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    • CommentAuthorquill1guy
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010 edited
    Hi, I'm quill1, and I make a webcomic called Untitled Webcomic. It's mostly absurdist humor. I hope you enjoy checking it out!

    Napoleon with a jetpack A sperm whale and a submarine in love

    PS- thanks Mr. Warren for giving us the chance to plug our comics!
    • CommentAuthorkbward
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010

    I publish a webcomic called Retail Gods ( about a bookstore infested by penguins. It is still in the early stages of wrapping up the first setup arc. I've been enjoying the process of making it. Hopefully that continues.

    Anyway, couple of images:
    Retail Gods Strip 19
    Retail Gods Strip 20

    --Kevin Ward
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    I recently completed Garanos, a 487-page fantasy with elements of gothic horror, drama, and romance thrown in for flavor. Garanos follows the journey of the titular heroine, who becomes possessed by a demon while traveling to find her kidnapped fiance.

    Garanos page 458

    I actually just finished it all last Wednesday, April 14th. I'm currently on a holiday of sorts while I deflate and get some other art done for pleasure, but then I'm going to tackle some smaller side projects that went by the wayside while I was focused on finishing Garanos. I'm told it's a good read, so it should be even better now that no one has to wait for new pages to go up! Hope you enjoy it.
    • CommentAuthorL S Marquez
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010 edited
    Hello and thanks for letting me flog my comics!
    The Impostor is a 3-part graphic novel about identity, loss and the unreliability of perception and memory.
    Set in the dystopian city of New Harlem, Part 1 follows social worker Lucy as she becomes involved with a man who may be either be a local hero or a dangerous criminal.
    I'm currently hard at work completing Part 2. Please visit and let me know what you think - I always like to hear from readers. Page 8 - Lucy dreams about K Page 19 - Lucy and K go out to dinner
      CommentAuthorEthan Ede
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Oh yeah. I, along with another forum member- Adam Rosenlund- make two web comics. We call ourselves floodworks and this is what we do:

    Light Years Away a science fiction story

    Fat Baby a fat baby story

    Check us out, let us know what you think.
    • CommentAuthorYeyoDiego
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    ello everyone!

    Started this webcomic a while back. Im working on making into a book of sorts. Hope you like it.


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    Hi all, I'm Gary Lister - creator/writer/artist/all other jobs of 'Morganna of the Borgs' From the homepage: "Emily Brooks could not be a more average, awkward young woman. Having moved with her best friend Tracy from the security of middle America suburbia to the heart and hustle of Chicago has made things that much more trying. She wishes she could do something meaningful with her life, to be important, to maybe make a difference. Little does she know, she will be the most important person in the survival of the human race! Mankind´s doom is close at hand and will come from beyond our universe!" The comic is almost a year old. I update as often as possible. Its TONS of work but it is an absolute joy to create. MOTB is rated R for language, nudity, sci-fi violence & gore. There's your parental advisory :) Here's a couple of samples:

    MOTB sample page 1

    MOTB sample page 2

    If you like what you see, come read the rest. I am wide open for questions, comments, critiques. I do this all by myself; its always good to get opinions from anyone outside of my art studio. Enjoy!

    Gary Lister
    • CommentAuthorTerryBlas
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hi. I'm Terry Blas and I do a web comic called Briar Hollow. The first issue is up and updates occur on Sunday. The description:

    Come join self-proclaimed gamer, comic book collector and cryptozoology enthusiast Molly, as she decides to go back to college and attempts to leave her nerdiness behind. She may just find that nerds rule and being yourself is the most fun!

    page 13

    page 14

    Terry Blas
      CommentAuthorPaul Dwyer
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    I do I Shot Roy!, a surreal webcomic of absurdist humor that is made using vintage public domain comic book images, mostly from the 1940’s. Panels are rearranged, chopped up, and new dialog is added to create new comic strips. I also do a more experimental comic strip called Codex Optica.

