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      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2010
    I KNOW WTF?!

    I'm going to go sit in the corner now.
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    And so the fallout hits. Poor Connor, looks like his fantasy of "a big happy family" has hit the wall pretty hard.

    Can't wait to see how Kait deals with Jack. And Kirk and Karl. And Mark. Girl's got a lot of work to do.

    Was riding the rails until 1:30 this morning and was woken ridiculously early by that big yellow ball of flame poking its bastard head above the horizon. Red bull sounds like a seriously good idea. I'm hitting the fridge.
    • CommentAuthorNakedCelt
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2010 edited
    Whoa. Luke's dead, Mark's catatonic, Kirk's in critical condition. Karl and Jack are OK health-wise, but all five of the aforementioned are now officially wanted criminals.
    Connor is the only remaining male FreakAngel who isn't due some time handcuffed in a pit or worse. And he's leaving.

    Edit -- It gets worse; I just realized that of the five criminals, Luke is the only one who isn't a murderer. (Potentially. Depending on the legal status of Kirk, Karl, and Jack's acts under FreakAngels law.)
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    In regards to this week's episode; it's absolutely fantastic to see how the group collectively rebuilds something one minute and then be at complete odds the next. Ah, the human animal. It never ceases to fascinate. Or make for good storytelling.

    In regards to home life; it looks like I will be a Santa Fe, NM resident yet again. A job offer came my way and the money is too good to refuse. Ah well. I can live the good life in Santa Fe. I have friends, I will have money and can be creative. At least more creative than I have been. Sometimes the routine of life sucks it straight out of you. Santa Fe needs a Whitechapel representative, also. :)
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010 edited
    "Today I wonder how you lived past the age of eight."
    Is it me or the sentence has the meaning I think it has (or am i missing the pint again?)

    Hello Ariana, you're looking good.

    edit: Of course I meant to write point not pint but it tells a lot so I'll leave it like that)
    • CommentAuthorSaiFai
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    Well, I get what Alice means. They do seem to overreact on some bits. I was wondering why Jack said Luke was shooting at Alice and Him and that's why he killed Luke. From what I remember Kirk shoot Luke, then Luke shoot him, then Luke escaped, and then Alice and Jack started shooting at Luke first. Luke started shooting back while running through the rain and he said, "Why does everyone hate me?" Then Alice and Jack killed him. I don't remember him "going out of control". Anyone else's thoughts on this one.
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    ...under FreakAngels law.
    Not that there is any law to speak of. Kait pretty much keeps the peace, but so far as we can tell, aside from the Big Rule (using the package on people without their consent--which is itself employed in some pretty gray situations), there isn't really a codified set of laws. Which is part of the problem in the current situation. With no governing laws and no precedent, it's going to be hard to come to a successful and just "verdict."
      CommentAuthorAdam Lucas
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    I'm with you SaiFai. I thought it pretty unprovoked. If that's your point.
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    Well, Alice didn't really like how the FA handled Luke's rape of the girl whose mind he was controlling, if I remember correctly she saw Luke paralleling what Mark did to her when he took over her mind and since she's the only non FA of the bunch, it seemed like she felt like she's acting as the girl's advocate (even though Sirkka "fixed her up". at least in Sirkka's eyes). So I can see where Alice would try to take out Luke (trashcan lid to the face? anyone? anyone?). Jack basically admitted to Alice during their "let's sit on Luke and guard him so the others can argue over his fate" session that he wasn't particularly comfortable with the way the rape was handled either and that Alice was there to make sure he didn't kill Luke as much as he was there to make sure Alice didn't kill Luke. So. Unresolved issues from both parties involved in Luke's murder/execution (ooph harsh term, not sure it applies).

    Also, didn't Luke shoot at KK when all she was doing was following him in her bicopter? And she fell out of the sky and almost died? No one was shooting at him at that point as I remember. Besides Kirk who was already incapacitated.

    Anyway, warm weather = yay! and it's supposed to be nice all week! Unfortunately my productivity level seems to (data still being processed) decrease exponentially as the weather improves. Ah well.
    • CommentAuthorjsmyth
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    Hi. I'm new here, having come late to the party and spent much of the last 24 hours devouring episodes 1-95. I just wanted to stop in to say thank you to Warren and Paul, having now fallen in love with both the story and the art. I especially love:
    1. Lolcat references. I noticed that both of them were made by women, which took my mind immediately here, and that, coupled with the neat little nod to the medium of publication inherent in using an internet meme, took those moments from funny with a slight grin to funny with Cheshire cat toothiness and adamant head nodding (once my mind processed it all, that is).
    2. I love that KK is a steam punk. This has made me giggle frequently.
    3. I love Alice - I feel like she's speaking for me (audience) a lot of the time, and I loved that she called Sirkka on the mind-rape.
    4. I'm fascinated by where the story might go if Connor does indeed leave - since that moment when we saw his job, I've kind of felt that he was the one transmitting the story to me. I like having to question that perception.
    5. I'm guessing killing Luke was the thing Jack had to do to make Sirkka hate him and end it all, but I can't help thinking about how Kirk and Karl (another thing I love: alliterative k sounds in character names) thought they had killed Mark ("he registered as dead") and Arkady has had two "death" experiences. I find myself in the weird position of simultaneously hoping for and dreading the return of a serial rapist.
    • CommentAuthorNakedCelt
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    Another realization.

