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    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2010
    Oh My. God.

    So tense and so good! And while I'm worried about Alice because I should think it would be harder to kill Luke than that (and he is *eager* to kill her), I have to think it would also go very badly for her with her new family if she succeeded.
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2010
    I'm just totally blown away. Damn. Delaminating the steel in the sword is amazing! My brother's a blacksmith and I've gotten to watch the fold hammer heat hammer, fold, hammer heat hammer and see the results in blades small and large. I would never have thought to put the undoing of that in a story, kudos. I agree--I'm scared for Alice. Wondering about 'kady and KK. KK really SMACKED that roof and took out the ridge line with her pelvis. She must be hurting and she's the only one that can save 'kady.

    Wore my new Venn Diagram of Art and Science shirt to a engineering meeting and got into a good argument about it--this guy somehow thought that it was supposed to be two circles meaning no intersection, but the one for art was so far away it wasn't on the shirt, and when I told him he'd completely missed it, and it meant complete intersection (which he knew of course but was in denial of) the argument was on:) Thanks Ariana!

    San Jose, CA, once a month has SOFA (South on First Art), First Friday, which means all the galleries stay open late and there's music and hip hop and beer and wine, and I went to MACLA and saw a 50sumtin drag queen lip-syncing songs she didn't really know in Spanish (very cool), a guy eat glass and juggle, and flirted with a woman with great boots. I went to an anti-valentine art show at the Works gallery and bought a really cool yet slightly offensive piece in an auction for probably less than the artist, Carol Ponsaran, deserved, (slight guilt about that), went to a tapestry gallery where they were having a showing of crazy quilts, and went to my favorite gallery in the universe, Anno Domini, who was having a show of zines and a great band:) Also went to another gallery, ICA, that I usually like, but for some reason MANY pretentious pretty (or were they petty?), people had taken it over and were standing around drinking wine and being in the way talking and ignoring the art (I'm serious! They seemed completely unmotivated to look at the art!) and letting themselves be seen, and being in the way so I couldn't see the art. Really quite annoying, and did I mention in the way? If they don't like art, couldn't they go somewhere else and be pretty? There's usually some of them there, but this time they had really flocked. So I left and missed the show. I also got quite drunk somewhere along the way, and I noticed that the people with the best and coolest art also had the best music, and the cheapest beer (thanks Anno Domini for $3 beer and for giving me the plastic bag so I could take my art home on my motorcycle in the rain)! Then I came home and realized that I hadn't seen FA yet today. All and all a sweet Friday:) Now if I'd just find a job.
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2010
    @cas9574 - Bullets, even those from shotguns, are significantly faster than the speed of sound. He'd be hit long before he heard it. And at the range Alice is at, which looks to be under or about 20 yards, a slug would definitely be lethal. Unless he pushed it out and fixed the wound with his fantastical brain-package. Of course, he's already down a pint or two from Kirk shooting him, so... we'll have to see what happens.
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2010
    @rickiep00h It looked like a regular shotgun shell to me, and I'm guessing they don't bother with birdshot in that thing. Depending on the shot loaded in there, it should leave a big hole in him if it hits. Package or not, a big hole in your body is hard to fix.

    That said, my money says that she missed. She's got one more shell, though.

    Looking at the panels again, I just noticed Alice is wearing an FA logo'd shirt. Why didn't I notice that before?
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2010
    With Alice, I'm more concerned about the fact the weapon has shortened barrel - excellent for anyone climbing up a ladder you don't want to see or killing the mood at a party, but I can't say I'm expecting her to do much more than wing Luke with that thing.

    I fully appreciate how FreakAngels continues to keep everyone on the verge of dying; Arkady's drowning, Kurt's losing blood, Alice is going to get brain fried, Karl struck by lightning, Connor toasted from the feedback, Luke and Jack cinematically gunning each other down, Mark killed while resisting arrest, KK devoured by the resurgent post-apocalyptic eel population... Life is so dangerous in White Chapel, why would Mark ever want to move back? He even got killed there before.
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    Power ennit?

    From what I read Mark isn't the sort of petty backhanded master race sort in the Like vein. Mark is straight up the enemy, a bastard with a vision. At least that is what I took from his flashback appearances. How we see him now, well fuck he has an added crazy to the volatile brew.

