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    I draw a comic called FREEWHEEL, which is about a young girl named Jamie whose older brother goes missing one day, so she sets off on her own to find him. She comes upon a hidden enclave of semi-magical hobos who take her under their wing to help her on her journey. Adventure ensues!

    FREEWHEEL updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


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    Hi, Mr. Ellis. I´m from Amazonas, Brazil. Me and some buddies have a site with lots of webcomics, all original. This sequence is from a comic I made in the 24 hour comic day event, called The King-Size Orquestra, as we were online hosts of it, and it´s being posted every saturday, at 4:20 .am.

    It´s about weed smokers that aren´t slackers, as they are low/middle-class graduates and workers, and have to deal with the drug world as users of the hemp, dealing with the doubts and downs of this scene. It is a drama were the charachters always try to keep their good humor, in a third world country perspective (shit is going down hard over here)

    Also you can find there other comics such as "The Dead Are Walking" (there´s a silent short-film also from us); "Little Cutie Princess"; "Pingo - the drunk bunny"; among others...

    The site is -
    All the comics are in portuguese, but we are working to translate them, but I´ll transcript the two pages here:

    King Size Orquestra #1

    PANEL #1
    "I actually read that on "The Invisibles". Fucking great comic. So , like, Vince and Jules are trying to get Marsellus´ soul back, because he sold it and shit. And there is something about the Mayas believing the human soul comes out from the back of your neck... and do you remember the suitcase´s code? 666."

    "Fuck! I remeber that!"

    "Yeah, dude".

    "That is why he had that band-aid on his neck!"

    "And why Jules turn to path of rightousness later"

    "Shit... I always wanted to know what the fuck that band-aid was doing there..."

    king-size orquestra #2

    PANEL #2

    "Fucking great movie"

    "So, what´s going on today?"

    "Bob told me ´bout this party that´s happening later. Girls all over the place"

    "I dunno... last time I went on one of these parties with Bob I ended up passing out in front of my house... I hooked up with a girl so ugly that it counted as a minus one on my chick score."

    "It´s free beer, man"

    "I´m in."

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    The Far Left Side is a wildly progressive thrice-weekly web comic I've been creating since 2006. I'm proud to say it's up to about 4 million page-views a year. Here are a couple of examples:

    How don't ask don't tell got started.
    Anne Coulter, the butt of the joke.
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    My name's Jim Greco and I do a little webcomic about Hugh Cthulhu -- yes, that Cthulhu -- called Arkham Polytech It updates M/W/F.

    Here's a sample... hope you enjoy and check out the rest.
    Arkham Polytech Strip

    Arkham Polytech Strip
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    My name is Kory Bing and I make a comic called Skin Deep! (also found here!)

    It's kind of a slice-of-life/modern fantasy where mythical creatures live secretly alongside human beings.

    Here are two random pages. It updates every Tuesday!

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    This David Wilborn and I create Urban Jungle, the story of one man in an office full of animals. Updates weekdays.

    Moral Dilemma

    KFC - The Inevitable Future
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    Hi, I'm Michael Jonathan and I do two online comics. The first is Eros Inc., which is about a twenty-something Jewish girl who is hired to be Cupid for her neighborhood in Los Angeles. It updates every Wednesday and Friday.

    The second is an autobiographical journal diary called "Michael Jonathan is Jewish," which is about my ten day trip to Israel, wherein I try to figure out my relationship with religion and how to define my Jewish-ness. It updates five days a week, Monday - Friday.

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    My name is Box Brown. I do this comic called Bellen! It updates three days a week.


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    Hay guyz! I'm Chris and this is my comic Space Shark: it is about a talking shark who always gets in trouble, it's pretty cray-zay. i hope you dig it b/c it comes from my heart ^___^

    SPACE SHARK #004
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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hello peoples of all types. This is Nate Bear. I do illustrations and webcomics. You can view my illustration portfolio at

    I post my personal webcomics on Cramped Comics. They consist mostly of personal stories, random gags and political commentary. It's a strange mix, I know, but so is my DNA. Here's a taste:
    Soup Disaster Pt 1

    Recently, I also did a collab with Michael from Hadron Colliderscope. Here's the first page:

    Handron Colliderscope
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    All nice entries, however, I could not help noticing how much different mine is from most posted here. Its called the Protector of the Damned and I refer to it as an online graphic novella, but if it were published as a hardcopy is would simply be a 52 page graphic novel.

    Much more darker and sinister than many of you might like, but it's what I like to write (lol)!

    All artwork credits go to Ferdee Bambico.

    Here are two random pages form the book below

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    I'm the writer for Furious Comics. It updates every Saturday and is a collection of short horror stories. If you're a fan of zombies, Lovecraft or old, EC comics you should like what you read.
    Mile High Dead
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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Familiar Ground is a fantasy adventure humor comic that revolves around three animal companions.

    Currently updating every weekday. It's basically a gag strip, but with an ongoing storyline.


    Good Fences
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    I've been working on a comic for the last... um... 3 years? 4? I'm not a natural writer, so this is the first long story I've actually completed.

    I've drawn the first 80 pages and still working forward, and put the first 20 or so online here: SOFT, your new favourite webcomic.

    I've had to take some time out as I'm in the middle of moving house, but I've paused at the end of Part Two, so no hanging threads. Just bear in mind, while it looks very pretty, it's exceedingly (and increasingly) NSFW.

    Soft - Page One

    Please forgive the shonkiness of the website, as I'm only just getting the hang of ComicPress.
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    Hi! My name is Denny and I do a webcomic called Lollygaggin' Adventures - it's the story of a cowboy and a rockstar who are boyfriend/girlfriend. Follow their adventures every Tuesday and Thursday.sample 1sample 2
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    Well, this is a bit awkward. After yonks of lurking here my first post is self promotion. Shocking!

    My name is Liban and I'm a guy from North London, thankful for discovering several great looking comics to bookmark thanks to this thread.

    I don't have anything ongoing at the moment but I've uploaded some of my completed comics to my website which you can get to HERE.

    Page 1

    Page 2

    Thanks for the space.
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    Hi my name is not important Im glad that Mr Warren gave us the chance to show off our comics
    this one is called Pilli Adventure
    pilli adventure

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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hey there -- my partner and I just finished one webcomic (Fragile Gravity) and have started a second piece, Sledgebunny. Sledgebunny is the story of a young girl who dreams of being a roller derby star. It updates weekly and here's a sample page:
    Sarah and Lili discussing the nature of human pyramids

    If people want to chat, we can be found on Facebook at the Sledgebunny page.

    Thanks for giving us a look! (Studio Unseen -- Chris Impink and Barb Fischer)
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    Hey all,

    New 'round these parts. I write and draw a webcomic called Good Show, Sir!

    It's about whatever fancies me at the time. Robots, genies, elephant men, whatever I care to draw about. Just started it recently, and have most recently finished a fantasy mini-comic called "Of What Kind?"

    Here's a page from that:
    A page from
    And here's a random strip I've done:
    A Good Show, Sir! strip
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    I posted before (hope it's alright to post again as it's a second, separate webcomic), but I write and draw a second webcomic called Deep 6'ed over at:

    The current storyline is called "Deep 6'ed at the Unblinking Eye"

    It's a comic about a drunken astronaut (and other space dwellers) and it looks like this (two random pages):
    A Deep 6'ed page
    A Deep 6'ed page