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    I have returned from my long absence! Yey! Party whistles!

    and i give you DONK!

    DJ Tacopunch - Presents Prof Stephen Donking's A Brief History of Donk

    The Blackout Crew - Put a Donk On It
    Donk Terrorists - Party Dominator
    DonkFusion - Played a Donk (Miracle Maker)
    Scouse Enforcers - Blue Technologic
    Donk-A-Her - Now Thats What I Call Donk
    Chemical Crew - Whats a Donk?
    Bonkers - The Incredable (BKS Donk Mix)
    The Cranberries - Zombie (Alex K Donk Rmx)
    The Donk Devils - Get On The Floor
    Oasis - Wonderwall (Donk Rmx)
    Grayghost - Don't Rest
    M-Project - Digital Illusion (Groovetune's Donk Around Mix)
    204 - Don Q Me
    DonKuixote - NR-X
    Bit Breaks - 8 vs 16bit
    Power Force - 100% (Dr Donk Mix)
    Dj Schwarzenegger - Who Kills MJ?

    It's the most fun I've ever had making a mix.
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2010
    @Tacopunch DONK! Dude. Terrifyingly bouncy!
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    @texture it's half english donk half japanese donk. A lot of the Japanese speedcore dudes made donk tunes this last year, for some unknown reason they're all amazing. Dr Donk (100% devotion remix) is Shitmat from wrong music. I had a Captain Ahab donk mix that ended up being cut for time.
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2010
    The mix is absolutely brain melting, like being attacked by randy flourescent 90s hardcore unicorns on a hip-hop fairground ride from the future. No wonder parts of it are Japanese. Hats off as usual Admiral Tacolexa!
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2010 edited
    The last half-dozen mixes have all been outstanding, and Tacopunch's is the capper after great stuff served up by Photovoltaic and capper especially.
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    To celebrate the forthcoming double cassette release by F&S on Graine, F&S will be uploading one mix per week to give you some idea where the influences behind cassettes came from.

    no.2 Concrete

    pierre schaeffer - cinq etudes de brutes (five studies of noises) etude aux tourniquets
    bernard parmegiani - dynamique de la resonance
    brume - catalogue 7
    bernard bonnier - le grincant mr. smile
    dick raaijmakers - pianoforte
    hans kox - cyclophony iii
    electronic themes #2 - study in sinetones (1961)
    ilhan mimaroglu - prelude for magnetic tape ix
    tod dockstader - 5
    vladimir ussachevsky - line of apogee part 5
    toshiro mayuzumi - works for musique concrete x
    ilhan mimaroglu -bowery bum
    frank zappa - the chrome plated megaphone of destiny
    edward m. zajda - study no. 10
    frits weiland - study in layers and pulses
    bernard parmegiani - realite
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    Catching up today --

    Frenchbloke, of course you can do no wrong but thanks especially for 'Mississippi', really lovely mix. keeps a balance of tone with great and offbeat licks throughout. and the healthy portion of rousing choruses makes it a lot more engaging than the average roots comps which would feel academic. Looking forward to the rest of the series
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2010 edited
    So, these are not my mixes; I realize this is a DJ/mix thread but I just discovered these today (tonight? this morning?) and thought they could fit here: pardon me if it's not allowed (since they are not my original content), and please keep the arse eeling to a minimum,but I figured you lot would appreciate them the most (since many of you have been posting fantastic mixes of your own.)

    No doubt you are wondering what’s all this about. In short: a group of dedicated djs who found a new family at forums decided to put together a soundtrack for this beautiful 7 hour footage of the famous Bergensbanen line in Norway. There are 13 segments in total with 13 different ideas of a perfect soundtrack. If you enjoyed this video please share it with your friends. (railway relay youtube playlist, railway relay on

    Playlist Link.
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    a snapshot of sorts, of an era where a young frenchbloke went to clubs where men danced with men, ladies danced with ladies, people danced on their own or with each other to a curious electronic beat.
    made specially for
    Tracklisting :
    Richard X - You (better let me love you x 4) tonight - featuring Tiga
    Wood Allen - Airport 89 (club mix)
    Scotch - Man to Man
    Animotion - Obsession
    Atelier Folie - No Rhyme No Reason (dub version)
    Digital Emotion - Get Up, Action
    Antoni Maiovvi - Tokyo Ultra Funk
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Relax (from soft to hard)
    The Flirtations - Earthquake
    Nitzer Ebb - Murderous (instrumental)
    Evelyn Thomas - High Energy
    Fancy - Slice Me Nice (extended version)
    Trans X - Living on Video
    MG - Boogie Tonight
    Mike Mareen - Love Spy
    Maria Vidal - Bodyrock
    Giorgio Moroder - Utopia - Me Giorgio
    Gina X Performance - No G.D.M (dedicaed to Quentin Crisp)
    My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
    Patrick Cowley - Menergy (Extended)
    Hazel Dean - Searchin' (I gotta find a man)
    Elvin - You Set My Heart on Fire
    Man2Man meets Man Parrish - Male Stripper
    Divine - Shake It Up (Extended mix)
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2010
    ^ Oddly enough I was just given a bottle of beaujolais nouveau, and have just cracked it and simultaneously turned this mix on. I like it.
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    november cover.

