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    • CommentAuthormaryvarn
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    I do NPC, a comic about a gamer girl and her gamer cats. Thanks for checking it out!

    Big Boned
    • CommentAuthorAnarchicQ
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    I do a couple of webcomics!
    One is Elven Lacryment. a high fantasy comic about elves. Currently it's on hiatus.
    Elven Lacryment

    Another comic I do is FRIENDS 4 EVER!!!! a sprite comic about four videogame monsters acting like innocent 12 year olds.

    Finally I'm resurrecting A Girl Called Kermit an autobiographical comic about growing up sick.
    A Girl Called Kermit
    • CommentAuthorboxbrown
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010

    My name is Box Brown. I do a comic called Bellen! about a late 20's couple. Ben is a manic depressive who is prone to navel gazing. Ellen helps him out.

    Bellen! 2

    I also maintain a blog about my print comics.
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    • CommentAuthorjathevan
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    I do a strip called Jimmy and the Hammer. It's about a firefighter/P.I. with a mullet and a talking monkey who solve crimes.

    Jimmy and the Hammer

    Lots of great comics so far!
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    As many have posted already, I'm also a cartoonist that does two webcomics. The first one is a once a week strip about technology, web design and other stuff related to the web. I have been doing that strip for well over five years now. You can read it every Wednesday at Community MX. Here is last Wednesday's strip:

    Introducing... the iScreen

    The other strip I do is just a little over two years old and is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It's called Capes & Babes and centers around a strip mall, a comic book shop and one crazy werewolf. It also features cute vampire chicks, Hollywood Zombies, an Alien obsessed with hip-hop culture and a bunch of other stuff. The main charcater, Marc, has a video podcast studio set up in the back of the comic book shop where he occasionally interviews super heroes, villains and creators. here is today's strip:

    Who are you? A Capes & Babes interview...

    And my name is Chris Flick. You can follow me on Twitter at
    • CommentAuthorpjperez
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Oh snap Max Huffman AND Box Brown are here. There is no hope for the rest of us.
    • CommentAuthorBrazen
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited
    Hi. I do three comics that you can see at Collectively they update M-F every week.

    Mr. London Comic

    Teritary Education Comic

    Hope you enjoy them.
    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    • CommentAuthorrulotrevino
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited
    Hello everyone!

    Mr. Ellis, this is my first time here and I just want to thank you to give us a chance to post our webcomics on this thread. I came here because my colleague Sobreiro post a twitter about it. Thanks again!

    Let's my work talks instead of me, here is my webcomic: Tinkers of the Wasteland Every Tuesday!

    Page 1
    Tinkers of the Wasteland - Page 1

    Page 5
    Tinkers of the Wasteland - Page 5
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    This couldn't come at a better time. I've just Reclaimed My Webcomic from my incompetent artist and set it on a new course. Feeling excited for the future.

    Basically it's going to be a series of short stories, tangentially connected, about a 'Lost Civilisation' realising that they can no longer occupy the same doomed city for much longer and, as a united community, emigrating to London. So, basically Nick Griffin's worst nightmare except filtered through the Fantastic by the way of the Uncanny and the Marvellous (why yes, I am a Literature student).

    Catch us every Monday & Thursday. Links page and Errata coming soon.
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    Hello Whitechapel Forum, I'm Rob Stenzinger and I draw the comic Art Geek Zoo.

    Art Geek Zoo is a music fantasy adventure that centers around a penguin (Pick Wingvey) and his mystical guitar friend (Crunchy). In addition to wanting to succeed as students in the prestigious Zoo College of the Arts Polytechnica, Pick has debilitating stage fright and Crunchy's on the run from the Mystical Guitar Tribe.

    If you like metal, guitars, and the idea that music can be a martial art you should check it out. I present last Friday/Saturday's episode (#109) : "Command Performance".
    Art Geek Zoo episode 109: Command Performance
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    Two ongoing comics over at my place. The first is Forgotten 22 which is the story of a hard drinkin' ex-soldier turned sheriff who runs a little town that happens to be located in Hell.

    Forgotten 22

    Art by Stefano Cardoselli.

    The second is the time traveling, whoop ass pulp adventure Ana Chronistic. Art by Dexter Wee.

    Ana Chronistic
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    Once you have enjoyed the following comic please follow the link to more. World's easiest treasure hunt.

    Two guys, one comic shop.

    So go read the rest, there's like a year worth and it's daily. That's heaps, you will be amused for hours.
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    My name is Liz, my comic is called Freewheel and it's an adventure story about a young girl named Jamie who is in foster care and wakes up one morning to find her older brother missing. Naturally, she sets out to find him, and ends up befriending some kindly hobo-type people who live in a secret lair in the woods. They help her along on her journey.

    Here's what it looks like:


    • CommentAuthorDomitella
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010 edited
    Martin: Angry Owl

    free image hosting

    free image hosting
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    I do two comics at my site Remedial Comics and we are about to launch a third.

    The first one is actually on hiatus while I retool the characters into 3D so I can start doing animation with them. It is called Remedy and even though it's on a break there's plenty int he archive to read.

    And the other comic is one I draw myself (I only write and animate Remedy) called Badly Written/Badly Drawn which is a one shot gag, whatever crosses my mind strip. Here is one from a couple weeks ago.
    Badly Written/Badly Drawn

    The third comic... well it's coming soon. I guess we'll have to wait for the next webcomics week thread for that. ;)

    Lastly I run a website for webcomic creators called "Webcomics Community." If you're a creator and like to commune with other creators please come check us out. Today we have part one of an article from a Ustream system administrator talking about running a successful live show.

    Thanks for doing this Warren it is very cool.
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    Alice Hunt and I do the western noir Goodbye Chains. We're currently in the "Torture Banquo" arc.

    • CommentAuthorEben07
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2010
    My word - so many great looking webcomics. This is truly great sharing!

    I'll go ahead an throw Eben07 into the fray. Eben07 is a one a week full page episodic comic about the janitors/cleaners of the Intelligence Cleaner Agency who are charged with the mission of keeping the mess left by the espionage world a complete secret. Our current story arc, OPERATION: 3-Ring Bound, is a great place to get familiar with the story.

    --Here are some comics--

    Operation : 3-Ring Bound -Eben07 & Ninja Dan are pulled from vacation to go undercover at a high school & investigate the English professor who may be behind the appearance of janitors from across the county. Click to read from the beginning!
    Page Three of 3-Ring Bound
    Operation: For the Love of Russia : Eben07 & Ninja Dan are sent aboard the Orient Express, but run into an old ghost, an anorexic vampiress, & a bad case of narcolepsy. Click to read from the beginning!
    Operation: For the Love of Russia #003

    Operation: Mongoose - I.C.A. founder Abel hunts Castro in the 1960s, but struggles to make the kill. Click to read from the beginning!
    Operation: Mongoose #001

    Anyway - Eben07 has been around for 2 years, has 8 Operations spread over 100 pages for your reading enjoyment. New page every Tuesday with blogs, monthly contests and more!

    We were recently reviewed by Ain't It Cool News & they said "If you have a couple hours to kill, kill 'em with Eben07."

    We hope you enjoy what you read & thanks for letting us share!