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    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2010
    I had the good fortune to have some time to visit the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford for the first time since it reopened its doors in November last year. The Ashmolean is quite a big deal in the UK. It was the first British public museum, opening its doors originally in 1683, and while it had some years of shabbiness, it is now a venerable institution and the £61 million demolition and rebuild of the majority of its building seems to me to be so worth it. Apparently, they initially budgeted the project at £100m but sometimes building works do go under budget it would seem.

    From the brief look at roughly ten of the 60 galleries it houses, I would encourage anyone with an interest in art and archaeology to go and discover it for themselves. It would be easy to lose yourself in there for a day or two - even the layout of the new building is interesting and labyrinthine. With exhibits from 300BC to the present day, from walls to tombs and Stradivarii to papyrii, there should at least be one room to interest everyone, even if its the cafe.

    Oh and its free to enter. Did I mention that?