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    I ought to be making this a monthly capture. So I'm going to start here. One week out of every month.

    You do a webcomic? Tell me about it here. Not more than one or two images, please, or else the thread takes forever to load. Don't forget the bloody link.

    Relax. There are only 8000 members of Whitechapel reading, plus god knows how many drop-ins who aren't registered members.

    Let's get a sense of who's around and who's doing what. Create me a big list.

    And tell your friends.

    NOTE: this is not for people to list their favourite webcomics. We've done that before. Boring.

    -- W
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    Well, hello there folks. My name is Morgan Pielli, and I do a horror/magical realism web comic-novel called DRIFTWOOD. It's the story of strange logs that chase people down and turn them into clouds of dry leaves.

    Page 1
    Page 1 chapter 1 DRIFTWOOD

    Page 21
    Page 21 chapter 1 DRIFTWOOD
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    I make a webcomic called Dark Places, which is a fantasy-adventure-horror kind of thing. It's been going for almost a year and a half updating weekly, each chapter's self-contained (though eventually feeding into a wider narrative), and foes so far have included Dread Things from Beyond the Stars, Horrors from the Deeps, and the Wild Hunt.

    Dark Places: The Silver Chain, Page 1

    Dark Places: The Silver Chain, Page 2
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    My weekly auto-bio strip - The Ste-Regular can be read at

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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Mine is at its published twice a week, on a Monday with an on going arc and on Friday with a one shot joke issue. It is written by myself and drawn by a friend, we are both computer science graduates but don't hold that against us.
    The arc is relatively new and last featured a seemingly innocuous job interview where one character had a run-in with the fittingly titled head of "human resources"
    scarlet vs death part 1
    The Friday strips tend to be more topical related to whatever has happened that week, here is a recent one following the DEBill debate
    cost of the bill

    We've been doing the strip for a little over 2 years now, and are approaching the 100th issue, but please take into account this is done entirely in our freetime.
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    My webcomic is fairly new, as am I to photoshop comic-ing methods (so its a bit rough). This chapter of Soul Power includes an oppressive corporation, a hooker, a bike gang, awesome robot-girl fighting, nudity, cursing... fun for the whole family really. If you havent guessed, its a SciFi comic, so read if you like that sort of thing?
    Chapter Cover
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    Ellerbisms is my autobiographical webcomic that updates every Monday.

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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hi all! I do a weekly comic called Faraday the Blob ... Check it out + hope you like it!
    FtB Comics!
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    Hey all, I'm still uploading Dragon Heir each Monday and adding a link to the DH thread here at Whitechapel.
    If you like a bit of fantasy/action/romance/legend, then check it out!

    For those who haven't ben following, you can start the story here:

    And for those who have, the latest ep is up here:

    Thanks as always to Warren for opening my eyes up to the fab work being created around here! ^_^
    *hi fives the LRB*
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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Rival Angels is the #1 wrestling webcomic and is the story of 4 girls trying to survive in the ring of women's wrestling only to find that surviving their battles with each other outside of the ring is a completely different matter. Updates three times a week continuously for the last 3 years.
    Sabrina Ultragirl Mancini

    Check it out at
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    Ahoy hoy! My name is Jamie Noguchi. Yellow Peril is an office romance comedy from an Asian American perspective. Updates weekly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    This is the first one:
    YP Episode #1

    And here's the latest:
    All In
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    Our Webcomic is Walking the Lethe. Richard Harrison embarks on a dark journey again he makes a pact with a demon to rescue his wife from heaven. It is written by me and Illustrated by Sam Ireland, a video game concept artist. We update on Mondays and Thursdays.

    One of my favorite pages:
    Page 9

    The Cover to our latest chapter:
    Issue 2 cover
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    I work with Anthony Perruzo over at we have two main stories updating regularly and some on a semi regular basis.

    First up is Prior Zuda Competitor, "The Assignment."

    Bob Sly PI

    And next is Bob Sly, PI
    Bob Sly

    2 Images, 2 Comics, check us out!!
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    Hi, my name is Scott Ziolko and I post comics on my flickr page:

    The series I'm currently working on is called Ninjas For Hire, the third in a series of mini comics I publish. This is the first that I've put online before actually publishing:


    You can also check out some of my 24 hour comics on my flickr page as well. My 2008 one is one of my best.
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    Milo the Cloud Had a great time at c2e2 this weekend, in the webcomics pavilion. My table was right next to Alan, up there hawking his fantastic Rival Angels strip, and all had a great time. Good to meet you in person, man. Cheers to all that I met and shared a laugh with this weekend.

    Here's two recent ones. The update schedule has been lame lately because my dad died rather suddenly about a month ago, but I'm getting back into the swing of it now. New one is gonna go up today.
    Mila, Milo...Milo, Mila.
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    Hi Folks - I'm the creator and writer of Split Lip, the horror webcomics anthology called "webcomics answer to ... the Twilight Zone and Night Gallery" by io9.

    We've got 29 stories online, totaling about 450 pages of free comics. Our latest story, "The Pieces of Meat," features art by Dirk Shearer. Here's a taste (click the image to visit the site):

    We've also just released the second Split Lip TPB, which offers 160 pages of scares over 10 stories in a Special Limited Edition package. The cover is by UK horror star Shane Oakley (click the cover to head to the Split Lip store, where we've also got the first in a line of horror-themed t-shirts):

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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    My name is Edgar Delgado, me and Antonio Fabela do a webcomic called Chava & Don Andres, its a story based on the Castaneda books, full of drugs, magic, rock and roll and NO DIALOGUE. Check it out!

    here's a sample!

    Episode 11
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    Hey folks, my name is Jon Scrivens I'm the creator of the webcomic Little Terrors! I've just started a new webcomic project called When's Graham, which I'll write about also.

    Little Terrors!
    Little Terrors!

    A macabre adventure comic set in a fictional UK commuter town near London. The world has ended, the country is swarming with the living dead and only a group of children have seemed to survived. Our main character Jonas is a small child who was hit by a lorry mere weeks before the end of the world, he like much of the population is a zombie, but without the lust for human flesh. The comic follows his adventures and exploration of finding what is actually going on.

    The comic is now updating on Fridays from this week after a bit of a hiatus (whilst I got When's Graham up and running).

    Little Terrors! Website

    When's Graham
    When's Graham

    University is a fun time for most english teenagers, living away from home, partys, drinking, smoking and did I mention drinking? It's a fine balance of the wild fun times and getting the work done. Graham isn't so good at that, even more so when he discovers a set of time travelling wrist bands in his Uni lecturers office...

    When's Graham updates Tuesdays and Thursday.

    When's Graham Website
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    I write The Invisible Skein. Art by the lovely and talented Amanda Hayes.

    We've had some schedule problems over the last couple of months, but we're two pages away from the end of issue 1. Printed copies should be available by June and we'll have a stack with us at the Traverse City Comic Con.

    Page 21
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    Thanks for the opportunity again to promote our work and find cool new comics, Warren!

    I'm working on Nathan Sorry, a moody tale of identity and escape. It's about a guy who was supposed to have been in the towers on 9/11 but instead has gone on the run. I'm 40+ pages into it and on a semi-weekly schedule. Here's a couple of recent pages below. Read it all here.

    Nathan Sorry page 35

    Nathan Sorry page 36