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    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2010
    Auf Wiedersehen: 'Til We Meet Again (2010)
    Movie poster made from a family photo of my mom and aunt before they were split up.

    Auf Wiedersehen: 'Til We Meet Again (2010)

    Author and activist Linda Mills pries open the darkly guarded doors of history as she takes her comedic son and opinionated mother to Vienna, Austria where they discover an astonishing array of collaborators, victims, perpetrators and unlikely heroes in a startlingly humorous adventure spanning from World War II to 9/11.
    from the site:


    In this compelling and often funny tale of recovery and renewal, author and activist Linda Mills is propelled by her family's life-threatening experience of September 11, 2001 to return to the site of her mother's flight from Vienna, Austria in 1939. Accompanied by her comically bored ten-year-old son, Ronnie, her highly opinionated and wholly engaging mother Annie and Aunt Rita, Linda discovers unsettling truths that upend a series of familial and historical myths. In never before filmed archives in the Jewish Community in Vienna, a new generation of archivists and historians, many of whom are themselves descendants of Nazis, painstakingly reconstruct the records of the Jewish exodus. In her family's files, Linda discovers a complicated story of escape, deception, and even - dare we say - complicity with the Nazis. Auf Wiedersehen is an unconventional documentary that brings the lessons of history into the present day through the eyes of an irreverent ten year-old-boy. Along the way, the family discovers an astonishing array of collaborators, victims, perpetrators, and unlikely heroes in a startlingly humorous adventure spanning five generations. ...

    Anne Meisler Mills fled the Nazis in 1939 when she received a visa from a distant cousin living in Los Angeles. Anne was just 13 years old when she traveled from Vienna to England, by train, and took the Cunard Line's Samaria ship to New York City. Eventually, she traveled by train to Hollywood. Her sister, Rita Meisler Sinder, took the Kindertransport to England when she was 9. Naftali Meisler, their father, was picked up on Kristallnacht in Vienna and transported to Poland, where he escaped from a train destined for a concentration camp. Their mother, Chawe Meisler, traveled to Poland to meet her husband, once her children were bound for the US and England. The Meisler parents arrived safely in Los Angeles in January 1941, where they opened a blouse manufacturing company called NaMa Blouse; they also purchased real estate. Naftali died at 89 and Chawe at 88, after living a successful and fulfilling life. Anne Meisler Mills helped run the family business and continues to manage the buildings at age 83. ...

    Rita Meisler Sinder as a child, left Vienna Austria on a Kindertransport and arrived in London where she was taken in by a kind family. After a year, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean by herself at age 10 where she was greeted by her parents and sister in Los Angeles. Rita Meisler Sinder has lived in Los Angeles most of her life. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS Degree in Business Administration and Real Estate. She is Vice President of the Jasin Co. in Encino. Rita is also a community and Israeli activist and has been involved in these causes since her days at USC. She is a past President of the SFV Women's Division of Israel Bonds and a past president of its Golda Meir Club. She is past president of World Alliance for Israel a Political Action Committee and continues to serve on its Board, and also on the National Executive Board. In addition she also serves on the Board of Temple Valley Beth Shalom. She and her husband, Jack are involved and active in a number of charitable organizations such as Jewish Federation, American Jewish University, Simon Wiesenthal Center, City of Hope, Susan Kommen Cancer Fund and many others. The Sinders have a daughter Sheri married to Jim and a son Alan married to Hiromi as well as three delightful granddaughters.
    Me: I love my mom - she is very much like her father Nathan. My Aunt Anne also has the Meisler Iron will. What Linda doesn't remember is the movie clip from 1960 (the boy in the life jacket is me) is moments after that shot was made - I broke my hip. I was shocked to see it tonight.

    Please try and see this film - I'd love your impression of it.
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    Looks very interesting! I'll try to keep my eyes out for it. Thankyou for sharing!
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    martin gang

    Apparently I'm related to Martin Gang. And I'm finding out just this week.
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    Minutes later, I break my right hip. heh ...

    the new trailer
    Ronnie is a great kid ...