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    @COOP: Some interesting thoughts you've buried in your comments here, no doubt, but I'm going to have to point you towards Stewart Lee's famous comedy sketch response to those who stand, absurdly, opposed to Political Correctness. A knee-jerk quip, aimed at denigrating a framework for civility of all things, isn't going to win your argument points.

    Also a bit weird to comments from a couple of people hinting, or saying outright, that many White Male Creators feel uncomfortable writing non-White Male Characters, and then not decrying such creators here publicly. Since when do we accept substandard portrayals of White Males from non-White Male Creators? That's right. We don't. Any failure to create a fully dimensional character is exactly that. Those creators who can't immerse themselves in their non-White Male Characters the way they do their White Male ones -- who fail to understand them inside and out -- those creators shouldn't be in work because their work shouldn't be bought. Thankfully, I can't think of any currently-major creators at the Big Two who suffer from such grandiose psychological limitations.

    And yeah, we're talking about comics as a medium, not a genre or subgenre; saying things like, "comics are filled with overwhelmingly large numbers of White People, despite efforts to the contrary, by consequence of being read by overwhelmingly large numbers of White People," is insane. Comics aren't the White Male equivalent of Blacksploitation. They can Do Anything and Be Anything, remember.

    Finally, to the rampant cynicism flying about, let's maybe think, for a minute or two, about the progress made so far, the very rapid progress comics have made since the eighties. Perhaps you don't think there's been enough, that's fine and reasonable, but don't deny the rapid progress by making pronouncements to say you've finally had enough, it's all gotten to be too much, that things are always going to be this way, because the industry is more salubrious than it's ever been on that score. You know it, and you'll hate me for this, but because of factors like the increasing appreciation of diversity in both creators and characters, and Political Correctness, things can -- *please cringe with optimistic awkwardness now* -- only get better.
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    Okay, this has turned into arch wank.