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    I finally got a piece up on Weaponizer, my answer to Hatter's fiction. I like making up worlds, or taking ideas and running with them. In this case the baseline behind the fiction is the following thought:

    After an Apocalypse of a type that would leave not only physical damage to the world, disease and destruction, but technological damage as well, what kind of people would survive? Haiti's provided some inspiration for this, as well as tales of survivors of Chernobyl and just seeing how people tend to react to disaster. The answer, from what I've seen, is usually not pretty. In the aftermath, I expect people wouldn't want to speak of what they'd done to survive, or if they did would speak of it in the way we tell myths to small children-- glossing over unsavory details, to separate themselves mentally from what they'd done to live. In addition to physical damage, watching social structures collapse and dealing with the problems of basic needs, there would be a lot of psychological damage among the survivors of such an incident....

    Like I said, I don't think it'd be pretty. Though eventually it'd probably settle down, order growing from chaos as communities re-knit themselves together.