    King Megatrip - A Year in the Soul Society 11 (NOV 2010)

    01 markfader _ the showdown (instrumental)
    02 delshan & love children _ angela baby
    03 chuck bernard _ contract on your love
    04 tyronne davis _ good times
    05 gloria soul & the hot grits _ satisfy my hunger
    06 jackie wilson _ i still love you
    07 richard parker _ wrapped up in your warm and tender love
    08 rahsaan roland kirk _ freaks for the festival
    09 marva broome & the art ensemble of chicago _ mystifying mama
    10 pete rodriguez _ i like it like that (a mi me gusta asi)
    11 elza soares _ chove chuva
    12 cut chemist _ povo de santo
    13 bob dorough _ three is the magic number (dj p-sol edit)
    14 fast eddie _ yo yo get funky
    15 mike 2600 king _ oh yeah!
    16 public enemy _ say it like it really is (brandon allday remix)
    17 the vinylcologist _ bouncin' off the walls
    18 child rebel soldier (kanye west, lupe fiasco & pharrell) _ don't stop!
    19 this is tomorrow _ strange fruit (part 7)
    20 ccc _ 25 miles to the end
    21 cee-lo green vs. the four tops _ same ole fuckin song (hedspin edit)

    November has just about come and gone -- but not without my last minute Soul Society mixtape for you -- one more to go!

    hope you dig it -- if so pass it along...

    thanks to the dirt_dog for more cover image help.


    * anybody wants one of the new King Megatrip "Soul Society" t-shirts I printed up, either hit me up at or see the pics at the blog here:
      CommentAuthorMild Maynyrd
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2010 edited
    Just wrapped my first DJ mix. It's a hip-hop mix, just letting you know. Decent first try.

    Mild Maynyrd - Basetape

    This is the cover:

    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2010
    @Sonny: silky skills.
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    I wish Kelcey would make a Christmas mix. :D
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    Nice mix right there by Photovaltaic (up arrow). Tacopunch, as always, slays shit. And I've been following Megatrip's "Year In The Soul Society" since February. Excellent all around! Thanks Texture for the kind words.

    This isn't typical DJ Mix I've got finished here, but it is worth a listen because there is (in my mind) great music on it. There's no turntablism, very little over-lapping, and I'm not tweaking any levels or EQs or hits or anything. The idea was to create a mix of 10 tracks, from 10 albums I think are worth looking into, from the year 2010. For lack of a better name, here's my "Ten-Oh-Ten Mix":

    Soundcloud LINK

    Tracklist at the page.

    Thank you.
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    december cover

    good morning everyone!

    the final Soul Society mixtape in the series is done and available for download, here.

    King Megatrip - A Year in the Soul Society 12 (DEC 2010)

    01 dj muggs & planet asia _ all hail the king (instrumental)
    02 lulu _ love loves to love love
    03 pat lundy _ only mama that'll walk the line
    04 ted taylor _ daddy's baby
    05 thematic openings _ industrial gateway
    06 magic disco machine _ scratchin'
    07 shades of brown _ garbage man
    08 the soul searchers _ blow your whistle
    09 the u-dwi peoples paraphernalia _ push and pull (the tom jones)
    10 kubišová marta _ cervánky (it's not unusual)
    11 the chi-lites _ are you my woman (tell me so)
    12 santa esmeralda starring leroy gomez _ don't let me be misunderstood
    13 desmond dekker & the aces _ israelites
    14 beenie man _ nowhere to run
    15 the party squad _ murderer (diplo x jayou remix)
    16 liquid and demarco _ doing it well
    17 jean knight _ the man that left me
    18 ceo _ never saw the sun
    19 curtis mayfield _ now you're gone (murge remix)
    20 javis faux _ ga state of mind
    21 dj shadow _ building steam with a grain of salt (ruby my dear mix)
    22 dj dus _ enemigo publico
    23 the heavy _ how you like me now?
    24 aloe blacc _ i need a dollar (oliver $ edit)

    hope you dig the new mix — if so pass it along… much appreciated.


    * anybody wants one of the new King Megatrip “Soul Society” t-shirts I printed up, either hit me up at or see the pics at the blog here: SOUL SOCIETY T-SHIRTS
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2010 edited
    All Sorts of Handsome Vases Radio :: December, 2010

    R1ght Cl1ck
    Regular click to reload this post in different tab so playback does not stop when you click on other shit.

    "NYNY, part1"

    01. Von Pea - The Yorker :: Pea's Gotta Have It, 2010
    02. The Stuyvesants - Sunrise in the Stuy :: Brooklyn's Finest, 2010
    03. Sufjan Stevens - Movement IV: Sleeping Invader :: The BQE, 2009
    04. Bernstein / Sondheim, The New York Philharmonic - America :: West Side Story (Original Broadway Cast), 1957
    05. Ghostface Killah - Black Tequila :: Apollo Kids, 2010
    06. Nas - The World Is Yours :: Illmatic, 1994
    07. Illmind and Skyzoo - Kitchen Table :: Live from the Tape Deck, 2010
    08. Public Enemy - Night of the Living Baseheads :: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, 1988
    09. ESG - UFO :: A South Bronx Story, 1981/2000
    10. Antibalas - Filibuster XXX :: Security, 2007
    11. Jay-Z - Dead Presidents II :: Reasonable Doubt, 1996
    12. Q-Tip - WeFight/WeLove :: The Renaissance, 2008
    13. Coleman Hawkins - Think Deep :: The Hawk Flies High, 1957
    14. Brazilian Girls - Corner Store :: Brazilian Girls, 2005
    15. Charles Mingus Orchestra - Tonight at Noon :: Tonight at Noon, 2002
    16. Miles Davis - Moon Dreams - Birth of the Cool :: 1950/1957
    17. Digable Planets - Borough Check :: Blowout Comb, 1994
    length: 78:30

    An inspection of the musical heritage of a city which I think maybe people don't hear about a lot.

    A ton of other shit in there, a slowed-down and mangled excerpt of "America Is Waiting", lots of snippets from Do the Right Thing, the usual spices. I'll need more time to edit this description later.

    RSS as always (put it in your iTuwns with the Advanced menu):