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    I'm thinking of getting a tattoo (One of my doctors said I'd enjoy it), and there was a thing on the radio saying you were at risk for hepatitis whatever if you got one, and you would lose your job and life would be horrible, etc etc and soforth.

    So my question is:
    Have you guys had any negative experiences as a result of your tattoos; lost jobs, caught strange diseases, been picked on, etc?
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    I recommend getting a tat that can be covered up easily, like on your back, upper arm, chest, etc (the yakuza do this for a reason). When you go to get a tat, check out the shop and the people that work there. If it looks dirty, then it probably is. Most artists will let you see the care they put into sterilization, with the handwashing and gloves and sealed needles.
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    I won't get a tat done locally because the places do seem dirty and icky, and cheap. And the art sucks and fades fast. :P
    I'm being careful :)

    My main thing is a lot of people's objections seem to be that no matter where you get a tat, who does it, where it is, etc, you will lose your job and get various diseases instantly.
    Which I think might be a myth, depending on where you work and policy (Facial tats might be a no-no at a high class restaurant, for example)
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010

    Various diseases? As long as you're smart about where you go, like agentarsenic said, you'll be fine. At least nothing's sprouted from my forearms yet, and it's been over six years since I got my first tattoo.

    As far as the covering up goes, as long as its tasteful*which I highly recommend it be, don't be one of those people who get a snake crawling up behind their ear or anything* and means something to you most employers won't care. At least here in the pacific northwest, where tattoos are commonplace, I can't speak for your neck of the woods. Though I would caution you against anything in the hands/head area. That's dangerous territory.

    The only time I've ever covered my tattoos for a job was in Korea, where the idea that if you have a tattoo, you're a criminal is still widespread. From what I've heard most of China/Korea/Japan is like that.

    And as far as facial tats in a fancy restaurant go, it depends on what part you work in and just how many stars are involved. I've seen some mean looking motherfuckers in some nice ass kitchens. I've also seen many a waitress with full sleeves, so yeah.

    I'd say go for it, find a good artist and a clean shop and go to town. I've never regretted getting tattooed and I made the risky bet of having a large kanji tattooed on me before getting it properly checked. Okay, maybe I regret not getting it checked for spelling first. I was young and reckless. Now I'm just reckless and lucky.
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    We're all sweetness and light in the back of our kitchen. I have no idea what you're talking about.
    (Okay just kidding).
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010
    The worst I get is the occasional tsk-tsk when I venture out into the suburbs and run into people who just ENJOY making comments to anyone who isn't homogenized as they.
    Oh, and usually whenever I leave the house I get the "did that hurt" question in regards to either my tattoo or facial piercing, but that's more annoying than anything else just because I'm SO TIRED of it.

    Never caught a disease. I'm a big participant of BME so I have friends in the industry who know what they're doing or know where to go. Also hung out in enough shops to know what shouldn't be done.

    I'm self-employed, but when I do the occasional in-house job and of course, have to woo clients to cut me checks, I do tend to dress professionally. I wouldn't show up half naked anyways and that's how I'd have to be to have them shown off. In previous employment days, my future bosses really only cared about how qualified I was and what my references were, but YMMV considering location (I am in NYC).
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    I'm thinking of getting something on my foot/ankle. I tend to wear tall socks, and pants so it's not like most people'd see it. Something mostly for Me. My own private mobile bit of artwork that won't smear or get lost, etc. I <3 BMEzine! My allergist was the first one to suggest I get a tattoo; I guess most people don't enjoy allergy tests, but I don't know how the feel of that would actually compare to a tattoo.
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    • CommentTimeMar 6th 2010
    A place in your direction I'd recommend is Marked For Life in Warren, MI. They've won awards for cleanliness, and when the shop owner still did work himself, the husband got one from him. It was excellent. All the guys working for him are quite nice, too.