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    I'm honestly excited for this movie, and will be doing whatever it takes to see this in the best format possible. I've got a couple places around here I'm sure would show it. Can't wait!
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    Thank you! There's plenty of ways to help projects like Iron Sky, we detailed some of them here: Indie Movies and the Importance of Sharing. We also started accepting crowd investments last Friday - not donations, but actual investments.

    Not trying to hype anything and not really in a publicist mode when I say that it's very interesting to be involved in this. I'm currently at Cannes in our office, listening to movie execs, producers etc talk with our producers about what we are doing with the crowd participation thing. There's plenty of traditional films, there is a growing amount of hobbyist movies that are crowd funded, but it's great to see how we seem to be straddling that gap right now. Seems to blow some peoples' minds to realize that in the net there are people who can really collaborate with both the content and the finances of a film.

    Here are some other indie films worth checking out. I just gave some money to The Cosmonaut last week.

    The Cosmonaut
    Project London
    I'm not Harry Jenson
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    Another piece of Cannes news, something that might interest people in here too: we are going to arrange competitions for fans and other net people to design Iron Sky merchandise. The best designs will be rewarded with money, movie tickets etc. and the will end up as a part of the official lineup - which is turn is distributed globally by EMI.
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    Heard about this a couple months ago and the new teaser is fantastic. Lots of demand in Brooklyn and NYC area already, but I'll throw another hand in (along with my friends).

    Fuggin space nazis! Yeah!
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    @Vornaskoti - Mark Kermode [of the BBC] gave has given it a special place in his heart and blog so - in order to reach a wider audience - you may want to head over there and throw a link so that the Radio 5 listeners could invest in it.

    I'm looking forward to this like an oxygen starved Nazi is to returning to the Fatherland.
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    @Ben - I think Vornaskoti already knows about that. He's the devilish chap at the start inviting the camera in.
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    Yep! Kermode was a nice chap, don't know what the first commenter there is complaining about.
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    How did we make the teaser?

    Iron Sky Signal #11 - Making of Teaser 2

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    Hey, if you happen to be from around Brisbane or Sydney, the Iron Sky team will be spending the next two weeks down under.

    We'll be arranging a fan investors' meeting in Brisbane but we are still looking for a location - if you know a good place for a gettogether for 20 people or so, please give us a holler in Wreckamovie.

    We are also attending Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Sydney:
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    Greetings from Australia and the Supanova Expo :)

    Also, first Whitechapelian spotted at our booth.

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    Hehe. Hope you're having fun :D
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    Here's some video from our Australian trip (with quality footage of me harassing a koala). Supanova footage coming in a week or two.

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    A Kraut speaking here: Really lookin' forward to the movie. Kippis!
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    Just finished filming the latest Iron Sky Signal which should be out next week, and doing some social media work - practically whipped Iron Sky's Tumblr and accounts into shape. So, if you use those services, check out these:


    You might know that we try and make a horrible amount of noise in the net - in case you are interested about our outposts online, here's a list of the most active places where you can follow the film project's antics.

    Twitter: @energia, @energia/ironsky (tweets from the team), @ironskyfilm
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    A new episode of Iron Sky Signal is out - this time about location scouting in Australia and visiting the Supanova Pop Culture Expo:

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    We announced the third member of our main cast today:

    Christopher Kirby joins the cast of Iron Sky!

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    Iron Sky Signal E15 - Fan Questions for Iron Sky Actors

    Here's a new Iron Sky Signal. We are 40 days and 40 nights from starting to actually shoot the film, things are pretty exciting right now. Our director Timo will ramp up his (video)blogging, so there will be more or less daily Director's Diarys.
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    Mr. Vuorensola did a dasdardly deed and turned the "making of" cameras to the "making of" crew. The hunters became the hunted...

    Also, happened to be wearing my Science Ganster T-shirt :)

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    The new Iron Sky Signal is out. Interested to see who built all those awesome Moon Nazi Trooper suits?

    Iron Sky Signal #16 – The Costume Department