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    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010 edited
    It's been a good six or seven months since the last webcomics week. So it's time for the first call of the new year.

    You do a webcomic? Tell me about it here. Not more than one or two images, please, or else the thread takes forever to load. Don't forget the bloody link.

    Relax. There are only 7000 members of Whitechapel reading, plus god knows how many drop-ins who aren't registered members.

    Let's get a sense of who's around, for the start of the year. Create me a big list. And tell your friends.

    NOTE: this is not for people to list their favourite webcomics. We've done that before. Boring.

    (EDIT, 6 Feb: am going to leave this up for another week or so, while I'm travelling, so people can continue to find fine new things to read.)

    -- W
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    I post randomly, my comix at my stomping grounds Electric Transit.

    They can be from a comix like Naked Bacon

    or complete anthologies of short comix I've done. I post them up to read and sell them as mini-comix in hopes that someone will like them enough to buy. I post irregularly these comix. But I try to get something up once a month atleast. Even if it's just a 2 pager. I'm gonna have coming up my ongoing graphic novel sometime soon. I'm redoing a bunch of pages. But hopefully in the next few months. Along with some other comix I'm working on for anthologies and such.

    edit: Oh! I also do work with lots of different people from Whitechapel such as Ginja and Oldhat.

    Electric Transit
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010
    I actually do two. Well, one and a half. One is "MAYHEM & CUDDLES", where the somewhat hilarious but unfortunately all true stories of my fiancee and myself are told in terribly mediocre Sharpie art;


    On occasion, I'll also do something I've dubbed "WAFFLES";


    I don't necessarily think of myself as a real "webcomics guy", it's more of me basically just learning about making comics beyond just writing scripts.
    • CommentAuthorMarty Nozz
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010 edited
    I've got two webcomics going and both are in desperate need of getting updated. They can both be found here.

    Mere Mortal #4 cover

    I write this one and my partner-in-crime Chris Johnson does all the art. Its about a world in which everyone has some sort of superpower except for one guy. He works as a cook in a go-go bar and is trying to get into cooking school.

    Night Life page 39

    Night Life is done by me and has a collection of prose stories that go along with it. I enjoy it. I've had the character for quite a while and am pretty attached to them. I like telling their stories. Its mainly superhero stuff, but the prose pieces have more horror influence. I've been lucky with the prose project that a lot of very talented artists have contributed illustration to it, including our own Crushling. (<3)
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    We do a whole bundle of titles over at Bankshot Comics.

    We just started a new issue of Invisible, Inc. this month.

    Lit takes a picture Invisible inc.

    And the "What if Carthage had beaten Rome" tale of Citizen X is heating up.

    Citizen X

    Thanks for running this thread, Warren. It's a big boost to creators.
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010
    I do two "webcomics". The first one is a daily auto-bio comic titled Screw Jeff Owens, which I just started the fourth year of, and haven't missed a day yet.

    SJO 01/29/10

    I also just compiled the first year in a POD book through Lulu.

    The other comic I do is with a friend of mine, Brandon Huigens, who is a bit of a genius for many reasons, not the least of which is the title he came up with, Bong Otter, which sort of dictated what we would do with the comic. We just started this one a few weeks ago, and will be updating at least weekly, alternating who posts. Here's his latest one from it.

    Bong Otter Sale

    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's stuff!
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    After being harassed for years by my friends, I've started doing a webcomic I call You're All Fired. I call it that because I asked those same friends for title ideas, and they were all ridiculous and stupid, so I gave them one to remind them why it's a bad idea to push me into creativity. Here's one of them:

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    I've been writing and drawing PITCH BLACK for almost a year and a half now. Recently I improved its resolution, visuals and added handwritten balloons. I took the opportunity to start a volume 2. These are the first two strips of volume 2:

    Thanks for this thread, Warren.
    • CommentAuthorLurotiman
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2010
    Hi name is Dave...I do a book called "CARTOWN COMICS"
    Follow its progress on my Cartown Comics Blog ....let me know what you think.

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    Another plug for The Profane Comedy of Audley Strange. Loved by several ignored by most. Two random pages from the current storyline from last week.

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    I continue to do Witch Doctor. It is, indeed, a comic you can read for free on the internetica.

    Witch Doctor is a horror/medical drama, written by me and drawn by (Russ Manning Award nominee) Lukas Ketner.

    It gets called "Dr. Strange meets Dr. House" a lot — your archetypal witty jerk doctor, investigating the real-world biology behind all your favorite monsters. Basically, I take really horrifying stuff from actual biology and medicine, and have a great time figuring out how to graft it onto things like zombies, vampires and faeries. And then Lukas makes them look gorgeous and creepy.

    Here's a link to our "pilot episode," which is rough-but-endearing. And here's the more recent story we released right here on Whitechapel.

