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    • CommentAuthorGraizur
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    You guys are too use to being at the top of the food chain. With Freakangels as a premise the whole thing flips around. Hipster Jesus was mentioning that there are time distortions and other weirdness outside of White Chapel, that takes president over infighting. They might need all 12 to restore the balance and bring earth back to Normalcy. Arkady's vision sort of implies that all 12 are equal since none were xcluded. Who thinks that the voice she was hearing was herself from the future? Or the bald one with the shorts. Too many names to remember.
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    I'm sorry guys, it's my fault for the speedy weeks. Ever since I started reading FA on friday mornings, I just bolt through the week as fast as I can to read the next one!!

    <.< >.> <.<

    Well, It's obvious Luke is aiming for the head... Somehow all the FA's seem to skirt death, so I'm not too worried. But the intention spells more doom in their judgement on Luke.
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    I'm relatively sure the bald one with the shorts is Karl, but I wouldnt want to force that belief on you.
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    Bonne année 2011!

    Sorry, I'm one month too soon.
    My mistake.
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    Having issues running to keep up with the week as well. Probably, getting ill as well.

    @MicrOkorg: Slow or we'll put weights on your ankles like Eric Idle in Baron Munchhausen.

    Anyway, a good week. This comic never lets me down.
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    Kait could easily become my favorite, based on her reaction to what Mark has to say.

    I love the rain + cliff hangers!
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    I'm loving the faster pace of recent weeks' episodes - it's kicking off delightfully.

    Favourite panel this week was page 3 pnl 4 - Kait's whole being is screaming "They did a crime?"

    Time is zipping along, but that suits me fine just now...
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    It seems that the motivation behind most of the FA's personality quirks (problems, sociopathic tendencies, call it what you like) is fear. All they have ever really had is each other (parents out of the picture pretty early it sounds like) with no real authority or guiding figure and they know that none of them really know what they're doing. Uncertainty en masse, a simmering panic, a "oh s--- what have we done we killed a whole bunch of people is that justified how can it be justified what do we do now its all our fault" sort of mantra constantly going through their heads. They are living in what is basically a constant state of fear and different personalities react to the stress in different ways, it has either made them (Miki, Kait, KK, Caz, Arkady etc.) or broken them (Luke, Mark). People learn by copying each other, but the FA don't have anyone to look to, so they work by instinct or collective thinking. A dangerous combination.


    This week sucked. Legitimately. Just really, really bad all the way around. No redeeming factors.

    On the bright side of the weekend I'm still alive and we have over a foot of snow. Too bad I'm going to be holed up in my room all weekend working and won't get to enjoy it.

    Sorry, being a negative nancy. I'll stop now.
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    Am I the only one who needs a scorecard to keep track of all the characters? Like, who were the two brunette dudes shooting each other? I know KK, Arkady, uh... the two bald guys, purple hair girl who likes to bang, fishnet shirt guy, doctor lady, police lady, normal blonde girl, homeless rapist guy, black lady in overalls. Seriously, are there character biographies someplace?
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010 edited
    Wow...there seems to be an undercurrent of frustrations with the story this week. What gives?

    I do think it's interesting that Kait didn't know about Karl and Kirk trying to off Mark. No doubt, that's why Mark's been baiting her specifically with the whole Jack the Ripper play he's been running - assuming that was actually him. That katana he had implies it's possible, at least. He'd know how she'd react to that as well as the rest of them would - and regardless of her opinion of him, that's still leverage in his favor.

    When the rest of them learn what those two attempted, it'll get really interesting. Toss in the fact that Jack essentially joined their ranks by giving Kirk that pistol to 'guard' Luke with, which is now running around in Luke's hands and is the cause for Kirk, KK, and Arkady all being in the state they're in?

    If Luke can somehow manage to get Jack and Alice to shoot each other it's really going to be a situation. It'd be a shame too, because I'm really loving Alice more and more with each scene.

    @Mickierat - I think the use of guns is two-fold. One, they're trying to NOT let on in general about their powers. Blowing shit up by looking at it is a bit of a giveaway, isn't it? Two, it's practical and simple. I imagine squeezing a trigger to be a lot less effort/distraction than using the...package. ( And the two things you don't want to be in a fight is tired or not paying attention. )

    @PenguinGeneral - Really? Well, what DO you want to read then? Also, I think it's historically proven that power corrupts. They have to be such assholes about it because they're people, and people with power USE it. Sometimes responsibly, sometimes not. Sometimes they even mean to do well and still manage to utterly fuck up. Why? Because power, of any sort, is usually a bigger thing than any one person ( or even twelve ) and it's really fairly impossible to fully comprehend what effects using it will have, even with the best of intentions.
    Add to that the fact that they don't even fully understand the capabilities of that power? It's hard not to be a douche.
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    man;freakangels somtimes like slapstick( comedy of errors )
    Jack really got lucy that Luke missed;but if someone shot your arm;how could you even shot with all the pain?
    we just need to wait and see what would happen when Alice will came.

    this week was fine excpt that friend of someone i knew house was fully burglerlirzed;they even took his dog
    and demand money to bring him back to the owner;in the end they broght him back but none of what they stole;at last the dog is fine.
    its really make me frustrated how can pepole can be so cruel and use someone dog as a trhmp card.
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    I hope you're kidding. Go read this comic from the beginning.

