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    New and improved:

    Several times a week, E. G. Gauger hosts a live video broadcast of drawing, sketching, and painting. It is SWEATSHOP by name, and sweatshop by nature.

    SWEATSHOP is Gauger's own personal nighttime art college, open mic, and celebrity roast. The session is announced via Twitter, and the call to arms is bounced around by viewers as the night goes on. Sometimes, the camera is pointed at a page, sometimes at a Photoshop window, and very occasionally at a canvas. Guests wander into and out of the chatroom, offering wisecracks, critique, and shaggy dog stories.

    If you would like to chat live with the artist and other audience members, click the chat link on the left sidebar. You should also leave a tip, check the blog, or go to the artist's portfolio.

    Join us.
    Nurse your insomnia.
    Work harder, for less money.

    also i will steal her hat one day
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    SWEATSHOP will broadcast every Friday starting at 2pm PST. This schedule may change. The next SWEATSHOP date will always be visible at SWEATSHOP.TV, even when we are not broadcasting live.

    Fuck off my hat, Warren.
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    My hats are infinitely finer. I will make fools of you all.
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    You're kidding yourself.

    So Phil Nelson of is now an official SWEATSHOP producer. Livestream allows both of us to run the flash-based "studio" in tandem, meaning we can make station IDs and cue clips live, on top of each other.

    I've observed that SWEATSHOP can really only handle one episode per week, plus on one the weekend. If I try for more than that, the audience is low-energy and out of cash.

    Allow me to announce a tentative SWEATSHOP schedule of Wednesdays, 2pm PST, and Sundays, 1pm PST.

    Also, I have set up a page on TOXOPLASM.ORG to buy original art directly. Buy art here.
    • CommentAuthorphilnelson
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2010 edited
    Regarding Eliza's headwear, it can be influenced by filling out the proper forms.

    JOIN US, won't you?
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    Not right now, though. We're offline.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2010
    the jump to flash now allows me to tune in while dicking around at work during the daytime. the pyooterz here still run on Win98 (i know rite?!)
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    So we get to see you undrunk in chat? HOW?!
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    Is a man not entitled to the hurf of his durf?

    'No!' says the man in Fark, 'It belongs to the farkers.' 'No!' says the man in Whitechapel, 'It belongs to Internet Jesus.' "No!' says the tard in 4chan, 'It belongs to moot.' I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Sweatshop, a live show where the artist would not fear the censor, where the producer would not be bound by petty morality, where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the hurf of your durf, Sweatshop can become your show as well.
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    Wednesday Sweatshop postponed until 2pm PST due to unavoidable and highly necessary bureaucratic appointment. Many apologies.
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    Samantha Klapp is in my studio, arrayed in paint, feathers, braids, and fine cloths. I will style her, photograph her, and draw her. You will join us, make merry, buy art, and tip.

    Inspired by an orgy of African tribal photography, we've made arrangements to adorn Sam with the urban minutiae equivalent to the beads, pendants, and oche one wears in the bush.

    Possible guest artists include Tara Brannigan for Kind of Strange Jewelry, new model Rufio, and Chris G of Team Mummy.

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    Her new URL is, by the way.
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    Warren, I bet you're lurking right now. Thanks for keeping this thread alive in my absence.

    Hey guys. Sweatshop is new and improved. More about that later. For now: SWEATSHOP.TV

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    Well it's been a week so I guess it's time for a new ghost on SWEATSHOP:
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    We doin' it live. is on the 6th Stain, the solo show in Berlin is on Thursday, and I'm about to start inking. Tentacles are involved.
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    Friends, countrymen;

    It was with heavy heart and bleeding hands that I lumbered back from Berlin. The trash and cobbles eating away at the heels of my shoes, the wry and sleepy expats, the crammed markets and New Orleansian dreaminess awash over the rules-straight backbone of the Fatherland--Berlin is like a teenager's messy room.

    I flew to Seattle in an ill-tempered fug (which is a sort of propeller plane) and when I arrived all I wanted was a dozen roses and a large meal. I got both, one for mom and the other from her, and collapsed.

    There are no official plans for art shows while I'm in Seattle, but gears will naturally be ground when I reach Oakland in about a week. I wouldn't call the Bay Area "home', but it's the last place I left all my stuff, so that's close enough. will resume at that time, as will the final auctions for the Stains series.

    Stay tuned. Don't you dare close this tab. Don't click anything. Just wait.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeAug 14th 2010
    So that's what that caused that impact crater. Welcome back ^__^
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    A 1960 public domain reel of shame hand-picked by Mssr. Gauger from a selection of horrible films gathered by Mssr. Nelson.

    Try our new and improved SWEATSHOP interface, featuring non-Twitter logins, partial iPhone functionality, @replies, user profiles, Steam/XBL-style achievements, a new Big Cartel shop for original art, and fresh sawdust and straw on the floor.

    Join us at 5PM PST on for horrible fun.

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    That went extremely well. Everyone who showed up received one=time-only achievements for viewing both Atom Age Vampire and Bcket of Blood, which was our second feature and was actually quite good.