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    I didn't really know my grandfather and have to say I really don't remember him. He died when I was very young. I have a single memory of him sitting in his living room watching me look through a stack of comics when I was about four.

    But he showed me how they produced FreakAngels back in his day in a dream last night. It was done in a huge, dusty old factory it seems, beginning with large, thin sheets of gold plate hanging from the ceiling. The artwork was carefully etched on these by hand, and that was used to transfer the images to clear sections of acetate.

    These sections, one per each half page, were then used to project the comic onto a backlit wall-sized screen in black and white. Sort of like an enormous Viewmaster (do they still have Viewmaster? here's what that is if you don't know).

    So that's how they did it back in the day. Sadly, I woke up before we got onto the matter of how wall-sized Viewmaster disks could be distributed.
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    I had a viewmaster as a child. I'm sure its in a box, somewhere.