me" is presented here with the original left audio channel left out for the first half.

    Obvious notes: Sparklehorse is a man named Mark Linkous who died this year. Vic Chesnutt is a man named Vic Chesnutt who died last year, Christmas. They both died by suicide. "Sunny" is a tune written by Bobby Hebb in the wake of his brother's death.

    RSS as always (put it in your iTuwns with the Advanced menu):

    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2010
    Frenchbloke: soundcloud tells me your mix is no longer :( would you consider putting it back up?
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    King Megatrip - A Year in the Soul Society 08 (AUG 2010)

    01 megatrip _ the soul society shortwave intro
    02 black lightning _ trouble
    03 jack hammer _ swim
    04 carl carlton _ signed sealed delivered
    05 tyrone davis _ she's lookin' good
    06 lou lawton _ knick knack patty wack
    07 little richard _ baby don't you tear my clothes
    08 the pointer sisters _ send him back
    09 barbara mason _ the ghetto
    10 barbara west _ you're no good
    11 junior parker _ lady madonna
    12 byrdie green _ return of the prodigal son
    13 ken boothe _ i'm not for sale
    14 ocote soul sounds and adrian quesada _ el diablo y el nau nau (Grant Phabao Remix)
    15 rock savage _ french ghetto
    16 6th sense _ the warship
    17 flipa _ hayes
    18 eric b and rakim _ i know you got ooh wee! (lebrosk bootleg)
    19 the mighty underdogs _ ufc remix (cuts by dj shadow)
    20 chief boima _ jesus faroter (marlon vs. flamzy)
    21 major lazer and la roux ft. candi redd _ independent kill club edit

    august cover

    the whole set!

    King Megatrip - A Year in the Soul Society 01 (JAN 2010)
    King Megatrip - A Year in the Soul Society 02 (FEB 2010)
    King Megatrip – A Year in the Soul Society 03 (MAR 2010)
    King Megatrip – A Year in the Soul Society 04 (APR 2010)
    King Megatrip – A Year in the Soul Society 05 (MAY 2010)
    King Megatrip – A Year in the Soul Society 06 (JUN 2010)
    King Megatrip – A Year in the Soul Society 07 (JUL 2010)
    King Megatrip – A Year in the Soul Society 08 (AUG 2010)
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2010 edited
    Thanks Mr. Megatrip.

    Uh yes hello if there are any people who visit this thread that listen to mixes OTHER than the dubstep ones, maybe comment too possibly at some point uh I don't know it is a thought

    EDIYT: Thanks taphead, also texture!

    Comments encourage other busy folks to press play and that is good.

    If some of you other people are people who work in a cafe or little shop then Vases mixes are a thing you can play, they are maybe not as good as your pandora but won't have concert commercials so that is a plus. Maybe not as cool as your own playlist but won't repeat songs you already play. There is I don't know like 18 22.5 hours of active mix time available on the site. What I am saying is that I design these mixes to be good area music but not repetitive or unrewarding of closer listening either. Megatrip mixes are super great for such uses too if your clientèle will be hip to the vocal interludes.
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2010 edited
    All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio :: Bonus Mix 03

    R1ght Cl1ck
    Regular click to reload this post in different tab so playback does not stop when you click on other shit.

    "Aqua Qua Aqua"

    01. Ra Ra Riot - Shadowcasting :: The Orchard, 2010
    02. Wavves - Super Soaker :: King of the Beach, 2010
    03. Fela Ransome Kuti - Water No Get Enemy :: Expensive Shit, 1974
    04. Balam Acab - See Birds (Sun) :: See Birds EP, 2010
    05. Curren$y - Skybourne :: Pilot Talk, 2010
    06. The Blue Nile - Tinseltown in the Rain :: A Walk Across the Rooftops, 1984
    07. Arrested Development - Sunshine :: Since the Last Time, 2006
    08. Chiwoniso - Kurima :: Rebel Woman, 2008
    09. Atlas Sound - Quick Canal :: Logos, 2009
    10. Laurie Anderson - Flow :: Homeland, 2010
    11. Oregon - Waterwheel :: Out of the Woods, 1978
    12. Tinariwen - Tamatant Tilay :: Aman Iman: Water Is Life, 2007
    13. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Texas Flood :: Live in Montreal August 17 1984, from Couldn't Stand the Weather reissue.
    14. Drums - Let's Go Surfing :: The Drums, 2010
    15. Love Language - Summer Dust :: Libraries, 2010
    length: 77:15

    Woahhh!!! Three mixes in a month. This is a nice mix maybe. I made that cover with all the hottest softwares. I used so many softwares

    More noets on the site

    RSS as always (put it in your iTuwns with the Advanced menu):

    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2010
    I think I've mentioned it before, but All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio makes me happy in my pants.

    Thanks for these, Brian. <3

    (And the rest of you lunatics, too. But Brian has been my big source for off-kilter pop for a while now.)
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2010
    Seconded. Megatrip and Vases are great music to write to. Don't stop.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010
    Vases has been the soundtrack of my little scifi bookshop for two years now, I think. It is the most wonderful of podcasts. Never stop being beautiful, Brian.
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2010 edited
    Thanks ruzkin, texture and taphead!

