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    • CommentAuthorDan Kelly
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2010
    Apologies to Warren and Ariana if this is inappropriate, but I felt that a thread about the recent BBC Strategic Review would be appropriate here.

    This blog (not be me) sums up pretty much everything that I would want to say regarding they stupidity of the closure.

    However, I don't mean this to fall foul of the "No Crying" rule and instead want this thread to bring 6 Music to the awareness of Whitechapel as I truly feel that it is the only radio station for people like me. One of the best things I feel is to get more people to listening and on side :)

    In the last 10 minutes whilst I tried to read this they've played, one after another

    dEUS - Instant Street
    The Damend - New Rose
    Groove Armada - Paper Romance

    If you're in the UK and have never listened give it a shot from the BBC website. I suspect that our foreign brethren may have ways to listen as well.

    Hope I've not overstepped the mark

    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2010
    I have always enjoyed Craig Charles' funk and soul show of a Saturday evening.
    Other than that it's not strictly to my taste, but I know that with BBC R2's recent aim of targeting the 40+ market, it does leave a bit of a hole in between that and R1's pop-tastic 16-24 yr old target demographic.
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    i do listen to 6Music via the web a couple of times a week. Apart from the world service, it´s the only thing i listen to from the BBC now.

    I think the thing that it does really well is that it can produce a wide range of music from DJ´s, most of whom clearly know their shit. While it´s not 100% perfect, compared to the "cutting edge" commercial radio of XFM and NME, and the great towering bilge of shit that is Radio 1, where their playlist seems to consist of Lily Allen, Kings of Leon and Florence and the Machine on infinite loop (oh and don´t forget Fearne Cotton and Vernon Kay as DJ´s!), nothing else touches it. Sneak046 is right about it catching the market for people older than 25 who feel that they have a wider taste in music than is offered by the commercial channels.

    Note - they say it´s this is all part of a bigger plan to cut costs, but focus "on quality". Perhaps then they should scrap 95% of BBC3 and stop wasting shitloads of money on "crossover" events, like those continuous "free" one day festivals that all play the same music, or like the time one they did "U2 day" where they spent the day turning the broadcaster into a glorified ad for Bonio and his chums...

    Oh and it had Adam and Joe on it. Nuff said.....

    I think i need to walk away and sit in a corner and not think about this too much or i would start to get very angry...
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    It's the best music station on the BBC , and Stuart Maconie's Freakzone ( Sundays 5:30-8 ) is a fave . Got very excited when he played Kemper Norton , and I can't imagine
    anyone on Radio 1 or 2 who would play random CDs from unknown bands , along with lots of prog , weird folk and electronica. This Sunday's special guests are from Ghost Box , a hauntological label Warren's mentioned a lot. Jarvis Cocker's informal and entertaining show is on before.

    The station has no direct competitor , and there is no other mainstream radio station that has such a flexible attitude to the material it plays , and the freedom it gives its presenters. Speaking as a radio fan , a fan of the BBC , a music fan as well as a musician trying to get stuff heard , the whole thing stinks , and that's without pondering the fact that the BBC are doing this to appease those champions of independence , freedom , quality and interesting music ...Rupert Murdoch and the Conservative party. Have sent emails to the Trust , joined in their consultation survey and added name to petition , for all the fucking good that'll do.

    The theory is that 6Music will be absorbed into Radio 1 and 2 , broadening those channels' remit , but this seems very unlikely.

    Whining ends.
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    6 music lets you hear Public Enemy at ten thirty in the morning. I have written a stern comment to them. I urge that you do likewise