    ...Did Kait just leave one of Mark's would-be murderers to stand guard over him?
    • CommentAuthorthud
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    In episode 0041 Luke is suspected of helping the outland people to invade White Chapel but nothing can be proved. But his references to Mark, and how he was right, plus what other hints he might have given out may have been what gave Jack cause to finish him off.
    Not being in the actual position of a Freak Angel and knowing exactly how much someone like Jack might know and understand about Luke sort of hinders a reader.
    We can't really know why Jack does that.
    But the general bulk of the information points to Luke and Mark having the same attitude towards using non-FA's to their advantage, so I'm thinking that Jack did it to avoid having to do it later, when it might be much more difficult.
    Luke was hiding much of what he could do.
    His being alive was a threat.
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    It's interesting to me that Jack was doing what I hear guys frequently fantasize about - killing someone who (supposedly) needs killing. But the reason it's interesting is that a. I never see my guy friends do it despite us knowing girls who have been sexually victimized (folks, if one in four girls has been sexually assaulted then you know a girl who's been sexually assaulted, and therefore are highly likely to know a sexual aggressor) and b. Jack himself is not thrilled with his own actions. He knew it was cold blood finishing off Luke like that. He's killed in self-defence before, as well as in the greater defence of WhiteChapel, but this time it was someone he'd known forever. Someone he'd put up with forever. Even he's not easily past how "necessary" this was.

    Furthermore, Sirkka very clearly doesn't buy that it was necessary, and she too has been willing to spill needed blood in defence of her home.

    Connor, sweet boy. You pout so pretty. it's so hard when people won't stop, just stop. It's so hard when they won't listen, just listen.
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    @ NakedCelt

    "...Did Kait just leave one of Mark's would-be murderers to stand guard over him?"

    As well as Caz who said it was a mistake letting him live! They'll behave around Miki though.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010
    It's interesting to me that Jack was doing what I hear guys frequently fantasize about - killing someone who (supposedly) needs killing. But the reason it's interesting is that a. I never see my guy friends do it despite us knowing girls who have been sexually victimized (folks, if one in four girls has been sexually assaulted then you know a girl who's been sexually assaulted, and therefore are highly likely to know a sexual aggressor)
    Not to distract from your point about sexual violence, but I don't think Jack is particularly thrilled about killing people, nor do I think he "fantasizes" about it, but he sees it as a necessary means to the end of continued survival of his tribe.

    Nor do I think it's necessarily a gender issue. Is it a man's place to protect a woman from harm or exact revenge for her pain? Couldn't a woman do that just as well for herself? (Granted, maybe not Luke's last victim, being weakened/handicapped, but certainly any of the FA women would have no problem handling themselves.) I think it's less that Jack was acting from a position of retribution, rather one of preemptive defense. In fact, if I had pick somebody using the retribution angle, it would be Alice.

    Luke had by this time proven himself unstable not only toward the women, but the tribe as a whole. While this may be a justification, it doesn't therefore make it "right." There could have been an attempt at rehabilitation, etc., but I think we've seen that Luke is a sociopathic fuckhead and has been for a very, very long time; maybe Jack simply gave up tolerating the actions of somebody who seemed so dead set against changing his ways.
    Furthermore, Sirkka very clearly doesn't buy that it was necessary, and she too has been willing to spill needed blood in defense of her home.
    This was a threat from within the tribe, thus making it much less clear-cut than a threat from outside. Us vs. Them, and all that.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010 edited
    @rickiep00h No, I wasn't saying that Jack fantasizes about it - men who've actually taken on fighting for people they love (soldiers, I mean, not guys who pick fights in bars) don't harbor many illusions about the righteousness of what they do. Very specifically to Jack, he saw it as something that was needed because whatever Luke would do next (I believe Jack was telling himself) would be just as bad as what he had already done.

    What's interesting to me is the conversation over the necessary/righteousness of the action. Jack strives to be objective. He so far isn't casting it as right or wrong, making excuses or giving reasons. He did what he did and he'll takes his lumps for it. Period. As for other men that I've known in my life... I've known simply too many who swear they would take vengeance for the women they know who've been harmed... but uh, they never do. They don't even stop their bros from carrying on in the attitudes that continue to harm women. That's what's fascinating to me. Guys talk big.

    As for it being a gender issue... that really starts to take it off the topic of FreakAngels. Women by and large don't swear to avenge victims (or themselves), Alice is of particular interest to me because she has a different attitude. But then, she's been "out there" beyond Whitechapel and therefore beyond the security of civilization. The 'Angels who are women have an interest in justice and are working to enforce it, some directly like Kait and some indirectly like Sirkka and Caz. Justice might be simply more ritualized and consistently applied revenge, but it's not "if I see that fucker again, he's going down!"

    Yeah, it's definitely not clear cut. Hence just trying to hold Luke until they could get a full Freaktrial together. Reminds me of the original Greek reasons for a trial by one's peers.

    I'm sorry I wasn't clear originally. I have a tendancy to comment on a meta-level of a subject, in this case, not just taking in the comic but the commentary and all my experiences that come to mind. I'll try to be more precise when noting what I'm drawing on in the future.

    ETA: also my grammar sometimes gets sloppy and something might out differently from how I meant to say it.
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010
    @razrangel - No, it's cool. You actually made me think about it in a way I hadn't, so it's all good. :-)
    • CommentAuthorthud
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2010
    We have yet to see if the central region of his brain has regenerated and he has escaped.
    All arguments and apologies at this point could be moot.