    Adding one more entry to my abuse of this board, here is a "classic" mix which I have had off the server for a while when I ran out of room and then back on, and then off again and now on a different server where it will stay, and never ever posted this to the original DJ Mix Thread.

    It was my third mix, and a special mix for Mother's Day. Maybe not my bestest best work, but I have listened to it a lot, I think the thing is that there is that part before the German kid's choir rap breakdown. No, maybe it is that part after the German kid's choir rap breakdown. Oh wait, it's the fucking German kid's choir rap breakdown

    All Sorts of Handsome Vases :: May,2008

    R1ght Cl1ck
    Regular click to reload this post in different tab so playback does not stop when you click on other shit.

    "Unh Is the Sound: Songs for Mothers"

    01. Murder by Death - 52 Ford :: Red of Tooth and Claw, 2008
    02. 10,000 Maniacs - Eat for Two :: Blind Man's Zoo, 1989
    03. Talking Heads - Stay up Late :: Little Creatures, 1985
    ~~ interlude: Childbirth with Joy (The Last Bus out of Town) ~~
    04. Fortuna - Ay, Madre! :: Mediterrâneo, 1999
    05. Stephen Malkmus - That's What Mama Said :: Jenny and the Ess Dog EP, 2001
    06. Lou Reed - The Kids :: Berlin, 1972
    07. Mermaids - Du bist meine Mama (Das Lied zum Muttertag) :: (single), 2007
    08. Funkadelic - Freak of the Week :: Uncle Jam Wants You, 1979
    09. Willi Tokarev - Mama,Ya Syn Tvoi :: S Dnem Rozhdeniya, Milaya Mama, 2007
    10. The Police - Mother :: Synchronicity, 1983
    11. The Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper :: Flowers, 1967
    12. Arrested Development - Mama's Always on Stage :: 3/5/2 in the Life of..., 1992
    13. The Smiths - This Night Has Opened My Eyes :: Hatful of Hollow, 1984
    ~~ interlude: The Talking Harmonicas ~~
    14. Sufjan Stevens - Decatur :: Illinoise, 2005
    15. The Pixies - Hey :: Doolittle, 1989
    length: 58:45

    RSS as always (put it in your iTuwns with the Advanced menu):
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    The Re-Education of Cartelmike

    Mike made the shocking announcement that he had just heard 'Nag Nag Nag' by Cabaret Voltaire.
    He also admitted to only just hearing the Silicon Teens.
    Something had to be done.

    4 hours long, I'm afraid.

    xeno & oaklander - saracen
    psychic youth - the future is now
    ciaran harte - love is strange
    deux - felicita
    nightmoves - transdance (uk disco mix)
    fad gadget - the box
    the eurythmics - take me to your heart
    metal urbain - panik
    robert rental - a.c.c
    rude 666 - the 1000 year storm
    palais schaumburg - telefon
    victrola - maritime tatami
    rema rema - instrumental
    the normal - warm leatherette (mathew stone remix)
    cabaret voltaire - seconds too late
    das boomerang - suzanne
    oppenheimer analysis - the devil's dancers
    futurisk - poison ivy
    missing scientists - big city, bright lights
    hiroshima chair - tu
    eddie and sunshine - lines
    moderne - indicatif
    dark day - no, nothing, never
    gorilla aktiv - spiegelbild
    monte cazazza - kick that habit man
    the passage - xoyo
    ami marie - spiel mit mir
    our daughters wedding - lawnchairs (dance club version)
    daf - kebabtraume
    blah blah blah - in the army
    john bender - 06-27b4 (rainy day sunshine girl)
    martin rev - mari
    conrad schnitzler - auf dem schwarzen kanal
    severed heads - adolf a carrot
    emak - tanz in den himmel
    soft cell - bleak is my favourite cliche
    der plan - rot grun rot
    the gist - iambic pentameter
    yello - there is no reason
    bourbonese qualk - lies
    das kabinette - the cabinet
    die krupps - goldfinger
    klinik - moving hands
    hula - poison (club mix)
    chris and cosey - october (love song)
    he said - a.b.c.dicks love
    neon - lobotomy
    portion control - go talk
    john foxx - 20th century
    front 242 - operating tracks
    i start counting - my translucent hands
    kas product - loony bin
    spk - metal field
    silicon teens - sun flight
    dorothy - i confess
    hard corps - je suis passee
    daniel miller & boyd rice - cleanliness to order
    malaria! - tod
    holger hiller- jonny (du lump)
    heaven 17 - i'm your money
    voice farm - sleep
    die doraus und die marinas - fred vom jupiter
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2010
    Four hours! Amazing.
    • CommentTimeSep 2nd 2010
    I'm just dropping in to comment that while I may not be completely up to date with every mix that's been posted here, those I have had a listen to (esp. @King's and @Brian's) are totally awesome.

    Everyone better keep them coming, because for me 2010 is so far the year of (legally) free music, and I have hungry ears...

    Oh, and @King - I loved your Solid Steel Radio show mix - I nearly spat out my tea when I saw your name on there..!