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    Yeah, you hit the nail on the head. I've realised recently that my art's been progressing, but only in a technical manner. After posting a blog entry asking for detailed criticism from other artists and readers, I've realised that my style's coming under control and I can achieve more detail, but my posing remains very stiff and characters lack individualistic body-language. Everything lacks a full sense of "gesture" (which is a very important concept for cartoonists and animators) so I've been trying to get more character in their poses etc. My art may wobble around for a while as I try to come to grips with how I'm going to meld this with my style. I'm glad a few people noticed and commented though. Hope it isn't too disruptive to the flow of the comic. I'm aware that I came to Freakangels as a very young artist (and still am), so it bothers me sometimes how much the visual continuity of the comic has suffered as a consequence.
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    Hope it isn't too disruptive to the flow of the comic.

    No really, when you take off from the story itself, what do you have: the evolution of the visual characterization, the variations of your skills, the progress of the colouring et tutti quanti, and it's like a testimony of a long term work. And of course that is what we follow too.
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    Damn straight, where's Connor! XD
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    someone asked who the voice is that talked to Arkady when she was drowning. I think it was the Freak Angels themselves, maybe future versions. The next panel after the talking starts has twelve figures standing while more talking goes on.

    @Paul - I don't think you should appologize for the evolution of your art. For one thing it coincides with the evolution of our relationship with the characters, so even if it is noticable it still seems normal. Also your work here has been amazing, espcially your expressions with the way you use eyes. I look so forward to your stuff each week! Just so you know, one of my favorite things from you is the cover you did for absolution of the Yakuza killing school girl with the motorcycle helmet!
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    Hope it isn't too disruptive to the flow of the comic. I'm aware that I came to Freakangels as a very young artist (and still am), so it bothers me sometimes how much the visual continuity of the comic has suffered as a consequence.

    I've seen it before in other comics and for me it is a pleasure to see the development of an artist. It's like a subplot of its own. Paul, do you have the lecture notes from Walt Stanchfield (animation instructor) ? He made them available free of copyright for all to enjoy and you'd find them really interesting as an aid to gesture drawing. Just google it - you'll find the pdf....
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    Thank you for the laugh, it's a bit of a lift from the rest of the week.

    Also, I've always loved that your art has progressed throughout the series, Paul, no need to apologize for taking another step in the evolution of your art. I've never been a fan of Japanese anime, so I'm less likely to encourage the more cartoon aspects of the art (realism fan), but every artist has to find what is best for them. Even with the touch of anime, your art is fantastic, so I'm not complaining. Keep doing what you're doing, Paul, breathing life into Warren's unique and interesting characters. Thank you.

    As for my week, I'm a bit overwhelmed and exhausted by this point. Amongst a great number of other things, I found out that my partner and I got the place we were applying for, so now we are trying to pack everything. We handed over a huge sum of money. I had to give bad news to a friend this week. And I found out my mom has breast cancer... likely the kind I'll inherit. My partner and I are trying to get together some art to sell to try to raise money for my mom's surgery and treatments, because her insurance is tapped out and she can't keep working right now, but since we are in the middle of moving, it's impossible to find the time to do it all. Plus I'm exhausted by the time I sit down to do any art and can't get anything useful out of it.

    Sorry to rant, it's not something I've been able to just talk about like that, so it's kind of nice to put it all down here. Thanks for making Whitechapel a sanctuary in the chaos.
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    It's as if you showed us the territory you are exploring, freakbox is right, why should you apologize? We are enjoying every panel of it!
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    ... shit, I can kill you all as soon as I remember to download and install all the patches on the kill you all software... just... gimme twenty minutes..

    The good Dr B has SUPER LINUX POWER. Why take 30 rebootles into the initial-install-OS shower, when you can take one?

    (A nod to a horrifically crap shampoo / conditioner ad, just in case they didn't have it in California.)
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    @ Paul Duffield - I don't think the visual continuity actually suffers at all in this, even with the evolution of the art over time.

    If fact, I'd say that it's actually one of the enjoyable parts of the entire thing, watching the progression of your work as it goes on.

    ( If you want disruptive evolution, remember the issues Marvel issues of Conan by Barry Windsor-Smith - and even then no one is complaining, eh? )
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    @Paul: Please don't apologise. It does nothing but add to the comic. It is love.

    @Indigo: That is the most up and down week anyone has had and mentioned to me in a very long time. Good luck with your move, and best wishes for your Mum.
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    Yeah, I have them collected in the "Drawn to Life" books, they're seriously inspiring, and really focus on the sorts of things I need to be focusing on right now. I didn't know they'd been made copyright free though. What a fantastic resource!

    Thanks for the encouragement guys :) It's good to hear that the changes haven't hindered the comic too much.
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    @staticgirl & Paul Duffield
    From a quick search it's looking like the Stanchfield PDFs have been scoured from sites since the publication of the "Drawn to Life" books. Am I missing something?
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    @Paul- The comic hasn't suffered a bit! I love seeing the evolution of the artist as he hones his style! Makes for great inspiration for artists-in-the-works ;)
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    @ Paul-

    Definitely don't apologize for anything involving this free awesome work of art!

    By the by, it's possible that our fearless leader may have had the entire Freakangels storyline written out in advance, but in case he didn't, would Warren apologize for making improvements on the story as this comic progresses? No, I doubt it, it all adds to great storytelling. I'm just happy to have been here to watch it grow.
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    @Travis Anderson
    I only encountered this work a few weeks ago and downloaded it successfully.
    Try this link:
    It works for me and the content is wonderful.
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    Ah, thank you much :)
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    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2010
    Crack theory (seriously crack theory) on Connor's whereabouts:
    Connor is now dead. Wherever his body is, Luke is now using it, and has been since about the end of the last book. "Luke" appeared so disoriented and confused in the more recent episodes because Connor didn't realize he had been mind-switched.
    (No, I don't really think this. Connor would not have shot at Jack, he would have surrendered and dropped his gun.)
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    That is an evil twist. God I hope you're wrong.
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    I did wonder WHY he wondered why everyone was shooting at him.
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    Since we're still wondering where Connor is, I thought I'd finish what David Matthew was digging for when he mentioned the last time Connor was heard from.

    Here's the last time he was seen. Just after Kait shows the FA's her "interrogation room"

    (yeah, it's just the back of his head in panel 3)