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      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeJul 31st 2010 edited
    Thanks guys, really appreciate the support i get - readers and comments.

    Got to it late today, been swamped with work for the sumer thankfully but i was procrastinating on lettering and coloring this one. but page 49 just went up.

    also running an old story called Helpless on my other site now...
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    update bumpadate

    Page 51....

    Dream Life page 51 | the night before
      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeNov 25th 2010 edited
    I should mention, Dream Life is back to weekly posts on TXcomics, for a couple of weeks now. Here's the latest...

    Also i've retooled the site i first started posting Dream Life on as the digital re-incarnation of Revolver. Currently i'm posting an older project called The rise and fall of it all that's not been out there in colour and i'm planning to get back to ding the next chapter of...
    rise and fall of it all
      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2010 edited
    Still chugging along, pages have gone up twice since the last post here, here's a peek...
    Dream Life 55
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    Dream Life is back with Act 2 for 2011

    Rise and fall of it all has been posting along through the holidays...
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    You have crossed that invisible threshold into true cartoonist. Even the simplest images jump with life.
      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2011 edited
    like an alarm clock? :)

    thank you sir!

    [I thought that was when you put Micky ears on everything?...]

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    Haven't checked this thread for a while; and am smiling at how lovely it is and how the project is progressing. Great job! :)
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2011
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    Ha, just noticed the Dirty Harry picture on the wall in the picture post (7936.23).

    Keep going Salgood Sam, my favorite media on the internets!
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    Thanks guys.

    Well, in about 2 hours this link will work, and you'll be able to see page 60!
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    I've seen that damn alarm clock image on your flickr since you put it up, seen it on your blog(s) but I never noticed the LI:FE in place of numbers.

    I hate you because that's awesome. Also because I'm stupid for skimming and not "reading" the image.

    Beautiful work as always, sir.
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2011
    Sam, enjoying both Dream Life and The Rise and Fall. Beautiful work, please keep it coming.
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    merci sirs!

    i endeavor to please, so...something new...

    page 61

    Something old...

    where the wild things went

    And along with those, 9 other comics online mentioned here on sequential!
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    Big news for me this week, hinted at it on Dream Life last weekend, nominated this year for the joe shuster awards for my work on it. :)

    here's the newest,
    DL 62

    wild things
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    Yeah, you deserve it. Between you and well, Whitechapel. . . respect for not giving into the "less is more" webcomic approach; keeping things complex, real, and ambitious; and stearing clear of genre re-hash.
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    I like the way this one came out.
    you don’t mess with a man’s burger. Don’t end well

    and old funnies on the other site
    Num Such Num Nuts | Better than a Monkey?
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    Hey all. Several bits of news and updates to make here.

    First all of the pages in this thread that linked to the old Revolver site, go now to a bounce page. Take note of what you clicked and you will be able to find your way - it's all up still but at new homes. Dream Life at the TX site, the rest at the new Revolver site.

    Also, not to side track things from the comic too much, but i recently was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The good news is, some follow up is needed but this diagnosis was post op, and the operation looks to have a high likelihood of also being the cure in my case. they got it early! I get into as much detail as i'm likely to in public here on my home page blog.

    So, on to comics!
    New Dream Life - All that set up with Gary was for...
    dream life 67

    And over on RevolveR, I've rebuilt the site and new pages of The rise and fall of it all are going up.
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    Two nice pages done today, was working till sun up. Wanted to show them off.

    Dream life, a wordless one. Some of my favorite pages are.

    And by contrast, one with some poetry, our first good look at Elmo, the other main character in The rise and fall of it all.

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    Cross posted from my blogs

    How ya been? I've been busy, doing shows like TCAF always take it out of me.

    Takes a while to get back into the routine and catch up. I warmed up by rebuilding my home web page, like the new look. Really converted to WP in a big way [have five sites working on the platform now] and i'm loving the themes from [this is one with a few small mods and so is this and this]. I've installed wpStoreCart, working on building one now, wondering what kind of things to sell? Would love to have some feed back from you all. I've got posters and some books to start, anyone interested in that? What other sort of things would you be interested in?

    Ok, comics, comics, comics.

    Dream Life, page 70

    On Revolver, PIN CITY, with new lettering.

    And that just to start!

    The newest edition of Carte Blanche is up - I'm the graphic fiction editor there. For lucky #13 we are happy to present a special feature on CRISIS. There’s a lot of great stuff in the issue, including two excellent graphic fictions stories by some heavy hitters.

    From the Eisner Award–winning creator of ‘Too Much Coffee Man’,
    Shannon Wheeler, a classic gag comic, ‘Oil Spill’.

    And from James Romberger, of ‘Seven Miles A Second’, ’2020 Visions’,
    ‘Bronx Kill’, and ‘Aaron and Ahmed’, we are very proud to present
    a 16 page short story, called ‘Raymond’.

    We had many other excellent submissions we couldn’t accept,
    but i’m pleased to present a few of them on Sequential HERE instead!

    That's two pages of my own comics and 5 other short stories!

    PS: Tell carte blanche what you think about their site by filling out their short readers’ survey.