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    My wife and I work on You Say it First, which updates five days a week (usually - sometimes three, sometimes seven).

    It's a either a business adventure/romance or a slice-of-life comedy with dramatic elements, depending on which of us you ask. It's a long-running, character-based story.

    You Say it First for 20091104

    You Say it First for 20091106

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    Hi, I'm doing LIFESTRIPs in Berlin, it's a photo-based graphic stories project in german or english, updated on the weekends. The approach is slice-of-life and authentic, from time to time wandering into fantasies and dreams. It's also broadcasted on the subway in Berlin.

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    Thank you all for your wonders.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2010
    A day late and possibly a dollar short, but I literally just saw this thread. Better late than nevarr, a new thing by Ales Kot and me.