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    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2010
    Hi Warren & fellow sound explorers
    Mike Scott of Waterboys fame (MickPuck on Twitter) has been releasing songs, tracks and some pretty awesome mash-ups on his soundcloud page..

    The latest mash-up Shin Jung's Psychedelic Freakout features the work of...

    Shin Jung Hyun, born in 1938, is the greatest rock guitarist in South Korea. He was most active in the 60s and 70s, and was a leader of Korean pop/rock culture. In 1972 South Korea's President asked Shin to write a song in praise of him. Shin refused and instead wrote a song about the land: the great ?????? - translated as either "Beautiful Korea" or "Beautiful Country". It's a fantastic track, full of idealism, power and passion, and it features one of the greatest psychedelic rock guitar freakouts ever recorded. I've mashed 3 minutes of it here with some added Indian elements and sonic treatments. Shin paid heavily for making this recording and for snubbing his President. From that point on he suffered government harassment and many of his songs were banned, driving his music underground. Never has a single rock'n'roll track cost its creator so dearly! The situation only changed when the President died. For more info on Shin Jung Hyun visit

    Zozzy the Dub Monk