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    Downtown Nashville

    It's weird seeing Nashville flooded. I live about 40 miles south of it in the Boro and my town was pretty much unscathed compared to other towns in the area. A town called La Vergne, in between the Boro and Nashville, has been pretty much fucked since the storms started on Saturday. By Sunday the mayor (of La Vergne) declared the city to be in a state of emergency; the roads in and out of the town were flooded.

    The most we got down here were some heavy thunder and lightning rain storms and a few tornado warnings. There's a tornado alert system in the town and it's freaky when it goes off; it's this loud siren that you can hear for miles around, interrupted every few minutes by a voice saying: " not..a drill...Seek...shelter...immediately." The voice is warbled and distorted by all the echoes and I get a little bit of the goosebumps when I first hear it.

    I haven't been up to see Nashville - not really in a sight-seeing mood and people are still being evacuated across the counties. Not my first time being in a flooded city either. I was in the 82nd Airborne when Katrina hit and we deployed there a few days afterwards. My company stayed mainly on the Airport for the month we were there - communications unit. But we did go out and see the city a bit - one of the most disgusting places I've ever been. Just the smell of it was horrendous.

    Not trying to say that what happened this weekend is on the same level of devastation as what happened in New Orleans. Just...I dunno. Lots of weird things - like facebook for example. All my Mid-TN friends are talking about the floods, posting pictures, sharing info about shelters...and my friends out of the area are talking about regular things going on in their life. Just a strange dichotomy.