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    Tell me of the new comics you've bought this week. Not interested in your shopping list. Interested in what you thought of what you bought.

    Use the "hide" function for spoilers, so the weekend shoppers can use your thoughts to guide their purchases.


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    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2010
    Blackest Night #8. Finally- the end of a very long and wonderfully fun arc. I think the overall concepts worked and now there is a weird 'something' out there to menace us with later.

    She Hulk "Sensational" Part of my standard Hulk/Peter David pulls, dunno how I feel about it. The new material that really shone was the second story with Ms. Marvel and Spider Woman. The rest, I probably could have lived without. Would be nice to see the book come back next fall or shortly thereafter.

    Fantastic Four #577: I like the current format a lot, it is building tension and anticipation very well. For the first time in years the FF Feels fresh.
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    Detective Comics #863 -- A different story-telling device used in this... Alternated between two different shades (Red and Blue) depending on who they were showing (Batwoman and Batman) and what point in time they were showing (Present and Past). It was nicely done, but something just seemed a little off... I think it was that I started buying this series due to JH Williams' art and Jock's just doesn't do it for me. Oh, and they switched to a different artist halfway through the issue... that didn't help either.

    X-Men: Second Coming #1 -- Flipped through this, and decided to pick it up. I'm not usually a fan of Kyle & Yost but I must say, this was an excellent start to (what should be) a major event. They lay it out fairly well for people that don't really know what's going on in X-Men comics, which should appeal to people that only want to get this story. Originally I was going to get this mostly because it'll be a nice bookend to Messiah Complex, but I think it's going to be well worth the read.
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    i actually like the switch over to Skott Kollins in Detective. it made the end seem like its own weird seperate thing.

    BLACKEST NIGHT was not bad by any stretch, but the resolution to things really seems like a return to things past that didnt need revisiting yet again. this series (meaning GL in general) works (for me) best when it is just spewing out new ideas and getting crazy.

    best comic i read this week was hickman & eagleshams FANTASTIC FOUR. that book is new idea piled on top of crazy piled on top of smart.

    however the best thing i got was not a comic, but DODGEM LOGIC. really good articles and genuinely interesting (unlike a lot of zines) writing about things that i dont really know much about. a lot of it is geographically based, which most of the good zines are, so its almost all new to me.
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    DETECTIVE 863: I wish Jock was able to finish the issue, but this Kollins guy has a neat quazi-Cooke thing going, which I enjoy. Did anyone notice the one panel/spread/underlay in white in the issue (page 11-12), between the past and present? I thought that might have been the best touch in whole book.

    The Question is smart and twisty, as always.
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2010
    Green Lantern 52 This one leads directly into BL #8. i liked dissecting the art with my eyes; just stripping away all the inking and coloring so I can imagine how quickly Doug Mahnke pencilled everything. Compared to previous issues, you can really see and feel the weight of the deadline wearing on Mahnke but he is still a trooper. This is the guy who did two crazy Superman comics with Grant Morrison AND saved Final Crisis #7 from being super late. Gotta love his work ethic.

    Blackest Night 8 was pretty epic, and the series as a whole was quite the fucking ride. I feel like a little DC slut for having enjoyed the hell out of it. These mini-series events appeal to me since they have moar superheros in em so it's like more bang for your buck, which is not a bad thing last time I checked ^__^
    So yeah
    The big bad Nekron was the one fucking with all the resurrections in DC history, so after he gets beaten everyone who died/went poof came back. Most notably; Aquaman, Maxwell Lord, and Martian Manhunter (it's funny how he's magically back with pants!)
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    Rasl #7

    Jeff Smith amazes my mind.