    If you're on the fence about whether to check it out or not, four out of five leading comics professionals agree that you should!

    • Our beloved sovereign here on Whitechapel called it "mental." (Takes one to know one, Warren.)
    • Ben Templesmith (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, FELL, WORMWOOD: GENTLEMAN CORPSE) said, "Basically, I'm jealous. Bastards!"
    • Dark Horse Senior Managing Editor Scott Allie plugged us out of the blue in an interview with Comic Book Resources.
    • Top Shelf publisher Brett Warnock said we're "awesome... witty, gross, gorgeously drawn and just plain fun."
    • THE SANDMAN co-creator Mike Dringenberg says, "Any true horror fan should keep their eyes on Seifert and Ketner."
    • Longbox CEO Rantz Hoseley says, "If you're not reading Witch Doctor, I have no recourse but to seriously question your taste in comics."
    • And Joey Comeau from A SOFTER WORLD has my favorite quote about the book: "It's a horror comic where they got a good artist and then thought, 'Oh man, what if we got a good writer too?' And that puts them a big leg up."

    (Note: This list may contain more than four or five entries.)
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    @Lurotiman - Good to see you on here! Your work is always top notch.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    i love this thread, always something new to find.

    i guess i can't go by without mentioning i still do plan B, a tale of love, revenge and supervillany. i got a fair bit of love from the whitechapel lot after warren said back in may you might like it if you don't mind swearing, which pretty much sums it up. it's had a redesigned interface since then and i'm halfway through the second storyline.

    read it from the beginning here

    or if you read it back in may and want to pick up where you left off then
    you can go here to carry on

    stinger sure has a potty mouth

    one thing i ask, is if you like someone's webcomic, no matter who's it is, drop them a quick comment or an email to say you do. nothing gives the creators that fuzzy glow than knowing someone's reading them!
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Most of you will already know, but Dragon Heir continues every Monday on my blog. The chapter listing is getting pretty big now 0_o

    Protus, one of four Dragon Heirs, sets out on a journey to gather the Heirs and take them all to the location chosen for Spiratu's Ritual of Transendence. This act will leave the four young men free of the dangerous Dragon Spirits they have harboured since birth, and free to begin their mortal lives with Spiratu's blessing.

    However, in a world where fate has spawned not one but two sets of Dragon Heirs, what guarantee is there that a prophecy so ancient can be fulfilled at all?

    For the Heirs, it's a race against the powerful spirits that consume them each from within, but when the very foundations of a society's faith and structure are threatened, the true consequences of failure could be far greater than any of the prophecy's players can imagine.


    I adore comments - they are lifeblood. ^__^
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    CARNIVORE CARNIVAL isn't so much a webcomic as a collection of short comics written and drawn by me.

    I decided to move my ass and finally put this thing up online, so it starts today (but there's already 14 pages in the buffer so you don't have to worry about updates until almost end of March) and will be updating twice a week, Monday and Thursday.

    first page
    (umm, don't mind the strange page number at the bottom, I took these pages from the print files I made for kablam and they're already flattened so... oops!)

    The tales will range from serious and symbolic stories revolving around religion or gender issues, to simple action comics, to 1-2 page long funnies, thus the genre of choice is fantasy/real life.

    The first three comics that will be presented here are also available in print as part of the Moon Jade Angel book 1 (among with over 30 pieces of digital art).

    Also available is my 2008 webcomic DIN KRAKATAU.

    random preview page:
    random preview page

    This also can be bought as Amen City Chronicles: Din Krakatau color edition (a 136 page manga sized TPB).

    What's the story about? Well, let's just say it involves a guy who can attack you with his hair, a girl who spawns demon appendages from her right eyesocket, flaming heads, brain stomping, spell bullets, monsters, demons and magical hammers.

    There are also plans for another webcomic, this time something longer, but it's still a month or two away from starting so any announcements will be made on my site.
    • CommentAuthorJEFFSJ
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Jonny Subconscious updates every Monday.
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    I do short stories

    The last one being for the remake-remodel thread

    You'll find the list there...

    Thanks for the thread!!
    • CommentAuthorPrestwick
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    I'm the creator of Hard-Graft which currently has guest artist Jules Rivera doing the art while German Erramouspe works on issue three. Recently we broke the 50 comic barrier! Here is to the next 50!

    • CommentAuthorsteamcrow
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Monster Commute is about monsters driving around on an adventure through a steampunk-monster world:

    Monster Commute comic sample

    Mr. Nola

    We update 5 times a week, and have over 360 episodes online. We also have a free iphone app. (Search for "Monster Commute" in Apps)

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    I've been taking part in josie Long's One Hundred days To Make Me A Better Person (do something once a day for one hundred days). My pledge being to draw a comic a day. Yesterday was day 62. You can read them all here.

    day 57
    day 37
    day 31