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    It's that season where I'm clearing out my podcast listening.

    Am currently getting:

    * Psychedelic Salon
    * TEDTalks Video (even though the shark is approaching the jump there)
    * TouchRadio
    * In Our Time
    * The Economist: Videographics
    * KEXP Song Of The Day

    Have just deleted

    * Aural Apocalypse
    * Brainwashed
    * A History of The World In 100 Objects

    I need new podcasts to listen to, and welcome recommendations. Would particularly like music podcasts. Other people may enjoy your recommendations too.

    (Though personally I have no use for NPR, because, hey, not American.)
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    Does that count : I'm sure you know about her, but maybe not all the people who read Whitechapel: For musical references, a great radioshow, podcasts and blog, I've got a name: Gudrun Gut.
    She's on Radio Eins

    And her voice is so, mmmm, zoeticesque.
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    I love her -- I think I even spoke to her in email once or twice? -- but I can't find a podcast associated with her. And I would assume that said podcast would be in German...?
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    Actually I've just noticed the realaudio files are no longer available. Sorry. And yes it's in German but a beautiful voice is beautiful voice.

    Maybe here you could get something which would seem attractive to you.
    (don't neglect the blog area) yes, that's french, but what.
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    cafe kaput hosted by The Advisory Circle
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    I have that on my regular RSS capture. Hell, I recommended it on, now I think about it... yeah, should probably move that to the podcatcher...
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    i know it's not the same but that mixcloud thing that i've been using for WWR lately has some great stuff on it. i recommend clicking around on the tabs and checking out some of the mixes that people have put up.

    as an aside - i remember when Brainwashed was my first port of call every monday morning. was such a good site with a great forum. a shame cause these days i find it pretty much unreadable.
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    i know it's not the same but that mixcloud thing that i've been using for WWR lately has some great stuff on it. i recommend clicking around on the tabs and checking out some of the mixes that people have put up.

    Appreciate that. That's something for late-night exploration, I think. But right now I'm looking at just autoloading the phone in the morning before I go to the pub...
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    Phantom Circuit can be good (although on mixcloud)
    New Weird Australia can be entertaining. it amused me no-end that a Scotsman was a presenter
    AnonRadio is very good. ( although it's m3u files, but with a bit of snooping the url of the mp3 file can be gathered from it )

    In retrospect, I think these aren't best for the intended purpose but better for investigating later.
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    Sorry, no music podcasts here.

    If you listen to In Our Time, you might also enjoy Thinking Allowed from the BBC. Social studies, two topics most of each episode.

    Of course, there's also Radiolab, I wonder if that's missing intentionally above. It's a science show. It's *the* science show.

    Irreligiosophy is a weekly irreverent – very irreverent – look at religion, often mormonism. If you listen to the episodes where they do Chick Tracts, you should have the tracts in front of you or at least read them beforehand, as they go and read the panels. Warning, this podcast contains sexist and pretty much all other -ist humor (or "humor" depending on your view).

    And finally, the best movie podcast I know is the Now Playing Podcast. These guys take movie series and each week, watch a film from the series leading up to a new release. They're pretty horror focused with Saw, Friday 13th, Halloween and just now Nightmare, but they've also done Star Trek, Terminator, Back to the Future and a Scorcese series, and they're planning to do (I think), Karate Kid and Predator next...
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    @warrenellis Why delete Brainwashed? It's always such a fun podcast.
    This looks like it's worth keeping an eye on. It sounds like it could be very cool. Not up yet but hopefully it will be soon!

    UnkleSleazy TV
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    Cheers for mentioning Cafe Kaput. Just downloaded the post recent one and am loving it. Great stuff to play in the background.
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    Love my podcasts. I tend to vacillate between five and thirty subscriptions at any given time. Not many music ones, on my end. Dark Horizons and Industrial Strength Nightmares are the only two, currently.

    Other stuff:

    NPR: Intelligence Squared - Oxford-style debate about once a month. January's "Is California The First Failed State?" was particularly good.

    Math for Primates - because I'm a geek, and they cover fascinating and practical applications, from quantum theory to games to topology.

    SALT - Seminars About Long Term Thinking - self-explanatory. Archive goes from recent (incl. Alan Weisman) back through 2003, including Stewart Brand, Ray Kurzweil, Bruce Sterling, Clay Shirky and others.

    Shrink Rap Radio - interviews with psychological practitioners that are often on the fringes rather than the mainstream. You can occasionally get New Age weiners but you also get fascinating walks in neuroscience, jungian archetypes, and studies in solitude.

    Futures in Biotech - recent topics include vertical farms, new antiviral technologies, ultra low power bioelectronics and brain-machine interfaces.
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    I enjoy stories.

    The Moth podcast is always enjoyable.

    PRI: Design for the Real World is a podcast that is no more than 5 minutes long and covers objects like the Baseball Glove and Zoot Suits.

    As for music, my intelligence only stretches so far, but I love all walks of music.

    IndieFeed: Blues Music has lots of ,well, blues, but each includes a minute or so of info on the artist.

    NPR Music: World Cafe: Next from WXPN is a podcast that is experts from the radio show on the Next artist of the week.

    Lastly, my favorite podcast is Stuff you Should Know from two guys that work for An info show on lots and lots of different topics.

    Sorry for no links, as I am in a rush.
      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010
    I'd suggest Hardcore History. Dan Carlin sometimes ventures into the Grand Historical Statement, but he has an enthusiasm for obscure bits of history that is infectious.
    • CommentAuthorTapeleg
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010
    I'm a fan of A Good Day for Airplay, shoegaze, power pop, some hip hip, and more out of Montreal. Don't let that turn you off, though.

    You Look Nice Today is silly and funny.

    Risk is a good storytelling show, kind of similar to the Moth, but actually funnier, adult, and has swear words and everything.
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    I listen to a lot of Old Time Radio podcasts, as well as:

    • BBC History Magazine - variety of history pieces related to the magazine's release that month. I've never seen the mag but it's a great podcast.

    • The How Stuff Works stable in its entirety

    • Norman Centuries - Norman history podcast

    • NPR 7AM: (Your time of preference may vary, I believe they have releases through out the day.) It's nice to have the news of the day available in a 5 minute nugget when I get up.

    • This Week In Tech: I'm an IT guy by day, so it may be more interesting to me than most.

    • Webcomics Weekly: Hasn't been weekly in a very long time, but I find the hosts funny and most of the information can be applied to anyone trying to make a creative go of it online.

    • WFMU's Downtown Soulville/WFMU's Sinner's Crossroads - Motown and southern soul.

    • 60 Minutes [Audio Only] - It's better than having to see Andy Rooney's melting face.

    • Flash Pulp - Flash and serial fiction thrice weekly. I write it.

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    The only one I listen to and recommend is WTF with Marc Maron.
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    Eh, most of my podcasts are either comic book or video game related (for those who are interested in the video game ones, I recommend Idle Thumbs and Giant Bombcast for their sheer hilarity, and Jeremy Parish on Retronauts for in-depth discussion of old games), so not much use there.

    I think NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me would still be funny if you weren't American, but what do I know.

    Another recommendation for Hardcore History - some good stuff there.
    • CommentAuthorTapeleg
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2010
    I second WTF with Marc Maron.