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    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2012
    Just saw it here in the States at the old home theater. My work buddy, who I introduced to the movie long before it had reached fruition, bought the Blu-Ray from England. I loved it. The Adler character was fantastically insane. Loved
    white James Washington on the street, with his sign, preaching fear of Moon Nazis.
    Renate was fantastic too, good character development there. The President and the fashionista were terrifically over the top. All in all, it was a well spent hour and a half.

    If you speak with Timo, let him know Iron Sky gets two zeppelins up from this guy.
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    I thought it was fantastic, exceeded my expectations by a mile, (only because the budget was a shoe string).
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2012
    Oh! I completely forgot to let you know, I went to see it and had so much fun.

    Visually, it looks absolutely fantastic. Incredible at that budget, really.
    Otherwise, it was a great fun, too! The characterisations are pretty much spot on, and though I was worried about Washington's OTT "Blackness" it paid off like the setup for a good joke when we learn why he's on the moon in the first place. Julie Dietze and Götz Otto have the perfect look, with Otto every bit the square-jawed hulk of an ubermensch and Dietze gorgeous and with a playful, beguiling energy about her.

    I noticed an interesting dynamic watching the film. With this being a film with a small but loyal following, and probably also related to the troubles getting it a wider release in the UK, some of the audience members seemed hyper-sensitive to any potentially funny moment in the film. Even before the film, one group in particular had kind of whipped themselves up into such a frenzy that they were laughing at every joke in the ADVERTS. Maybe they were just stoned out of their minds, but it seems that the good-will the process of creating and releasing the film has generated leaves fans more READY to be entertained by it, which I'm not saying is a good or a bad thing. It's just an observation I made.

    I have a feeling Iron Sky will get funnier every time I watch it, so I'm looking forward to a (PROPER) DVD release. :)
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    Heh, cheers people! And yeah, Magnulus, it was fun to hear about that fact about the audience - you know, the overarching idea was to make even the making of the film an experience which people wanted to take a part in, not just an ad campaign for the film. Looks like that kind of approach pays off.
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    Nazisploitation Film 'Iron Sky' Hitting U.S. Theaters Via Web Platform Tugg

    Canada's Entertainment One will make the movie, which bowed in Berlin, available on the action web platform that allows moviegoers to pick films for local cinemas.
    • CommentAuthorWood
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2012
    Anybody knows if there's a release date for France ?
    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2012
    I haven't seen it, but my boyfriend's sister did, and she thought this: "Thoroughly enjoyed Iron Sky... someone had way too much fun making that movie. Though I think there were more digs at the US than there were at Nazis."
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2012
    It seems to be on Jon Stewart's radar as well.

    It's a very small bit right at the end of the segment, but it's there.

    Daily Show segment
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    Yeah, the father of the idea of the film got such a huge kick out of that :D
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2012 edited
    Iron Sky Gets Nationwide Distribution in United States!

    We are thrilled to announce that Iron Sky will have nationwide distribution in United States, Starting Now! Usually this would not be possible for independent film.. that comes from Finland.. and has Space Nazis in it. But because of our wonderful fans, You, We are now standing in the position where anything is possible. It is the Land of Opportunities, right? Where do we land?
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2012
    So, who's starting the Portland event? My summer schedule can be best described as "Fucking busy" with classes, so I don't want to take on the task, but I can and will make it to any evening (6pm or later) showing.

    Looking forward to finally seeing this film.
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    Hey, just a reminder - if you live in the US, drop in and Tugg some screenings to your area!
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2012
    And there's a showing on the 21st on the other side of town which do quite nicely. I was about ready to start organizing a showing on my own. (I guess I will if I want to see it a second time on the big screen, eh?)
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    Totally didn't expect it but just saw Iron Sky up on itunes :D :D :D
    I will snag it so I can show my friends and tell them of its awesome :D
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    Hah, really! Good to know it's there :)
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    Its there and on the front page :D Totally was the first thing I saw and I TOLD MY MOM. :D
    Hopefully she won't hate me after I make her watch it.
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    Looks like the guys have come up with a new Iron Sky Signal.

    • CommentAuthorarchizero
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2012
    any chance of theatrical release in portugal?
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    Hmm, sorry to say but I don't really know, since I don't work on the project anymore, but the guys are really active in trying to get the film on screens everywhere possible. There are fair amount of Demands in Portugal, though...
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2012
    Anyone else noticed there's a videogame adaptation on the way?

    Well there is...