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    I think comic books should be printed with page numbers on them. For some odd reason it really annoys the hell out of me that I can't write down page numbers of things I really like (And no I'm not gonna start counting from 1 on a multihundred page omnibus), and don't feel like I can share that kinda stuff with others. And If I want to cite something in a comic book on a paper (hey it could happen) it'd be a bitch. While I can understand it as an aspect of design, I'd just like to say I find it really, really annoying, and I think a lack of page numbers is stupid.

    That is all.

    editing to add:
    I must have lost my mind. I'm getting grumpy about not being able to easily cite stuff and random details.

    Guess I have paper writing on the brain.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2010
    yeah that IS annoying! Gonna have to go by the thickness of the book and what inch that cool part happens around