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    So, let's give this another go, shall we?

    Tell me of the new comics you've bought this week. Not interested in your shopping list. Interested in what you thought of what you bought.

    Use the "hide" function for spoilers, so the weekend shoppers can use your thoughts to guide their purchases.


    -- W
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2010
    Hulk 21/ incredible hulk 608 Im back to the goddamn red hulk being talbot. argh. fucking Loeb.
    (as it was a light week and someone bought out all the DMZ tpb books i got New Universal Fade to White. Love it)

    Fables 93- Savoring this one tomorrow.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    Joe the Barbarian #1
    Underground 1-3
    Haven't read them yet, but looking forward to it.
    Also, Sandman Mystery Theatre: the Tarantula and Hellblazer: Haunted (yes they are older, but this is my first read of them.) Hellblazer was good, it's Hellblazer, and Ellis's writing is up to par, as is the artwork. I read the previews of Underground, and liked them, so I 'm happy about getting these, they didn't have the other two issues thogh so I 'll need to pick them up some other place, or wait for a TPB.
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    First off: Hank and KPerkins -- That doesn't really tell us what you thought about what you bought... If you want to put up your shopping list please do it in the "Comics That are on Sale This Week" thread. Thank you.

    Really, REALLY big week for me... but only one new title. Everything else was trades:

    Supermarket -- Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson - Positively beautiful artwork and colouring. Blew me away. Really good, fast paced story, felt a bit rushed at the end which kind of suited it. Went into it having no idea what it was about, thought I had an idea after the first 3 pages but then it turned into a
    crime family war after the main characters parents get killed
    and went on a wild ride from there. Great chase scenes. (Which seems really odd to say about a comic.)

    Pounded -- Brian Wood and Steve Rolston - I love both of these guys' styles. I couldn't help picturing Rolston as the main character though, especially with the most recent facial hair I had seen him with. That, and the fact that he mentions in a little blurb at the beginning that people think it's him. (Trust me, it's not. He's much nicer than Heavy Parker.) It was neat seeing Rolston draw our home town. I'd be able to point out where nearly every panel in the book happens, his art is that dead on. Good story, interesting characters. I'd suggest this to people.

    One Bad Day -- Steve Rolston writing and drawing - Great story. I should have read this years ago. Rolstons first time writing, thankfully he wants to write some more. The title pretty much describes what it is. It's a story about a girl that sees an old friend from across the street, he goes to run across to her and gets hit by a vehicle, and ends up in the hospital. He was into some bad stuff and now a few different groups of people are after the main character. It goes through showing her really bad day.

    Alan Moore's Light of Thy Countenance -- Antony Johnston and Felipe Massafera - Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL artwork. I remember this came out quite a few months back and I had considered picking it up then. Decided not to for whatever reason and never got around to it until just the other day. Started off a little slow, but picked up pretty quickly. It's the god of t.v. talking to you about how many worshipers it has. Some of the numbers and thoughts are REALLY frightening. (IE: How many people watch tv? How many hours do most of those people watch? Multiply those numbers into each other, divide the amount of hours by days, days by years... see how many hundreds of thousands of years disappear into the t.v. every single night?) It was a thoroughly enjoying read.

    Young Liars v1-3 -- David Lapham - What the fuck did I just read?!? Really good story, good separation for the story-arcs, absolutely messed up comic. I think I kind of have it figured out (and this is coming from someone that easily understands The Invisibles) but I'm really not sure yet. I'll probably end up to read it in a few months again in order to see if I can figure it out a little more/to see if my theories work with it. I'm glad I listened to everyone else on here and bought it, you should all do the same thing.

    X-Men: Utopia -- Big trade, worth the money... kind of, mostly. I really like reading Fraction's work, but I'm starting to realize that I much prefer it when he's allowed to do what he wants (be it indie stuff, or characters that Marvel doesn't seem to care about so he can keep it out of mainstream continuity.) It was a good X-book, even though I don't follow anything else that's going on in the Marvel Universe (with the exception of stuff currently written by Ellis or Fraction). It's a very well paced book, but the stuff not written by Fraction himself seemed to drag a little. This part seems really hard for me to word properly so just see if this makes sense: It pointed out why I'm currently reading almost nothing from Marvel or DC. It seems like I was missing stuff due to me not reading New Avengers, which would mean that I would have to read Avengers, Dark Avengers, probably Thunderbolts, and at least a few others to get the entire story. Plus, it's a cross-over so I'd also have to be reading X-Men Legacy, X-Force, New Mutants, etc, etc, etc. Annoyingly enough, however, it made me even more interested in what's going to happen in X-Men: Second Coming so I went out and picked up the next trade to get a little more caught up in the story. (Damn you, Marvel, for having this actually work on me.) OH! I also loved the little squares next to people telling you how the heck they are. nice and simple, told you what you needed to know.

