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    Sooner thank you think :)
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    oooh ironsky bookity book!bookbook!BOOKBOOK!
    :D That will be awesome.
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    We just published a new episode of Iron Sky Sneak Peek. This one has a short documentary from our Moon set, showing the stunts, the costumes and other elements we needed to make the first five minutes of Iron Sky.
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    All right, a new episode of Iron Sky Signal is out - and you might see some familiar posters in there as set dressing :)

    Also, we released our promotional trailer, still work in progress, in Iron Sky Sneak Peek.
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    The new teaser of Iron Sky is out - it's titled "We Come In Peace!" and it reveals the Iron Sky release date.

    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2011
    I'm like a kid in some kind of a store.
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2011
    Incidentally, if you guys want to go give this some votes on Buzzfeed, there's yer link for doing just that.
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    \o/ Thank you for your support, everybody!
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    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2011
    Oi, Vornaskotti, you've been pimped over at io9
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    Iron Sky CGI team is hiring Lightwave artists - apply within!

    The guys at Energia Productions are hard at work cranking out the vfx for the film. If you want a small inside peek into what's happening there, our main CGI guy Samuli is doing a regularly irregular video diary from the CGI shop.

    • CommentAuthorGordon
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2011
    This looks brilliant and the design work is highly impressive. looking forward to seeing the final result. Good luck with it!
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    Iron Sky team is currently in New York getting some finishing shot of the city and meeting both fans and press. If you know scifi fans or media who could be interested in meeting the director and other members of that team, feel free to spread the word! There will be a small meet-and-greet and press event on this Wednesday.

    Iron Sky Invades New York – Come Meet Us On Wednesday!
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    Here are some photos from our fan/press meet and guerrilla scene in New York!

    Votes, as always, appreciated :)
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    Here's a new episode of Iron Sky Signal, this time about the CGI:

    Also a new installment of Iron Sky Sneak Peek
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    Hey, since there might be one or two people who are into comics in here, I'd appreciate hints on something: the first issue of Iron Sky comic is coming out soon, distributed exclusively in digital format. We of course have our own marketing channels, but which forums, blogs or other media would you think are good places to drop a hint about a comic about Moon Nazis?
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    So, here's a preview of the first issue of the Iron Sky comic, titled Bad Moon Rising. This has for now been published in our Iron Sky Sneak Peek service, but it will be available in digital comic stores later.

    If you are not yet subscribed to Sneak Peek, now is a good time :)

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    ...and the comic is now officially out - go read it for free or pay what you want!

    Iron Sky #1 - Bad Moon Rising
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    Man, you guys are fucking everywhere - I cannot wait for this movie! The comic looks great too.
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    So, our little crowd investment thing we came up with has given us half a million euros to make the film! Press release here.

    Now it's only five very very short months to the premiere! Our director will get even more active with the video diaries, here's the latest one. Also, now's a good time to fan us on the Facebook - the motherfucking afterburners are on with the project!