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    • CommentAuthorlizardboi
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    My metal take on this project. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    @Vox Doom.

    Dig your take of a blue beret as super. Nice concept.
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    @frequentcontributor - NICE! Way to include part of the tagline in the art itself. Great t-shirt.
    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    You know that shit has kicked off when more people than you can count have said there are more good entries than they can count.

    Wasn't sure that I was going to do one, but sneaking in with a late entry:

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    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    @brunorubio - Oontz Oontz Oontz Oontz Oontz :)
    • CommentAuthorbucky
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010 edited

    Inspired by Michelangelo's Creation.
    • CommentAuthordayhorse
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    right. i have never done this before but i figured we all have to start somewhere.
    From art collection
    • CommentAuthorrobb
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    @vox doom: I want to read that UN book. out of the stellar stuff going on here, that's one of the covers which suggests a really good story, beyond uniforms and interesting typography for exercise's sake.

    @256: reminds me of old Jacob Bannon stuff. very cool.
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    some of these are astounding...
    I am, as always, in awe of you my Whitechapel bro's!

    Sobriero - great design you always have reminded me of a moebius style, in this its cool to se you take a small left field curve...
    Paul Sizer - as always your syle blows me away and is completely unique and perfect...
    BUcky - Actually, though it may not be the "cleanest" design submitted, i would say that along with Rooth this is my favourite design, simply because i love the connotation of what is siggested by the image.. sublime!
    Lizardboi - well.... Its like Superman crossed with an angry gailic version of thor... LOVE IT

    So many more that blew me away... but these deserved honourable mentions...

    • CommentAuthorESCgoat
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    I really should be doing other stuff, but the challenge was too great to pass up! It was the "daring exploits" bit that made me think of stuntman. I miss the Human Fly. I'm surprised Bendis hasn't made him a New Avenger yet, given his taste for 70's Marvel heroes.


    No time to color it right now. Maybe I can get to that sometime next week. Anyone can feel free to go ahead and color it if they like.
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    man of steam

    maybe i missed someone doing this take on it.
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    My take, based on the actor who played the Adam Character in the production of Frankenstein by the Guthrie theater I saw as a kidlet. And a touch of my mother's stories about the thunder gods.

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    Wonderful submissions from frequentcontributor, wings_of_wrath, 256, eyemageone, brunorubio... I was going to highlight more of the great stuff that's still flowing in, but there are too many to mention. Amazing
    • CommentAuthorbucky
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    @sarianlives. Thanks, I really appreciate the kind words. And I agree with you, I could have been more meticulous with the paint brushes, I have to work on that.
    • CommentAuthorJorell
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010 edited
    The stuff that's been posted this week has been beyond awesome. When I saw this challenge, I knew I had to submit something:

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    Whew. The hardest remake/remodel to date (and to tell you the truth I was bit intimidated at first), but one of the best. :)

    Great work every one.
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    @Clone Artist - Superman is all well and good, but Disco, Sorceress of Zoom and Some Random Guy are the elements that make the first issue of any comic really memorable!

    @Jorell - Brilliant. Slave-Superman fighting off his owners with his feet and his chains! Great style, great lighting.
    • CommentAuthortnperkins
    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010 edited

    And here was my second entry, because it is just a fun topic to play about with. Thanks guys.
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    @tnperkins - So good. So very good.