    X-Force/Cable: Messiah War -- Okay, so, if you read the last little bit you'll already be aware as to why I picked this up and how I feel about stuff like this. That being said, this was much better than I was expecting. I was expecting it to be rather similar to shit, but was pleasantly surprised. Again, beautiful artwork, and a really well paced story. Read it quicker than I was expecting, because, again, I thought I wouldn't like it. It felt like I missed a bit of the story, they probably should have included the issue or two of X-Force that led up to it (they did that with Cable so that you have a bit of an idea what's going on.) With me having no idea other than "Cable took the kid from Messiah Complex into the future and Bishop is trying to kill them" I was able to get into really quickly. I didn't need the history of everyone, it's in the future so there's not a lot of peripheral characters that you need to know about. If you're thinking about getting this but holding back due to thinking that it won't make sense, don't worry, it's worth reading if you liked Messiah Complex and are planning on picking up Second Coming.

    Okay, and now for my single issue:
    Kookaburra K #3 -- It's shit. Don't buy it.
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    @Warped Savant I'm getting Supermarket later this week! Plus a few other bits.....

    Just read the collected Essex County, really enjoyed it, despite my lack of ice-hockey knowledge. The art was lovely, the intertwining family stories confused me a little (I did read it at bedtime so I think that explains it!) though not in a bad way. Lester was a great character, with an awesome hero outfit! I think the first collection (Tales from the Farm) was my favourite, but the others were excellent too.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    @Warped Savant: Thanks boss I'll get right on that.

    I forgot to mention that I got Ignition City last week (There either wasn't a New comics thread, or it was too late to get in). Had to get it at Borders, by the way, since comic shops here don't seem to have a clue.
    Anyways, I loved the artwork immensely. Gianluca is channeling Moebius in the best way. I liked the story, but I'm hoping there's going to be more, because the ending didn't thrill me.

    It's basically there's a new sheriff in town with no closure on many of the other themes of the series.
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    Ok my honest opinion? on Hulk 21 and Incredible Hulk 608? Loeb's writing has been shit except for the one point he's hanging the story on. (Who is the Red Hulk) It doesn't mesh well with what he's trying to express and I would probably enjoy it more if he told the story rather than have these pregnant pauses for dramatic looks form all concerned before moving on. Either tell us or don't, stop wasting story time by pointing out the obvious. I would have canceled after World War Hulk but I have an irrational devotion to the character (thanks Peter David, and others) and it is one of the few books that command any loyalty from me. I will say it it turns into a decompression fest where I feel like there's no progress in an issue it will go to collected editions from that point on.

    Fun parts: Cocky Banner, Skaar, More Hulks than you can shake a stick at.

    Not fun parts: pregnant pauses while we beat the drum of the lone mystery since issue 1.

    Things I am looking forward to: All those 'interesting' hulks at the end of the issues.
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    Spider-Woman wrapped really well. Got to the heart of the character, finally. And the artwork, amazing as usual. Turned out to be a great little miniseries, I think.
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    ASM 625 is *heartbreaking*
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    I got Mezmo Delivery by R. Grampa.

    Amazing art!!!!!!! I will buy whatever this guy puts out. Geoff Darrow with Paul Pope with Mark Hempel all smashed into one page. Amazing! I cannot recommend it enough. An Elvis impersonator assassin! These Brazilian kids, I'm telling you. Check out Pixu for a freak out!

    I also grabbed some World's End stuff, The Authority and Wildcats. Interesting concept for sure. Where will it go??? Not too sure, but they must have a plan for it.

    And then I got the hardcover for Fantastic Four by Hickman, Eaglesham and Edwards because the Dark Reign mini was so fucking good. And guess what, this shit is amazing. Love what he's done with the kids. Love Eaglesham's take on all the characters, love the whole vibe. One of my favorite reads so far this year. Pick it up.
    • CommentAuthorfreakbox
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010
    Today I read Ghoul #3, The Steve Niles piece. In addition to each comic there are 4-5 pages in the back of just written word. The story told narrates a second story line. Both have been excellent so far. Though the character of the beast-like detective, working with humans, trying to thwart supernatural evil is not new, but his take on it is fresh and interesting enough to cary it off nicely. I look forward to more.
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    I picked up Mezmo Delivery the other week and enjoyed it, but was disappointed to find it was a one-off. It felt like the first chapter of either a killer two-parter or trilogy, but by itself just seemed unfinished. R Grampa is an amazing talent, though, and I'll be paying full attention to whatever he does next.

    Spider-Woman #7 is the last one and I'm happy about that. The series just wasn't finding its feet, and much as I wanted to like it I couldn't bring myself to be more than somewhat interested, at best. Lovely art and Bendis working on a character that wouldn't require a ton of external continuity with other super-books should have been an instant win, but I wasn't feeling it at all.

    Groo #4 was a fun read, but then again it's Groo. And has Sergio's art gotten even better now that he's only doing a series here and there? So much incredible detail in such a small space and yet it all has room to breathe, and he can draw anything at all. Aragones has got to be one of the greatest caroonists alive.

