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    Wed, March 3 - Skype Night, starting around 10pm est until I get bored, or lose my voice. Harass me that night until I let you in. :) Come,talk about your loves and hates. Eat popcorn. Watch out for Robot Unicorns, and god-knows-what. Unwind.

    As per usual, no set rules beyond:
    If something upsets or offends you
    Tell Us so we can either stop offending you, or tell you when it's safe and the conversation's moved on,
    and don't be an utter ass.

    I plan to discuss possible skype movie nights and am looking for your input on easily available movies and means for this fun to occur!
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2010
    I'll be there.
    I've not giggled enough lately.
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    I missed you last time! Maybe our chats should be subtitled giggle parties :D