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    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2008

    If my memory serves me right, this one is from the hoity-toity shopping district of Myeong-dong. People everywhere on any given day. About two streets over it got really bad. The Levi's store, American Apparel and a whole fuckton of people milling about. You could barely walk in a straight line if you had the bad luck of being down there during the busy hours. Which is why it struck me as very odd to hear the familiar roar of a harley. In a place like Seoul you rarely see choppers, or tattooed people, as people will automatically assume you're part of a gang. So it was pretty damned scary to hear this thing and then see it slowly roaring it's way right through the middle of the crowd. People were almost diving to get out of it's way. Partly because he was on a giant chunk of steel that would flatten you, and partly because the guy was wearing almost nothing besides leather chaps, a black leather vest and more nasty-looking tattoos than you could shake a stick at. We watched from an alley we had ducked into and just as if nothing was going on at all, a smooth black lexus calmly padded it's way through the newly-plouged hole. Ho, shit was about all I could think.