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    Thanks! I made the poster in Paintshop Pro, utilising a scan of one of the paintings I'll be exhibiting, and the font is indeed Comics Sans-serif. I've had a bunch of copies printed off, and the response has been very positive.
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    Anyone have experience shipping art overseas? The bulk of my work is still in my studio in Rhodes, Australia, and I need to get it to Toronto undamaged. Everything's already bundled up in bubble wrap with a few layers of cardboard over the top, then wrapped in a large plastic bag to keep moisture out. Any advice would be extremely welcome.
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    Ian? How many pieces? Get a box that fits each item, have enough to surround the edges (3-4 inches) enough for the bubble wrap to cushion, but not so your item is swimming in the carton. Collect scrap corrugated squares to back the canvas in or to provide support to the paper or unframed pieces.

    Contact moving firms in Rhodes to find out if they'll ship the entire lot to Toronto cheaply.

    Ask Anglo Pacific?
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    Thanks dude. I have a couple of decent quotes, but I'll have to have the shippers do any additional packing. I'm currently in Toronto, sponging off the inlaws while my better half and I search for affordable accomodation that's not located in the East Sherbourne projects.
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    Dad's family left Montreal for Detroit in 1935 - I have no good information on Canada that is current.
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    We don't need this many artist threads.