    I Shot Roy! Trippy Chicken

    I Shot Roy! The Corridor Of Forking Paths
    • CommentAuthorMHPayne
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Might as well:

    Join in the fun. I do two webcomics even though my artwork has been described as "sandpaper for the eyes" and "hieroglyphic at best." The first, Terebinth, I've been doing for ten years now on a variety of schedules: currently, it's a new page every Monday and Thursday. It's a small-scale, character-based fantasy romance inspired by my enjoyment of George Herriman's Krazy Kat.

    The second, Daily Grind, is just over five years old now and updates with two pages every day Monday through Friday as part of the Daily Grind Iron Man Competition. It's a talking animal action/adventure series inspired by my enjoyment of the old radio serials of the 1930s and 40s.

    • CommentAuthorjimmyjone
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hey! I'm Casey Roberson and I do the webcomic Jimmy Jone, the 9/10 Boy. The comic deals with the college adventures of Jimmy, a guy who's missing the top of his skull, and Stuart, his mad scientist roommate.

    Jimmy flashback middle school
    1st through 8th annual Stuarts meeting

    I post a new 14-20 page issue every 40 days.
    Let me know what you think!
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    Hey all, I'm editor at an upcoming scifi website called Hadron Colliderscope. We're doing two and three page scifi stories along the lines of 2000AD or the Twilight Zone, that kinda thing. We're looking for talent and this looks like a very talented website, a lot of the stuff here is really, really cool. Check out a couple of our pages...

    If you'd like to get in contact with me, do it as and we'd like to talk more! Thanks!
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hi everyone. I'm Scott Springer and I do a webcomic called Angry Faerie. Not every faerie is some cute, happy-go-lucky, cheerful woodland creature. One, in fact, is mean-spirited, violent and downright angry. And this is the story of that Angry Faerie and the other mythological creatures who have to deal with her.

    Angry Faerie updates on Monday & Thursday currently... but it may be going 3 times per week soon.

    What happens when Angry Faerie has to go to group therapy with some OTHER faerie?
    apologies to Disney

    Occasionally there is drinking.

    Angry Faerie has a facebook page: Angryfaerie so you can add her as a friend and she can mock you for it.
    • CommentAuthorthisfngjob
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010 edited
    My blog: helps me deal with This F*'ng Job I work at every day. I work as a sales man for a relentless boss:


    Along side a washed up icon:

    Who knows where the story will go, I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Check it out from the beginning Thanks for the opportunity to promote my thing!
    • CommentAuthorwringham
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Okay, so this is my girlfriend's webcomic, not mine. She's useless at Internetting though so I'm posting this on her behalf.

    It's called 'Astronaut', about a lonely and stoic spaceman stranded on an alien planet. It's lovely, no?

    Astronaut: Page 4
    • CommentAuthorseanhexed
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Greetings! Sean Hexed here... I do a thing called A Gross of Goblins.

    A new Goblin is posted weekly for your viewing displeasure every Wednesday in the wee hours.

    I'm told that it's enjoyed by the sorts of people that like these types of things. Maybe you're one of them!

    Have three. They're small.

    Click to visit A Gross of Goblins! - Click to visit A Gross of Goblins! - Click to visit A Gross of Goblins!

    Do stop by weekly for an unhealthy serving of just what you don't need!


    Additional Miscellany:
    RSS feed!
    A Gross of Goblins on LiveJournal.
    And on MYSPACE.
    Or FACEBOOK, if you prefer! (join the fan page for seeeeeecrets...)
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    Go read more, it's on GeekWeek and on and it's DAILY, I can't even contain my own excitement over that part.
    • CommentAuthorSpirare
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hello. I recently started Sticky Notes From Space. A silly little web-comic following two aliens and their on-board computer as they study life on Earth.

    Fix six pages are now up!

    Sticky Notes From Space Pg 1

    To read more visit Sticky Notes From Space
    • CommentAuthordpocza
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    I do a little strip called Pokeweed!
    A small town just South of nowhere.
    • CommentAuthorSteadyUP
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010 edited
    Way more actual, like, fiction comics than I'd expected. Neat.