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    • CommentAuthorDustinP
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010 edited
    Hello, I do a Scifi Adventure Webcomic called Andilire. It's about a team of rogue scientists that are trying to figure out the truth behind their origins in an asteroid cluster called Celestial Islands. It's a long form story, with character based humor, so it's not a gag-a-day. Think more like a TV show.

    This is the latest strip, I update it every Thursday, sometimes more.

    Andilire #20
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    Anthony Peruzzo and I do The Assignment:

    Page One Color

    The Assignment is about, in no particular order, a hitman whose target refuses to stay dead, an ancient order whose numbers have been reduced to one thirteen year old girl, inbred snake worshippers, something very, very bad under the ice in Anarctica, and how rock and roll can save the world.

    You know, the usual.

    We update every Tuesday at R&R Publications: The Assignment

    While you're there, check out the other comics - there's usually something new everyday.
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    It's a steampunk/fantasy adventure, written and drawn by me. Updates every Tuesday and Thursday.

    Clockworks #22
    • CommentAuthorMariomora
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010
    Hello there, I'm Mario Mora, creator of "Pagan Zoetrope". It's not a pagan comic. ;) It's a story about art students in the town of Warrensville, Missouri.

    The site to read back strips is

    And here's some of the latest ones I've done for it.

    strip 106

    strip 105

    strip 104

    strip 103

    I post updates Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on a weekly basis. :)
    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010

    A little story my friend Shay and I worked on together for a blog in Brooklyn.

    check it out
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010
    Hi guyz. I are Chris G. and I do Team Mummy and Space Shark.

    Team Mummy is my saga in-progress. Here is one page.

    Space Shark is my other thing and it is guaranteed to arrive once or twice per month.
    Here is one episode.
    SPACE SHARK #007

    -Chris G.
    • CommentAuthorEmperor
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2010
    I'm the script monkey for a bunch of artists creating the collaborative webcomic Fractal Friction, wherein a young man experiences The Greatest Horror of Them All - a job interview. It is just a pity he didn't find out what the job would be before turning up.

    This is page one:

    It updates once a week (or so). The first arc has just finished and the next one begins in a day or so (plus we'll have our first guest artist on page 4).
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    I have a graphic novel called "reMIND" that I've been posting online for the last few months. New comic pages on Mondays and new blog posts on Thursdays. Here's the link:

    reMIND cover
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    Hey Everyone, I write and produce a cyberpunk webcomic called THE CONCRETE WORLD. It is illustrated by my talented and dangerous partner Jettila Lewis. Here is a blurb and a couple pages.

    promo image

    THE CONCRETE WORLD is the story of three kindred spirits brought together by their addiction to the VR technology known as DREAMtech. It will give them everything they desire or it will take everything they have, even their very lives...


    pages 2

    There is a mailing list or you can stay in the loop with our FB group
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    I run, an arts & entertainment site home to many silly things. Among them are silly cartoons I make for "electronic flipbooks", such as the above cartoon. Means it plays like a slideshow.

    My cartoons are a bit odd. Weird characters like the above purple gargoyle/gremlin/lizard thing, as well a man-eating carrot, romantic zombies, overly-enthusiastic robots, and more. And they all tend to do rather mean things to the androgynous stick-figure dude.
    • CommentAuthoraditya
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010 edited
    An artist friend of mine adapted one of my short stories into a comic. It is called The Last Defences of Mankind.

    First page
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010
    @stehitchen - I really enjoy your comic!
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    3 Million Years is my comics site & blog

    Just finished my first comic series 'Altered' which was a bit of fun and an early expreiment for me.

    I also chuck in some shorts and some based on the remake/remodel challenges of old!

    Coming soon is 'The Next Episode' Starting on the 15th Feb:

    Next Episode

    And after that - 'Alone' starting in April!

    Alone 1

    Really enjoyed some of the ones added & will be reviewing and talking about many of them on my blog soon!
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010
    Not sure if this is kosher since i'm not posting as a creator but I just wanted to thank everyone of you who has taken the time to create and post these webcomics for all of us to enjoy. So many of these just blow me away and that's not a bad thing in any way.


    Thank you all.
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    i started doing one last year (there is not much there yet) and then my computer died...

    i now have a new set up and it will be continued as soon as i can, it lives at
    • CommentAuthorrobd
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2010 edited
    Cheers for doing this Warren.

    HUZZAH!! is an ongoing Webcomic collective, we have two webcomics currently on the go; HUZZAH!! Vengeance of Voldar, which is Space Opera, and HUZZAH!!NOIR which is a hardboiled, Noir comic in black and white. The original HUZZAH!! ran from Jan to Dec last year and can be found here.

    HUZZAH!! is a game of consequences (an Exquisite Corpse) played out by comic creators who each have three days to contribute to the ongoing story.

    HUZZAH!! Vengeance features I.N.J. Culbard, Dave Taylor, Colin Fawcett, P.J. Holden, Paul Harrison Davies, D'Israeli, Faz Choudhury, Si Fraser, Sean Longcroft, Geraint Ford, Warwick Johnson Cadwell and Rob Davis (that's me!) It started on January 1st and will conclude on December 22nd. Here's the latest page that I put up on Monday:

    HUZZAH!!VOV page 11

    HUZZAH!!NOIR features Faz Choudhury, Woodrow Phoenix, Dave Taylor, I.N.J. Culbard, Paul Harrison Davies, Warren Pleece, Sean Longcroft, Dave Shelton, Geraint Ford, Colin Fawcett and me. We're currently on page 26, but here's a flavour of things from last year as Sleepy Jackson goes in search of his gal:

    • CommentAuthorlazzyfair
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2010
    This is the first comic I ever took a stab at, called Guns and Gold. It piggy backs off of Atlas Shrugged quite a bit. Not nearly as embarrassed by it as I once was, especially since the whole thing was a learning experience.

    Quiet contemplation in the desert
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    Lots of great comics here, looking forward to reading more.

    Anyhow, our comic is a cross between Trivial Pursuit and Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. We pop through time with the help of our trusty multi-flavored Slurpee, due to this accident. Hope to see you all at

    Oh and you might take note of the artist, he did a webcomic called the last time this type of thread came about.

    Exploration Therapy
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    I feel dirty. Like an internet Judas. It's my first post, and I'm whoring my webcomic--The Cutting Room. We focus on television and movies the same way that Penny Arcade and a thousand others focus on video games. We've been relying on guest artists since the new year. These guys are talented.

    Aaron Sorkin
    All The President's Men
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2010
    The talent in this thread beggars belief