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    Roo tells me she has confirmation that Anonymous, or rather specifically Project Chanology, has obtained a permit to protest in Detroit. Talking to a few friends who inhabit the depths of 4chan, that seems to be generally the case.

    One showed me this. Its better to follow the link and read the rules for most people I suspect.

    These are not the words of the Anon I know (notes the keep the meme to a minimum request), these are the words of adult human beings with a real goal.

    I am getting more interested.
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    It is rather stunningly out of character isn't it. I really hope it's a sign of what's to come for anonymous and not just a single aberration from their usual mindless memes and harassment. They seem poised to do some real good for a change.
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    I'll admit to being excited -and now a touch worried- about the various planned protests. From what I've hunted on the internet (mostly just perusing the stuff on the chanology wiki) it's a lot more organized than 'just a few angry geeks with posters', as another friend declared it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2008
    The rules are heartening.

    My biggest concern in talking with friends about Anonymous' transformation is the possibility that they've simply chosen a higher profile or perhaps more deserving target than in times past but not truly changed in maturity. If that's the case then whatever the outcome for the church of scientology, we come out the losers as a cybermob gets braver about choosing targets.

    If this is indeed a step toward maturity, we may have something evolutionary for current members, perhaps revolutionary for future angry geeks looking for something to do with their time.