    See, I was under the impression everyone knew when KK was up flyin' after they'd apprehended Luke, and she said "some of us didn't think it was a good idea to let Mark live" or something like that... oh. Wait. I'm an idiot. But this raises something else- how many of them were in on it and how'd they manage to screen that from Kait?
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    Meep. Still rather a bit scared for Alice. And starting to be a bit scared for Arkady too. And Jack. And Kirk.

    Shit is just getting started for me. When you're unemployed the week tends to move along easily - if not necessarily slowly - but it's the weekend that turns into a whirl wind. After last week's tech & opening for my play I spent Monday and much of Tuesday asleep. I went out and had fun (and spent too much money) on Wednesday and have completely forgotten what I did yesterday (likely sleep and then loaf around) and today I've been catching up, prepping for the weekend. I've watched almost all of Samurai Champloo via Hulu and I am hungry for the last five episodes but also dreading finishing off the series. I don't want it to end, and I bet Watanabe has a delicious and terrible heartbreak waiting for me. (Please don't spoil it! I'll likely get to it next week.)

    Tonight we get back to the show. For the first time I have a stage hand to boss around. It'll be helpful if I can stay a step ahead of all the chores I have to manage. But right now I'm worried it's just going to be another stressor on an already stressful show. The double edge of responsibility. *long breath*

    Tomorrow, it looks like, I may have an office to report to. It'll just be a few days' gig. But I haven't been paid for office work, literally, for years now. And it starts really painfully early in the morning. I get out just in time to run to the theatre. Then when the play is finished there's a big birthday bash going on all night at a friend's house. Oof. I was really hoping that first day on the gig would be today and I could sleep in tomorrow before partying all night. This is going to be a little tough. Sunday, luckily only the show is on the docket. Then it's on me to have a responsible night of sleep before going to work (work!) on Monday. Possibly (or possibly not) followed by yet another theatre gig. This is a life more interesting than what I was necessarily seeking. But no complaints. At least, not yet.
    • CommentAuthorSilhouette
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    @ runcibleshaw - You can check out the Wiki page for FA but there aren't any pictures, so that probably won't help you. I had to go back there to reference who Luke was because I had forgotten. *embarrassed* =)

    I like the three stories going on right now, but as others have mentioned I've forgotten where Connor (my fave) and the others have gone. I guess I'll have to go back to the last volume.

    @ razrangel - I started watching Samurai Champloo on hulu last week when I was working on a project. I actually don't mind the dub because the same actor played Spike from Cowboy Bebop. I like his voice. =) I stopped around the 5th episode, I need to pick it up again.

    As for my week, it's been kind of short. I saw my beau in CO last weekend and came back on Monday, I had Tues off and now...well, I'm just working. Yay. o_o;
    • CommentAuthormc2
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    focus on front sight...
    • CommentAuthorUXO
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    I dunno about focus on front sight, but what's up with the muzzle flash in the upper left frame of page 6? The barrel cross-section in that frame makes it look an awful lot like a Desert Eagle (OK, maybe a Baby Eagle given the size in the lower frame of page 5) .... ah-hah! Lower right frame, page 3, episode 72 - it IS a Desert Eagle.

    OK, muzzle flash is definitely wrong. It should be surrounding that black circle, not below it. I'm guessing someone's overlay layer(s) got misaligned? I'd like this fixed before I get my signed hardcover volume 4, please... ;)

    (What? I have the first 3 in signed hardcover - doesn't that entitle me to some input?)
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    Another firearm expert! Good; have you been keeping up with the round count on that Glock Luke has his hands on? Anyone know how many he has left?

    Also, is it just me, or does Jack seem to have training with firearms? Notice his controlled grip, as opposed to the untrained knee-jerk unsupported grip Luke uses in retaliation-- makes me think prior military or law enforcement. Same with Kait. Seems like either they really paid attention to whatever action shows they watched, or someone trained them.

    (That said, can't say I care entirely for Kait's room-clearing procedure...)
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    Murderous bunch these FAs, no? Most of them seem to want to solve things by violence or murder.
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    @runcibleshaw - The Freakwiki (which I'm sporadically working on :) has pictures and very brief biographies.
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2010
    Significance in the number twelve after 'Kady's experience? Is Jack a lefty?