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    • CommentAuthorphilnelson
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2010
    A Bucket Of Blood was actually a completely enjoyable film, and at 60 minutes it was just the right length for a Corman joint. Plus it starred perennial "that guy" Dick Miller.
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    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010

    Hahaha, syrysly, this is how we will deal art from nao ons.
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    Today's SWEATSHOP is gonna be low-key and laid back: we're bringing back the camera and pointing it at an actual drawing surface.  I propose to do a small oil painting from beginning to end, and if that doesn't satisfy us, maybe some doodles or even some dabbling at older, incomplete work.

    As always, SWEATSHOP producer Phil Nelson mans the lightboard and brings us a horrifying melange of all the out-of-copyright media we can manage.

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    I forgot to mention: 12PM PST.
    • CommentAuthorphilnelson
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2011 edited
    SWEATSHOP RETURNS this Sunday February 13th at 12pm PST with BUTTON HORROR. Show up and claim a custom button OF YOUR VERY OWN and watch it painted live. GASP as we take breaks and watch the 1996 Roger Corman production TERROR BENEATH THE SEA starring Sonny Chiba. It will be so much fun your brain won't understand what is happening for days after.
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    Please enjoy my terrible poster, and please stop by tomorrow.
    • CommentAuthorphilnelson
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2011 edited
    Hello lovely sweaty monsters, SWEATSHOP.TV RETURNS THIS WEEKEND with so many things your mind is likely to try to ESCAPE FROM YOUR HEAD. Behold this poster created by Sweatshop regular and indie comics maker Chris Graves:


    JOIN US Sunday, February 27th starting at 12pm PST, and going all goddamned day long. There will be live art commissions, q&a with a real live starving-yet-morbidly-obese artist, and a screening of the 1973 classic HORROR EXPRESS starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Telly Savalas.

    Art is what it is, SWEATSHOP.TV is where it's at.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2011
    Yes, pretty plz to join us for this here mega-tacular event and be miserable with other miserable artists who are now empty husks of their former selves! It's gonna be GREAT!
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    TONIGHT in San Francisco, a live SWEATSHOP broadcast from my live painting at DisCu?lTu?re, the first and only drag/witch house night in SF.  Last time was incredible, and I ended up selling the painting right off the easel at the end of the night.

    Cover is free until 11pm, $2 afterwards.

    This was the piece I did last time, which was titled by the man who bought it:

    "All the City Has to Offer"
    Acrylic on panel


    this saturday in san francisco, the second installment of our new monthly dark synth / screwgaze / bass / etc. party, with a live set from powwowW and guest dj bobby peru!

    free before 11pm, $2 after!

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    SWEATSHOP has a room, which is active right now. Come play me some work music, please. Oh god please do it.

    Matt Gauger (@mathiasx): Prior to, I didn't know that the good DJs were all furries.
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    12pm PST –

    Featuring the return of Phil, Eliza, live streaming bullshit and as many old school Sweat Cadets as we can round up. Special WDDP art thread guests for by-request tutorials, questions answered, and lectures about the difference between Frazetta’s Vampirella and Vallejo’s.

    Join us for the usual technical fuckups at noon sharp on Sunday Sunday Sunday!
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2011
    I don't always cancel attending church, but when I do... I choose Sweatshop. Stay sweaty, my friends.
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    Filthy art hounds: SWEATSHOP returns this Sunday, Sept. 11th, with special guest artist Trista Musco and a screening of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH starring Vincent Price. Live commissions? MAYBE! Buttons? PROBABLY! Thrills and Chills? Holy shit you bet. We start the coal furnace at 2pm, PST. Be there or you hate Freedom.

    • CommentAuthorphilnelson
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2011
    Gearing up for a start shortly after 3pm PST. We'll be doing live micro-comissions! Get some badass art for so cheap it's almost criminal. Movie starts at 6pm PST.
    • CommentAuthorstation
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2011
    sweatshop owns, everyone get in here!