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      CommentAuthorVON VENIEN
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2010

    Tribal Rituals & Manifestations of an Evil Dark Psychosis perpetrated by dirty evil deeds and other terrible things


    Von Music Group is scheduled to start recordings for the debut album from the band VON VENIEN entitled TRIBAL BLOOD. VON VENIEN was created by Venien, the co-creator of the black metal band VON and owner of the independent record label Von Music Group. The debut album, Tribal Blood is tentatively scheduled to be released in Mid November, with a June release date of the title track “Tribal Blood” as a single release with a few special extras. Venien respects the raw essence of the band he helped create (VON) and pledges to inflict a raw, brutal, and tribal ritual for those that have for so long been longing for the black coming of Venien to arrive, he is coming this cold winter. For more album details, release information, demo recordings visit or for updates and previews.


    Mommy, There Is Someone In The Basement

    Mommy, There Is Someone In The Basement (Advance Preview Demo)

    Mommy, There Is Someone In The Basement is an early demo track that comes from the minds of VON VENIEN. The Mommy track is an inside look into the mind of mastermind behind VON VENIEN one of the creators of black metal band VON. This early sneak peek is from the archives of material that will be considered as critical pieces of the story that go with the overall project and what it will encompass. This is by no means the staple or type of genre, or type of music/ songs that are going to fill the belly of the album, but this is more of an inside glimpse into the manifestations that have occurred during the process. The Tribal Blood project spews wealth of raw, aggressive, and evil metal and ritual, but it also contains story behind it and this is one of those pieces that work well with the process along with many other special treats. Through the reveals of early recordings, demos, rehearsal tapes, the Tribal Blood production team will periodically be partaking in such deeds, but by no means are all of these advances considered final cuts for the project Tribal Blood coming in mid November.

    Check back for more viral infections and obsessive punctures to the abscess of darkness.

    Mommy, There Is Someone In The Basement Streaming on Reverbnation Click Here
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    The streaming demo cuts out at 3.03 for me.
  2.  (7807.3)
    Ditto to Warren. Up until then, agreeably creepy. Looking forward to final release.
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    Really like it. Atmospheric and dark.

    The art work is quite cool as well. Reminds me a bit of this happy fellow

    Which is a good thing.