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    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2010
    loving these!
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    Rooth: I got ya. Could be Emma's brother or something... Now I'm wishing I had put Sentinels in there. As for the coloring, I copied a few pages of Freakangels right into my paint program and eyedropped the colors straight from there, so they're true authentic Freakangels colors. The only ones I had to make up were Storm's skin and Nightcrawler's purple (technically all the purple stuff was the same tone as the skin; a darker, greyer version of their eyes that I pulled from the original pages...).

    Also, I was looking through some old Freakangels pages for a good group shot with a lot of colors from me to pull from, which is harder to find than I thought, and I went back to the very first pages of the strip; Wow! The art/color has really evolved in a short amount of time. I wouldn't have noticed without going back so far, but the anime influence used to be way heavier. Everything now has just softened a bit, but it's interesting to look at, especially the way the blonde "non-Freakangel" chick is drawn... Interesting.
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2010
    Freakangels X-men by Felipe Sobreiro
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    @Sobreiro That Angel is just fantastic. Actually, your whole drawing is fantastic, Angel is just extra fantastic.
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    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2010
    Lots of awesome in here, but I think @frequentcontributor gets the prize for Most FreakAngels-y (Freaky?) concepts so far.
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    Sobreiro: Amazing rendition of Beast! Looks like a surly storybook troll... I really like the "grit" to the colors, too.
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    Not a lot of character design in there, obviously; I felt like doing a cover. I keep thinking there's all these horrible compression artifacts all over this thing, and then realizing that's burn-in on my monitor. Props to @frequentcontributor for having the common sense to just eyedrop colors from one of Paul's pages.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2010
     (8002.69) <- current state.

    I've some touch-up on the faces - I kinda like the poses ... any feedback? Boss said one shot - I'm thinking I've got to re-do the sky now ... hard hard hard.
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    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2010
    FreakAngels V's X-men
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    HA! That's genius, Raid. Good show.
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    @ Rootfireember; I argued with exactly what a Mad Scientist who turned himself into a Beast would be idly reading. I did not want to go the usual Shakespeare route or the overall idea of a study of flight book nor a Jules Vern one (though one rendition did have Moon Gun). I ended up going Fan Service and I’m glad you got a kick out of it!

    @ NeilFord; While I lurk far more than I get the time to reply to Whitechapel, I must admit that whenever your sign-on is featured as the ‘last comment’ on the monthly art threads – I make it a point to go look. Your designs always seem alive. They carry their weight. This depiction is no different. Though, I cannot help but wonder how this look would have felt on Mark when he recently popped up. Lovely work as usual.

    @ runcibleshaw; Each of these redesigns look right at home. I particularly enjoy the layout with the built-in height line. There is an inherit inviting to these designs but at the same time each could be a backdrop character. I think you best captured Ororo for not only the goddess nature but post-modernizing the look.

    @ lordmitz; The attitude is palpable with this lot. These look like pieces brought to you by Duffield Clothing Company. I adore the revamp of Jubilee and the Underground logo really ranks up there with logos I’d never considered with traditional remake/redesigns. One character of this piece that may get overlooked but it is so very important to Freak Angels is that rooftop and you nailed it. Colors perfect. That said: I want issues of a charver Wolverine as of yesterday! Mad fab work!

    @ Drew_badly; Interesting work with Poser. It almost seems like a commentary illustration. Fun concept.

    @ frequentcontributor; You’ve invaded Duffield’s thoughtweb and outright manhandled future concept art. Your work is very evident. It’s perfect. Whether it’s the bow on the dress or the coat-lining or that Ellis beer bottle… your art always reminds me that the devil is in the details. Outstanding.

    @ Sobreiro; Where to start? You polished these and boy, do they shine. There’s thought here on how each of these ‘powers’ would work in this world. My favorite is the thermostat on Drake’s chest. Summer’s eye and head-bandage comes in a close second. These outfits belong on rooftops and wadding through water. And your angel? A work of brilliance.

    @ LokiZero; I see an Andy Warhol Cyclops and that instantly rips the character from everything I’ve considered part of Cyclops. He no longer is the all American boy scout for Mutant Rights. Now he’s the Cool Revolutionary with a radical ‘vision.’ Intentional or not, I think that’s a hell of work. Ororo’s punk look does belong in this setting and I really like how you trimmed up Logan.

    @ jamesmith3; Brent Anderson’s art in God Loves Man Kills had a tension. A breaking point fueled by a story that faced taboos. You not only cited this work but you carried that anxiety into your work. Buildings are falling. They’re drowning. A great redesigned Storm is a visual ringmaster of the destruction. Not to mention the incorporation of that fan/gear logo. It brings in new elements to the established logo family. It’s all genius work and certainly tells the whole story in a single illustration. I would say you delivered on Ellis’s prompt.

    @ Raid71; To begin with, great logo. I love how its on the safety vest. It’s very clean like an average panel. The harpoon guns are not only great for the setting but an extraordinary revamp of Logan’s claws. They fit. Great art.
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    I can't draw. Here is my best attempt to disguise the fact. I have spent a long time trying to cover it over:


    Okay here's the concept.

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    Too many words @leighwoosey. Delete them before the Arse Eels come for you.
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    Awesome Raid!
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    Apologies all, I didn't realise how few words were expected. I shall be more concise in future.
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    My first stab at one of these. Getting the colours even vaguely close to Paul's was tough!

    Freakangels or Xmen?
    • CommentAuthorheresybob
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2010
    This shit's damn awesome, all!
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    jamesmith3: Lovely. The cities and the water really bring the Freakangels vibe to it. Looks like we had similar logo ideas, too...

    jackcrowder: Nice catch on the Warren beer logo. Didn't know if anyone would notice at that size, since it's not very overt:

    JonScrivens: I like that you made the X-Gear standard on all the team. Seems to have been a pretty obvious leap, as it's popping up in a lot of the drawings... I like everyone's crazy bug eyes, The Scum newspaper, and that they all made Cyclops stay inside by himself.
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2010
    Okay, lots of really awesome stuff posted so far.

    @jackcrowder. I love your NightCrawler. First thing I thought was: 'that has to be NightCrawler.' You really captured the characters.

    Anyway: *ahem* Apologies for the dodgy colouring.

    Freakangels vs X-men