    And you can't be a despot without people. I think Mark craves a stable, easily dominated population. But not for the stability, for the act of dominance.
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    That was detailed in the script and I'm not 100% sure what Warren's reason for it was, but it does make sense, since the blade of a properly made katana is hammered, folded, hammered, folded, over and over.
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    There you go.
    • CommentTimeFeb 7th 2010
    It does make sense, actually. I collect knives and swords, so I got why it happened the way it did. I'll chime in.

    The process of fold-forging steel is actually a process one could take in making a Damascus blade, which is usually rife with wavy, water-like patterns on the surface of the blade and provides a bit of extra strength. Modern steel, however, is usually pure and strong to the point that Damascus-style forging is no longer required and is usually done for the purpose of aesthetics. (Not to be confused with Damascus blades of the crusades, which is technically Wootz steel, nigh-indestructible because of carbon nanotubes that line the blade. This was achieved from a mineral the Saracens used to treat the steel used in their swords, a formula that has since been lost.)

    Katanas, speaking from a traditional standpoint, are forged in what's called the san mai process; literally translates to "three layers". This is where a multi-layered core of soft, low-carbon steel is, for lack of a better term, sandwiched between two layers of harder, high-carbon steel. The core of soft steel absorbs the impact of blows that the sword makes, and the hard steel forms a sharp, resilient edge. Clay treatments and the creation of the hamon (wavy, cloud-like pattern on the edge) comes after the blade is forged. Unlike Damascus, still a useful method of making a blade.

    The two methods can, at times, be combined, but the latter is the traditional and more commonly found method of forgery. For it to fall apart in different ribbons of steel when "dismantled" does quite a bit of justice to the actual nature of the sword itself.
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    @dddrum -- That's just the kind of thing I'd do. Not to lazy to do it but too distracted to do it right. Cheers :)
    • CommentAuthorNakedCelt
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2010
    So Alice is finally doing the thing she first came to Whitechapel to do -- shoot a Freakangel.

    Is anyone else worried that she's got some hidden subroutine from Mark still hanging around in her head waiting to be triggered by that very thing?
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    Hi! I just found Freakangels and read all the archive in one sitting.
    Wonderful stuff, since I'm an adept of both Steampunk and post apocalyptic environments.

    In any case, about the current installment:
    Beautiful work on the disintegrating katana. That is just the way I would have imagined that sort of thing would go down, too.
    About Alice's shooting - considering the clever bullet deflection done by Kait earlier, I'm guessing Luke would have no problem either dodging or deflecting that shotgun blast before it reaches him, unless - and this is a big "unless"- he is distracted by the other things that are going on at the same time - his pain, for one thing, different confused messages being broadcasted around from the other Freakangels getting hurt, rain, etc. After all, he didn't sense her approach, didn't he?

    Another thing I noticed - just how many of the characters are left handed? I've seen a lot of people in FA holding their various weapons and implements "the wrong way around", including Jack, Mark and Alice to name but a few.

    Also, the cliffhanger is driving me nuts! At this pace, by Friday I would have bitten somebody (and infected with rabies) so I'll read the next chapter from a restful room in the "Shady Oaks" Sanitarium...
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    Who's to say that Luke isn't standing right behind Alice, screwing with her head and projecting her a lovely opportunity to shoot him in the back so she can waste her ammunition...
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    @dr_barnowl: Entirely plausible. We last saw him hiding in a doorway, haven't we?
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2010
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2010
    About Alice's shooting - considering the clever bullet deflection done by Kait earlier, I'm guessing Luke would have no problem either dodging or deflecting that shotgun blast before it reaches him, unless - and this is a big "unless"- he is distracted by the other things that are going on at the same time - his pain, for one thing, different confused messages being broadcasted around from the other Freakangels getting hurt, rain, etc. After all, he didn't sense her approach, didn't he?

    Makes sense to me. I've noticed that Luke doesn't have a very good track record with anticipating violence against himself. Kirk beat his ass early on, Jack clocked him with a pistol later and Alice whanged him in the face with a garbage can lid. My hope is that Alice injures him enough to keep him off balance, but that he gets away without killing her. I think they both have stories yet to be told in this saga.
    • CommentAuthorroadscum
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2010
    AAARRRGH! Bastard!