    Siege #3 is the first mega-crossover that hasn't annoyed me in years, and in fact I'm kind of enjoying it. With no room to wander off topic the story is focused on a giant slam-bang actionfest, and I actually understand where everyone is appearing from instead of going "Who's that guy and how did he get there?" Yeah, I know, this puts me in the minority, and I fully expect my opinion to do a good 180 once the last issue comes out and it's simply a plot device to kick-start the next chapter in the Marvel universe rather than telling a complete story, but for right now it's pretty fun.

    Fables #93 was a very satisfying conclusion to a prickly situation. This series never disappoints, which is pretty amazing for closing on 100 issues.

    Hercules- fun! That was a great funeral with a load of funny bits in it, and also helped define Hercules's character quite nicely.

    And finally, Joe the Barbarian #3, which pretty well cements the series as my most anticipated comic of the moment. The adventure bits interspersed with a page or two from the real world have made for an excellent feeling of dread, and honest worry for Joe, amidst the pleasant insanity of the fantasy quest.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2010 edited
    *sigh* still no DEMO at my fucking shop, and it's a good store that carries all kinds of stuff, just not enough of the indie stuff which is fucking useless since if they don't even order enough copies no one is gonna notice and so no one will care, CHRIST. so yeah, need to plan a field trip up to Melrose again to get this damn comic at Golden Apple or somewheres.

    Anyway, Siege #3 is gorgeous. More heroes for your buck. Norman Osborne gets what's coming to him after a whole year of his b.s., but the shit still hit the fan. I like that it's a 4-issue event instead of the normal 7-8. This is how it should be done from now on; take all the boring parts out and give people what they want, Nextwave style!

    CHOKER #2 - everyone should buy Templesmith comics; he is a fine man and a great artist. This series is still warming up but...
    I get the feeling it is going in a sort of meta direction: people are taking drugs to become vampires for a while. It's like Templesmith is getting ready to wave goodbye to that chapter of his career

    skimmed through the nee Buffy; Angel is back. I wish that shit never got revealed months in advance, it really ruined the impact for me so as I flipped through I was just like "fuck it, I already know its him." But yeah, the explanation of his and Buffy's new superpowers if fucking wishy-washy. The 2-page preview for THE GUILD comic was funny, I wanna get that one!

    Also: omfg I really wanted to ignore everything else and get the new Plantery 4 hc. Next time!
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2010 edited
    @James Cunningham: So Joe the Barbarian gets better? Because as stated in my first comment I got #1 this week (yes I live in a backwater town, in a backwater state), and while the artwork was great, the storyline didn't really catch me. I may continue reading (if I can find more issues) if it gets better, and less clichéd.
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    Siege #3= Toldja
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    RE: MESMO-Grampa is amazing, and is going to rule the comic industry in a few years if everything is well and just. he has a new book called FURRY WATER coming out from dark horse later this year. cannot wait.
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    I'm still plowing through my stack I bought last week…

    Really enjoying the recent Batman & Robin issues. Feels very fresh and fun most of all.
    Still need to sit down and read Mesmo Delivery Service, but couldn't help flipping through it a few time. The art, goes without saying, is amazing.
    The sadist in me looks forward to every issue of Daytripper to see
    how Bras will die
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    The X-23 one-shot is a beautiful thing. Pretty cover and a bunch of great artists giving it their all inside. The story was kinda weak tho. Good dream sequences, but it didn't add up to very much.
    • CommentAuthorRobson
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2010
    JOE THE BARBARIAN #3 - I think i'm going to wait for the trade on this. I like what's going on in it but the wait between issues derails the momentum.

    GREEN LANTERN CORPS - crazy widescreen action weirdness. I like how at its best the BLACKEST NIGHT series has been both a battle of eras (with old school mainstays Barry Allen and Hal Jordan battling the forces symbolizing the grim and gritty modern comics) with nice parables of light and darkness. Though we had an icky reminder of the sordid women-in-fridge story from GL, the Tholian Web tactic was truly spectacular.

    Going to nestle in with THE BRONX KILL, GRENDEL: BEHOLD THE DEVIL, and the second MADAME XANADU trade this week-end.
    • CommentAuthorStyphax
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2010
    I picked up 3 issues this week.

    The Fall of Green Arrow #31- Enjoyable, but two things were off for me. The art seemed to be going for a combo of realism (J.G. Jones style) and Minimalism (Like McDaniel). So you have the typical muscles that every hero has, but then they have these naturally flawed/rounded faces. I don't know I'm all for one or the other, but this didn't seem like a good combination. Also I'm trying to figure out why they thought it'd be good for everyone to come out saying they've always hated Green Arrow. Atom did it in Cry for Justice, and now Barry is doing it here.

    Joe the Barbarian #3- A stronger issue than the last one. I do kind of agree with the guy above me. It may have been worth waiting to get in a trade, since having to re-read everything slows the train up.

    Captain Swing and the Electrical Pirates of Cindery Island #1- Loved it. I've been checking out Ellis' work since I picked up Supergod 1 & 2 and so far have not found a single thing I don't like. (Not trying to suck up I promise)