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    • CommentAuthorkms007
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    hi Warren:

    First time on the site, but I've been an avid reader of yours. Anyway, I have two webcomics you may enjoy. The first is PC Weenies, which has been around since 1998, focusing on tech humor and geek culture.

    The second is UNcubed, an auto-bio strip focusing on what it was like for me growing up as an Indian kid in the US, and now dealing with the idea of being a husband and father.

    Just a taste. Hope you guys and gals enjoy 'em!

    • CommentAuthorattila
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Hi All,

    My webcomic is Metaphysical Neuroma

    (Intended for a mature audience)
    New page every week!

    page 16

    page 26
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    The first time I ever promoted my webcomic was in the first of these threads last summer. And I've been going strong since. (Thanks for doing this, Warren!)

    I'm currently 37 pages into my graphic novel, Nathan Sorry. A new page is posted weekly. It's about a hapless investment analyst who should have been in the World Trade Center on 9/11 but instead has disappeared, changed his identity and run off with an inadvertently stolen $20 million. While biding his time in a small town in the south his shaky plans begin to fall apart when he gets a little too involved with a couple of women in town who are looking for an escape of their own.

    You can read it here (I happen to be in the middle of a NSFW scene now so be aware)

    Here's a couple of sample images:

    Nathan Sorry sample 1

    Nathan Sorry sample 2
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    My first webcomic, Oloshino, is 10 pages long, and illustrated by the very talented Jorge F. Muñoz and Felipe Sobreiro. We are currently in the pre-production stages of doing another fantasy romp. Here's quite possibly my favorite page:
    Oloshino pg 4
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    This thread both makes me feel very inferior as a art-ing person, but at the same time very excited for the state of Making Comics.
    • CommentAuthorTovias
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    My name is Tovias and I am the cartoonist for "Reality Amuck" updating Mon-Wed-Fri. It's a quasi-slice of life comic focusing on four Generation X guys discussing pop-culture, politics, movies and life.

    Straight Marriage

    MLK Day


    I've been making webcomics in my spare time since August 2003, but recently took it full time in November 2009.
    • CommentAuthorcedarseed
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Mine isn't exactly a webcomic as it's destined to be printed, but it's posted online, so... The title is Malaak, Angel of Peace and this is Lebanon's first and only comic series. It's a Lebanese-style superhero story: a young woman is sent by the guardians of the land to figure out why the country is locked in endless war. As she struggles to remember who she is and what she can do, she discovers Jinn are responsible for the conflict and that somehow they are now able to enter the human world freely. We follow her as she unravels this mystery, gathers friends and allies, joins forces with the local Citizen Defense Brigade, and takes the fight into the new territory of the Dream plane where Jinn are said to originate. This in the context of Beirut, and drawing heavily on my own experience of growing up in war (as well as my obsessive practice of martial arts).
    Below are a couple pages from volume 3, which is scheduled for launch next month, and the cover:

    Sniper-infested city

    Page 18: Malaak meets her nemesis. Slugfest ensues.

    Cover for part 3
    • CommentAuthorGregCarter
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited
    Thanks, Warren!

    I have two webcomics running -

    The paranormal romance graphic novel ABANDON: FIRST VAMPIRE with art by the fantabulous Elliot Dombo:

    And the action spy thriller PERFECT AGENT arted by the lovely and talented Stephanie O'Donnell:
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    It's great to see so much talent on here- Thanks Warren, without you I never would have found these gems.
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    This time everybody's women

    Starship Victory is still fairly new, but so far it appears to be the least crazy ass thing I've ever made.
    • CommentAuthorfloodmud
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    floodmud is a webcomic about sentient robots and is updated M-W-F.

    #14: midnight snack

    #29: relevant experience
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    My name's Max and I do a comic called Mocktopus. Here are a couple recent ones:

    Sometimes they have historical figures.
    Sometimes they have me.

    So yeah uh I guess if you like silly comic things check it out if you want?
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    Science fiction fans are welcome to check out my comic Sunset Grill. It's... well, you know how somewhere in every good space opera, there's that scene where the hero walks into a seedy spaceport bar and promptly gets into a fight or meets an old friend or gets offered a seemingly innocuous job? This is the story of the bar.

    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010

    (Hit the button and jump straight to page 7 for the english translation)

    (Hit the button and jump straight to page 8 for the english translation)

    Also, If you can read Spanish you might want to check the newest stuff (1 | 2 | 3) and the big dump too.

    That's all on my end. Thanks a lot for the thread.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    I do the webcomic Azure on Zudacomics: A post-apocalyptic scifi romp with lasers, ladies, and lush underwater environments. There are also androids, sharks & sea creatures, pirates (though probably not the kind you're thinking), and giant 6-legged robotic sentinels. The story unfolds through the eyes of the heroine Emelie. Currently Azure is enjoying it's second season on Zuda. Sample:

    Preview of Azure on Zudacomics - page 52

    Azure on Zudacomics - page 52 detail
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Wow - some great work showing up this time around! Always a cool thread, Warren!

    I've just begun posting Everybody Lies over at Drunk Duck. It's a different sort of comic book. I've called it "A Slice-of-Life Cautionary Tale For Grown-ups" and tagged it "Sex, Lies and Betrayal" to give you some idea of what it's about.
    Everybody Lies Cover
    No capes, no heroes. Just people, living and messing up their lives. Spike & Angela and Dave & Margie are a couple of normal couples, with the usual insecurities, foibles and vices. But when their everyday lies begin escalating, their lives spiral out of control...

    "Everybody Lies" is free to read online: A page (or two) goes up every weekday this month at:

    I'm creator, writer, and letterer Mike Luoma and my good friend Juan Carlos Quattordio (artist on my Panthea Obscura: Deifornication ) is on the illustration duties here. There is some brief nudity, there are a couple of sexual situations, and the book is full of language some may find offensive - recommended for mature readers 17+. Any reviewers interested in looking at the book should contact me directly at

    Here's page two:
    Everybody Lies Page Two

    • CommentAuthorevndahm
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited
    Here is a recent page from my huge fantasy adventure comic, Order of Tales:
    page of OoT

    I just recently broke 1,000 total pages of comics from an invented world called Overside on
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    tiny ghosts:
    Explode Like a Star
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    Lots of great comics to check out here so far today. Thanks for sharing!

    With artist Niki Smith, I write In Maps & Legends, a weekly webcomic starting soon (March-ish) at Zuda Comics. Here's the first page:

    In Maps & Legends, page 1 (Zuda Comics)

    A quick overview: Kaitlin Grayson doesn't know why she gets up in the middle of the night to carve a map onto the wall of the spare room of her apartment. Before she can finish it, though, a strange man named Bartamus shows up at her place in the middle of a wintry night, claiming to be from another, dying world that desperately needs Kait’s help.

    Art by Niki Smith. Written by Michael Jasper.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Hi, it's me again, the time walker from another plane come down to your world to infest it with seemingly pointless idiosyncracies.

    Haven't done any new comics pages since the last time I did one of these threads, unless you count the 17,550 new ones I posted from the Swap Universe using this flipbook-like technology, called YouTube. You see it moves through all those pages automatically for you. With audio! So you really don't need to even think about it. Blew my mind, a little. And I haven't even added the captions, yet.

    Other than that I don't have any new webisodes or actual issues, still just Issue #1, but I do have this JPEGamabob that's from a slightly different part of Issue #1 than the last one I posted, and that makes all the difference...


    Thanks again, Warren, you're the best! Even if you do turn out to be the antichrist in 12.35% of all possible worlds.

    Briefly synchronous,

    Paul Laroquod.