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    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010
    Thanks @ Rooth!
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010 edited

    had a little time today, HAD to do another one. These boards are great.
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    Didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, but here's mine

    Amazing Adult Fantasy #15
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    man of the spiders
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    @Thom and @mthemordant-- very, very cool. The horror approach is really hard to resist, yeah? I was originally tempted to make one of my two horror-oriented, but I'll be lucky to get *one* in before the weekend at this rate.
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    here it is.....
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    Hmh, it's starting to be a bit too classy for the likes of me. Let's lower it.

    Spider Weird

    I'm working on another one, entirely (hopefully) different.

    I think I lost my mind somewhere...I'll go look for it.
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010 edited
    @ le Golem - Is that ... is that...Stan LEE?!? Oh Christ no.

    @ Andre Navarro - Once again, you already are securely in first place for the award for: "Makes Me NOT Want To Look" award. Thank you. ( Actually, now that I think about it - you and le Golem are neck and neck. Deathmatch? )

    @ Sobreiro - You're always tight.

    @ Brendan & @ Hartter - I love the pulp era feel to these. Dead on.

    @ spedwig & Raid71 - You've both reduced the idea to iconic design perfection. Bravo.

    ( I'm surprised no one has noticed, or just mentioned, the homage in my take. Or is it too subtle? )
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010 edited

    I've done enough typographic design the last couple of weeks, wanted to do something a little more illustrative for this one.
    And you guys are so much better at the porno "adult" angle, so I thought I'd go for the "stuck in a dead life/Walter Mitty" form of "adult".
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    AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Sizer...that's hilarious...and so, so fucking good!
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    Here I imagined the title to reflect that it was a publication with literary aspirations. Published in A5, aimed at the New Scientist buyer, desperately po-faced and trying to be taken seriously and keep on the shelves. The image is a bit obvious, but if the deadline was upon me this might be what I'd throw out. I suppose if I was to develop it I'd try something more Saul Bass- spider for a ribcage monotone skeleton? Spider made out of hands of the glow of a bulb through grasping fingers? Something a bit more exciting.

    Amazing Fantasy 15
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010 edited
    @ Sizer - That's gorgeous...By the way, do you ever feel like we're sharing some sort of wavelength, man?
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    Peter Parkour
    • CommentAuthorOxbrow
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010
    What else was going on in 1963? Spies!

    Amazing Adult Fantasy 15 By Oxbrow
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010 edited
    OK, Lance. You win.

    @Berserker: thanks, man
    @Paul Sizer: beautiful illustration!
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    @Hartter haha Fantastic!
    @Raid71 I love the death-star logo!
    @frequentcontributor I like the middle one, very awesome. Love the eclectic, grungey type
    @Lance Sells. You have cleverer brains than I'll ever have :(. Neat subtle typography.
    @Brendan McGinley and @ mthemordant Awesome pulp stylings! I like the subtle skyscraper and the saturated pinks, respectively. I shall now skulk off to bitterly resent that I could never paint half as well as you.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2010
    Strong thread so far; glad to see lots of people sticking to the design/type angle.

    Really strong entries so far from Sobreiro, Brendan McGinley, Frequentcontributor, Raid71, Hartter, Spedwig, MtheMordnat and Lance Sells.
    Still reeling from Andre's, though. Thanks for polluting my dreams, dude!
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    Thank you. I was just feeling that same jealousy towards your cover.