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    @ Paul Duffield

    So that explains why so many panels have characters with lifelike expressions, even when they're discussing serious subjects. You know, actors in movies will do unscripted gags between takes just to keep the crew laughing, so the scripted bit will feel more real. I imagine it takes a lot of "off-camera" antics to keep the kids looking fresh, especially when they spend ten pages talking about the death of society and other fun topics!
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    @longtimelurker: Sorry, but that's not the way I read it- you wrote that you were taking Paul's drawing and changing the head to use for your own personal agenda- and then you were bragging about it. ( ! )
    If you weren't actually gouging pixels from the original FA drawing and putting whatshisname's photo in its place in photoshop then you weren't actually doing anything except bragging about it.
    (But) If you were instead changing the original art for your own purposes then you were just taking it without permission or regard for intellectual property. The latter is at least a flogging offense ! !

    I just read it again. "Heh. Back in the episode when Kaitlyn was defending her Abu Graib-style torture room, I downloaded an image of Dick Cheney and arranged her body with his head."
    The way I read that was the way it would be done if you were using photoshop, which you weren't.
    The non-technical savvy part was I thought referring to posting it for all to see, when you were actually saying you didn't have or know how to use photoshop.
    You're innocent.
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    XD I never thought about it that way, but perhaps it is the case. I guess everyone involved in something creative on a full-time basis needs to horse around from time to time.
    Give it a rest, it's really not a big deal.
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    Only hours left.